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You have impeccable taste (I own the exact same watch).
Complete opposite from my experience - same size in Loake Capital is slightly too big whilst in the Meermin Hiro is way too small.
If you need them in a few weeks then Meermin probably aren't the best choice, they usually won't start making them in the factory in China until you place your order.
Took two weeks for a DL sized envelope posted from our Melbourne office to my home in Sydney recently.
We're all small-timers when it comes to shoes compared to you though!
Nice, what's the tie?
Why take the risk?
Herring have just started a sale on the website. Mostly their own branded shoes with some Churches and Barker from what I saw in my sizes.
Gives them the chance to email you about their AW15 collection in a couple of weeks you see.As long as they get in before MJB that's all that matters, right?
Noooo. Have your regular clientele been over-eating during this cold winter period?
New Posts  All Forums: