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@Andrew RyanIn almost all cases I believe this is what will happen, though I think there will be some niche cases where the spacing might change from our standard spacing. Probably only a very small amount, though.
@sebastian mcfox Yea--looks like the sleeves have a bit too much room. I'd suggest taking .25" off the cuff and .5" off of the sleeve width--please note this will make the sleeve feel tighter in the armpit. If you're worried about this, switching to tailored armpit fit and adding a degree of shoulder slope can help lower the armhole a bit.I'm not sure we want to go too much slimmer in the midsection, but you could probably do .5". If you let me know your order AC # I can...
@Andrew Ryan Yes, they will. In some cases you may gain an additional button on the placket, as well.
Hi--we actually use two slightly different weights in the collar leaf and collar band to get the perfect compliment of functionality and comfort. The interlining in the collar leaf (point) is significantly thicker than the fusing we use on our standard collars, and the interlining for the collar band is a pinch lighter than the lining in the collar leaf--but still thicker than our current fused interlinings.We found the thicker of the two interlinings really helps collars...
Totally--We won't be implementing the ability to specify an extra button in the short term (though we do have many requests for this). But rest assured that the button placement and number of buttons will be much improved in the next few weeks, and changing first button placement will often allow you to work around the system and decide how many button are on your shirt.
When we launch this feature, we will also launch a new portion of the size menu that shows how many buttons will be on the placket of your shirt. Raising the button placement can, in some cases, add an additional button to the placket.In many cases for those with 31"-32.5" shirt lengths, we will be updating to add an additional button to the front anyways. Not ready to launch yet, but soon.Yes and yes.The stiff collars are now live on the site--they are made from a thick,...
@andrew ryan Really hoping to have this up in the next two weeks. Quite a big update with our factory, so we're just trying to make sure everything is spot on for launch.When it does launch, you will be able to raise the first button placement by .5" or 1", and also lower it by .5".
It really depends on how comfortable you are with a fuller fit. I quite like bumping it up by about 1" in mid and chest, .25" in sleeve. It's still not as easy to take off as a t-shirt or anything, but like this balance in terms of slimness vs functionality.Also--the length is something people don't consider that much. If you're going to wear untucked or half tucked you'll want to go shorter in the body--I go 1" shorter in the body for popover untucked than regular shirt...
We won't do any RTW popovers--but you can always order any of our fabrics (linen, cotton/linen, cotton) as custom-fit popovers. Much better, IMHO.We're actually going to be releasing a long sleeve Italian pique polo in the coming weeks, that'll be pretty similar to our popovers in design. Not exactly the same, but very similar.Chris
@macjedi Could you send me the AC order # for your most recent order so I can see the measurements you have? Think what you have suggested is a good call, but I just want to double check against the measurements we have for you.Chris
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