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I've seen and handled a sample shirt in person and the fabric, collar and silhouette were much improved compared to all polo's that I've warn. Moreover, it's been a while since I have seen a sample in person and the product in the pictures looks further improved from what I had the chance to handle. Looking forward to the release because as of right now it's been impossible for me to find a similar product.
hola senor mauro, do you have any more of the longsleeve bamboo shirts or the henleys n waffles? I picked up one of each from the last toteholder e-mail but was wondering if you'll be putting them on the website or the next toteholder email blast or worst case they all sold out. And the other question is does anyone own the hunting jacket? i may get one to layer in the cold months would it serve that purpose?
I think you said you made the Justin Chinos for those with bigger legs / butt. Will you be doing the same eventually with trousers? I believe you said the bloodline stuff is for those with skinny legs. Too many squats.... Also interested in pics of the suit.
Are all the new oxfords sent standard with the long sleeves? Mine are long as hell I feel like a toddler
it's my birthday month and was wondering if the fall overdyes were going to make it out before Sept.1. Would like to kop 3 probably.
Second this. Thought one was going out prior to the sale, just don't want to miss it and waiting for any new items before I place an order.
Is the referenced mint julep the one on the site in picnic form or do we inquire within for other cuts? 50% off is unreal
This thread came at a good time as I'm finally coming into that contentedness point with my wardrobe. There are maybe 2-3 things I'd like such as a nice knit and one more pair of boots once it gets cold again but that's now what this thread is about... What it is about is finally being really fucking happy when I look in the mirror two years later after finding this place and not having a clue as to what clarks desert boots even were. I think I went the usual SF route in...
thanks guys ill definitely head to west broadway tomorrow and then if i have time check another one
Going to be in NYC tomorrow. I saw a couple of RRL shops when googling. Is there one that is preferred? Or both the exact same? If they are different does one cater to denim more than the other? I'd be looking for that one. Thx
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