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I've never once seen any of the IB guys who come in to see us with their clients wear anything other than black. Occasionally see a mate when they are, but they probably weren't meeting clients on the day.Why take the risk for a job interview? Some people can be put off by details like that, and remember that s lot of bankers are really into their wardrobes so may well notice.
I've put a number of bids in but never purchased, so I wouldn't read too much into the bids - after all they're seconds from an eBay seller without any options (e.g. buying a matching belt or getting steel toe taps installed), plus shipping is expensive for me from this guy, so there's no way I'd bid anywhere near the as-new price from Meermin, especially as they're potentially not the exact same pair I'm interested in from Meermin's website.
Would it be bad form to order another large-ish batch of swatches after not having bought anything off the last batch? Ordered 24 swatches but only one or two might take my fancy given how ridiculously particular I am about these things.
Are you implying they're not smart enough?
Have my first appointment with SuitShop later this week. Any tips? Looking forward to it, after hearing all the love they get around here! A young lady called me to organise the appointment, but I assume that it's only Nick who does fittings in Sydney after looking at their website?
Got so excited about that 30% off voucher until I realised it only only applied to certain items and not the shopping cart full of Drakes I'd selected.
I work in a moderately conservative stockbroking/wealth management firm so it sounds like I could get away with a bit more than @suitntieguy, and there's no chance I would wear that. I'm far less concerned about what people in the office would think than the impression on clients, whereby I want boring and conservative - I don't want them thinking I'll be getting too creative with their investments. A lot of dark pindot ties (navy and dark red) and solids for me. Thinking...
Lewin have really dropped the standards in their ties in recent years. I have some women ties from them (like I'm wearing today) that are 5-6 years old and still look good with regular wear. These days they mostly look too cheap and dull for me (and I mostly wear pretty soporific ties).
Thanks, would appreciate that. I really have a habit of wearing my soles down at the front (both on the front and underneath) - if I can get these done then I can open myself up to a few other brands that I would like to try or continue buying.
New Posts  All Forums: