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I thought his main selling point was that you'd get the right fit. Oh well, his prices have gone up anyway.
@Epicure - any update from Embassy of Elegance about a group buy?
Sure, put me down for a couple. Just had a look through the site and he has a couple of nice patterns in the bespoke section I'd like.
Almost made my first purchase then I saw it would've been USD 35 for shipping for a single tie... ouch.
Any particular reason you stopped? You used to be OH Fanboi #1 around here!
Any plans for Australia? With the similarity between the CAD and AUD you guys appear to be amazing value, especially for MTM shirts!
I genuinely wonder whether Loake will maintain anywhere near the level of sales from their Australian distributor than they would've made through o/s online retailers. Everyone I know who's worn Loake has bought from overseas, but I doubt any of us would buy locally at such inflated prices. I'd rather buy C&J or Carmina.
Might try and drop in this afternoon for a look if I get time. From the maker's website the lasts aren't as elegant as Carmina and Vass. From what I've read about this place people seem to get a good fit and the quality is also good, but have yet to see it for myself. I see from Kaz's website that he's using Baxter and Black for doing the toe plates. Tempted to contact B&B directly to get some of my existing shoes done.
Now that the new store is open will the next project be international shipping?
That's good news, I might finally take the plunge with him. Looks like he's put his prices up lately unfortunately.Last time I asked he checked with his maker in Japan who seemed a bit put out at the request.
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