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"Last Online: 14 hours, 30 minutes ago" Poor form.
That's the price you pay for pretending to be James Bond.
""Who's wearing them?Celebrities David Beckham, Kanye West, Puff Daddy. "Enough said (although some SF'ers can carry them off quite well, as does Alexander Kraft from memory).
Keep it under AUD 1,000 and nothing applies, which is ~7-8 ties.
I have grenadines from both, and the construction is great in each case. Turnaround time from Henry Carter will be faster, but unfortunately I don't think they'll be restocking at all (the website's also somewhat abandoned, mentioning Winter 2016 sale items).It's a real shame as Jason had great taste in choosing fabrics. Sam (David) Hober also offers a lot of customisation which I like. Turnaround time was two to three weeks on my last order, but it's been a while...
Can't help with any current positions, but Seek ( is the main employment site in Australia if you're having a look around.
Where's Louise Edmonds when you need her?
Any suggestions for a very light blue business shirt fabric
Whilst Luxire nailed my measurements from the shirt I sent them exactly, I've realised that the sleeves look a little big and blousy (problem with the original shirts I sent, not Luxire's fault at all). What's the best way of updating this for future orders - can we do measurements at various points along the sleeve or just have a smaller wrist measurement (which I'll do regardless)?
This thread has started to go places I'm not sure we should venture.
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