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Roma Spread is live on the site and ready to be ordered!
Hey Guys, Didn't have a chance to post on SF about our new winter ties + knit hats, but wanted to give everyone the heads up! Really pleased with how all of these came out and think they're all great values. All of the ties come in both regular and long sizes, FYI. The most unique pieces in the collection are the hand-frayed wool ties. We worked with our factory to develop these in a few solid and plaid designs--definitely a subtle, yet distinctive detail when...
Shirts look great! Well designed, the Satoyama is particularly awesome. Such a great fabric!
Adding one this afternoon!
Hi Guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that we launched our first ever cashmere sweaters today. Really excited about how these turned out. We developed two different styles---a solid textured cobble stitch and a plain knit with four thin chest stripes--with two different colorways of each. The cobble stitch design is really phenomenal. While you won't notice it from a distance, the closer you get the more interesting texture will look. It's also knitted with a subtle...
Understand your frustration on this. We're not able to alter any of our collars from order to order, unfortunately. So we couldn't remove the back button on that collar.Chris
Awesome--would love some feedback once you've worn it a bit!
Same mid-to-light weight fusing that we do on most of our dress collars. No plans to do an unfused version in the near future.
Hey--Check the images below. We'll have plenty more by the end of the week when we launch, but for now i just tossed a shirt with the collar on a form. Let me know if this does the trick...With this one, we really wanted to design a collar with great expression and also have points that stay under the lapels of your jacket well. It's a compliment to our popular Roma Cutaway collar, but it's definitely an easier wear for guys who aren't looking to go for a cutaway. It has a...
Great time to ask this question!! We'll be launching our Roma Spread Collar this week, actually. It'll have 3.5" collar points, 1.5" front collar band height, and a 5 5/8" collar spread. Happy to posts some images this week if that'll help.Chris
New Posts  All Forums: