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So in a moment of weakness a week or so ago, I purchased a pair of 'Hi Shine' oxfords... the attractive sales woman convinced me, it would make my life easier rather tahn spend evry sunday evening cleaning and polishing and I believed her.. she was a corker though.. so now A question to my SF friends, can they be polished ? or if not how do you maintain them ? any help appreciated.. I have learnt my lesson and will be more single minded in future
great chart, I came across...
i would suggest giving up bum love as I have heard that being the recipient anal sex can cause back pain:D
i am now depressed
wild world - cat stevens
Hi All, I have a shirt wich is on its last legs and has lasted over 15 years. According to the label, it was manufactured by T Foxx & Co (founded 1869)... Just curious if any SF members have come across this brand/manufacturer. I did purchase the shop at a old tailors in Yorkshire, who sadly does not exist anymore. thanks
wtf, this is annoying. I wonder why UK founders were not invited to the sale. I had my eye on a few items
Appreciate the responses. I will pop into JM Weston and C&J tomorrow, but I rather like the 'sleekness' of the C&J Sydney and maybe more formal ? to wear with a suit
Hi All, Need a little help. I rather like the John Lobb Lopez Leather Loafers, specifically the shape of the last. However, my wallet cannot match my aspirations... Would anyone be able to recommend a similar leather loafer in terms of shape and last. I am based in the UK if it helps thanks
interesting, I get upto Huddersfield quite often.. I think the Folly Hall site is to be developed into a modern 'cutting edge designed' college.. similalry with parkwood mills which are now shoebox sized apartments
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