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Sorry @natters but for someone in finance that whole look just screams "back office". Lose those sunnies, they make you look too much like a hipster in a suit. I'd also have a proper shave and go for a more conservative haircut - grow it longer on the sides.Personally I would also go for black shoes/belt in this industry, but to each his own.I agree with Sander - lose the tie. Go for something more subtle, just don't go for an Hermes just yet (as GSElevator said, you've...
Love the tie, @DonCologne - who's it from?
Email Meermin, they're good with handing out size details.
Does anyone have any experience of sizing between the Capital and 026 lasts? I own a pair of Aldwych in UK6.5 which are just slightly too large, and want to get a pair in 026 from Herring's own range (I assume made by Loake), but don't want to downsize if 026 are a more snug fit.
Contrast can be your friend, try mixing up the shirt and tie colours a bit.Lavender shirts are a bit 2009 though.Ergo, ditch those ties. Browse the WAYWN threads for some inspiration. To be blunt, they look like you bought them from KMart.
You have impeccable taste (I own the exact same watch).
Complete opposite from my experience - same size in Loake Capital is slightly too big whilst in the Meermin Hiro is way too small.
If you need them in a few weeks then Meermin probably aren't the best choice, they usually won't start making them in the factory in China until you place your order.
Took two weeks for a DL sized envelope posted from our Melbourne office to my home in Sydney recently.
We're all small-timers when it comes to shoes compared to you though!
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