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Can anyone help me identify this coat? Any leads on how I can get my hands on one? All else fails anyone have suggestions for similar shearling coats? Thanks!! I tried to embed the picture but it was throwing an error
I am looking for a 2 button TF or Zegna suit in 38R. I'd like it to be Navy, Charcoal or Gray. If anyone has this we can talk about a price, thanks!
Agreed, the movie was much much better than a lot of the stuff out (ie Green Lantern.) Also, style played a pivotal role in empowering a guy and helping him turn his life around. What's not to like for men's wear enthusiasts like ourselves?
Over the weekend watched the new Steve Carell movie. It was pretty good and I thought the suits were fantastic. What do you guys think? I think this Zegna looks great The shoulders on this suit look a little tight but I still think it looks awesome. Can anyone ID the designer of it? Here you can see them in motion I know most of SF is more about timeless than trendy but I truly think even though it's trendy it still looks good. And I can appreciate that. Thoughts?
Has anyone had experience with this? Does quality depend heavily on which location it is and who works there? Was it worth it?
I use the metal stays with a magnet. I may never go back to any other style.
I attempted to start a thread and it said it went to the mods for review 1 - Is there any notification when (if) it gets approved? 2 - What are the conditions for an acceptable thread? 3 - How long do I have to be a member before I can start threads freely? 4 - How long does it typically take to approve a thread?
i just got a sunspel polo and i think its awesome
thought the suits were awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral make sure you get chicken and rice from the cart on the northwest corner of 53rd/6th ave........with hot sauce!! oh man you have to use the red sauce and the white sauce but yeah.... I would say your visit to NYC would be incomplete without this.
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