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The Iconic do a good range in boat shoes having just trawled through several shopping centres without any luck myself.
Hi @flexiflex - did you have any luck with your cobbler in Crows Nest?
Great speech, so sorry to hear about your sister.I simply cannot comprehend how a real man can commit any form of violent act against his partner (or children). I am however glad that White Ribbon Day and domestic violence overall are finally get some better media coverage.
Thanks guys, I'll send in a shirt to be copied. What about the single vs double cuff - should I send one of each for them to copy for the relevant orders?
I'm going to take the plunge with Luxire as my guy from Hong Kong has really started to let standards slip lately. I plan on sending them shirts to work from for sizing, however I wear French/double cuff for work and single for casual and want to get both done. Should I sent in a French cuff for them to copy for one order and a single cuff for them to copy the sizing from for another order? Also, if I'm going to send them shirts to copy should I still bother with a trial...
In addition to Uniqlo (great value for OCBDs and jeans) I'm also liking Zara lately for casual, especially their chinos and loafers. Like everywhere there's good and (very) bad of course. I wish Uniqlo would open at Chatswood though, going to Macquarie Centre or the city is a pain on weekends, and I work down the other end of the CBD.
Tax loss?
Both at the same time. I'm very agile.
The best reason to go MTM rather than OTR. Don't know how I wore suit pants before the side tabs.I guess if you're really old and pair them with a nice cardigan....
No, far too soon. (I hope)
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