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Hey Guys, Been a while since I've had a chance to post here. Just wanted to update everything on a few things of note! Australian MOP Buttons We just added a beautiful new Australian MOP option to our button selection a week or two ago. It's our first 16L width button and has a 3.7mm thickness--nice and sturdy without being overkill/hard to button like those 4mm+ thick MOP's some guys do. The iridescent mottling is really beautiful and the shape has a very subtle cupping...
@rbj1 Hey--Totally understand. The person you spoke to was correct, we do not have the ability to do extra cuffs and/or collars with our shirts. Long story short, it's just not something our factory is set up to do. Sorry to disappoint.
$100 store credit is applied off of every 10 shirts...so your 20th, 30th, etc. $150 if you review every one of those shirts!
Once you've hit 10 shirts we automatically give you $100 of store credit. Also--you can get $5 credit for every fabric you review, as mentioned above.In addition, we're doing a Labor Day Weekend special where you automatically get free shipping (usually $15 shipping charge) off any order over $200. Just put it live on the site and it will be there until Monday night at midnight.Chris
@venividivicibj Gotcha. No, that's not possible. Our factory is not set up to customize collars/cuffs/plackets on an individual shirt basis. Think that a shorter 3 button placket could prove difficult to put on/take off, if the fit is at all slim.
You can certainly order them with a popover front and wear similar to a polo. By "polo style" do you mean a placket similar to more common knit polo shirts or are you asking for something different?
Hey Guys-- Just wanted to update everyone about the new Sea Island Cotton fabrics we released today. While a small collection of 4 styles, these fabrics are truly amazing. All the cotton is grown and picked by hand in Barbados, fully certified and approved by WISICA, and then woven by David & John Anderson (Albini Group's highest end line) in Bergamo, Italy. This is the stuff the whole Albini team has been incredibly excited about all summer and tout as the absolute best...
@venividivicibj I need to get my next round of prototyping back before I can give you a good answer. I'd definitely like to have both "standard" and "thick/stiff" interlinings available for some collar options, but there's a chance there may be a period where stiff is not available. Sort of depends how much product development our factory can comfortably handle at one time. @Andrew Ryan Really appreciate the kind words. Think we have a really great product, but there are...
We have no timeline on interlining updates right now. Wouldn't expect it in the next 1-2 months, at least. If you like the current stiff interlining I'd go for it sooner rather than later, as it may get taken offline at some point.
Hey--Thanks for reaching out. We're not able to change the interlining from collar to collar on our shirts. For some collars (President Spread, President Cutaway, Roma Cutaway, Franklin Spread) we offer both medium weight fused interlining and very light unfused interlining options.Really appreciate the suggestions. I love where you're coming from, but I wouldn't expect these any time soon. We're in the process of reevaluating our stiff, unfused interlining at the moment....
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