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Ok so prom is this Saturday. I bought a black suit and im having it tailored, should be done soon. What color shirt and tie do you think I should wear? I have black hair+hazel eyes. Also should i wear a pocket square? Ill post pictures soon when Ive got some ideas. Thankyou so much I really appreciate all of your help
thanks everyone I really appreciate your help. If i find something that fits my requirements I will purchase it, if not I will think of something to do with my navy suit. Your help has been great! btw: what stores would you suggest in orlando for a suit that fits my needs?
Hello, Im pursuing a 38L suit for prom. I would like it to be black. From collar to hem i need about 32.5" and a sleeve of 26". Shoulder to shoulder 20". Pants around 30" with enough material to hem at 35". I dont really need a superb marque as I'm in the less than 300usd market. I'm new to the suit buying world and i've had a rough time at it so far. If you dont have a suit like the one Ive described but have advice, please post it! Thanks!
I'm 6'4.75" and weigh 138lbs. im really thin, i have fairly broad structure though. I am quite skinny but I am in fine shape. I live in Baton Rouge, perhaps the fattest city of the fattest region. I would really appreciate if anyone familiar with my area could tell me of retailers carrying 38L's in regular supply.
thanks a lot guys, i need to buy a suit for prom badly but i will make sure to purchase one that I am confident with. This is a very frustrating experience but I'm going to Orlando next week and I'll look around. Prom is april 24 so I've still got a little time. I'll make sure to run my decisions through you folks. Thanks
thanks a lot, but it's imperative the suit be long, im 6'5 the collar to bottom of jacket is 29.5 i need apx 33"
This thread is really good, I appreciate it a whole bunch. Im 6'4.75" and <140lbs. And im not gaining any weight anytime soon.
this sucks! i need a suit, I can hardly find a 38L that both looks good and fits my paltry budget! This shit is rediculous! I want some clothes that freaking fit! Does it mean anything that I have sort of broad shoulders (19.5" top to top) and very long sleeves? The suit would be slim fitted. I have really big latino man hips. And I have large thighs for a 138lb human. I really just want to be told that i'm going to find this ba suit for <300usd then get some alterations...
Ok so some upper body measurements: Middle of back to wrist: 35.5" Chest at nips: 37.5" Top of shoulder to Top of shoulder: 18" Top of shoulder to wrist: 25" Waist 1" below navel: 28" Inseam crotch to ankel: 34.75"
The suit is for prom. I currently have two navy suits, one of which fits me well. I bought it from men's wearhouse with my father, I believe that the suit was a 38L but it had to have a good bit of tailoring done. I'd wear the navy to prom but I wore it to homecoming and a few other school occasions. My sister is at home and she works in clothes, I will have her measure me and I'll post them shortly. I'm sure she'll know how to measure.
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