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Did anyone happen to save this post, and shame on you imschatz for spamming.
It all depends on your level of expertise, and what they are willing to pay. Decide what your time is worth, then see what they say. You may want to shoot a bit high, so you have bargaining room. For instance, I have seen Financial expert witnesses recieve anywhere from $300 to over $1000. Obviously the qualifications make a great impact upon wages.
If you don't want vuvuzela's you shouldn't of picked a crap country to host.
Yeah, I said the same thing when I saw the commercial.
also, just look at the title?
looks like a purse, just in the wrong catagory on the site.
I keep 60-130 in my wallet, and another 200 cash on hand, with another 5-8 grand accesable at all times. Who knows what will happen.
win/win advertising for mini, so would say job well done.
Does anyone know where I can see this movie?
can anoyone tell me where this movie is playing? Also I watched 3guys1hammer aka hammertime, and it really wasnt that bad.
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