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Nice, what's the tie?
Why take the risk?
Herring have just started a sale on the website. Mostly their own branded shoes with some Churches and Barker from what I saw in my sizes.
Gives them the chance to email you about their AW15 collection in a couple of weeks you see.As long as they get in before MJB that's all that matters, right?
Noooo. Have your regular clientele been over-eating during this cold winter period?
The "Maurice" on the ramp between Wynyard and Metcentre is to be avoided - completely ruined a pair of my pants. A small mark to get out, came back with what looked like a large bleach spot on it.There another new dry cleaners a few shops down from them, I haven't tried them yet.
I've had them for anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 years and have one of their casual jackets that's six months old. The oldest I recently bought a replacement pair of pants for - I could've gotten longer out of the original pair, but noticed the suit on clearance so took the opportunity before it was discontinued. Again, for value I think they're brilliant - not the nicest suits I've owned, but I've paid more for suits that have only been a fraction of the quality when I was...
Not familiar with the other brands sorry. For $300 I think they're very good value in this section of the market. I have four of them now and tend to wear them more often than anything else.
I have a number of them, the oldest is probably three years old now (or close to it). The buttons are never sewn on well enough, all mine are loose or have been resewn and I don't do my jacket button up that often. The quality of the fabric leaves a bit to be desired, they seem to get shiny sooner than many of my other suits. All that said, especially on sale they are very good value. I just wish they'd stick to the classics in the slim fit - all these crazy colours and...
Is there any word on when the new Park last will be available?
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