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I would actually suggest a twill over broadcloth or RO. Twill will be most opaque and drape the best. The shine of a twill will help it look whiter and photograph better. If you want under $100, then Hudson. Best value overall, then Greenwich Twill ($140). Best of the best of the best, go DJA Sea Island Royal Twill.If you want to do broadcloth, our Miles, Stanton, and TM Broadcloths are all great. TM will hold up best over time, but handfeel is very similar for all...
No Roma collars have been changed, guys.
@saskatoonjay Yeah, that should work.
@saskatoonjay Hey Jay--So, we are able to accept orders on these collars for another few weeks. You can reorder your current shirt as a hack to still have the collar on it, then switch fabrics if you don't want the same one. We allow this as a way to more gracefully phase these out for those who like the collars and want to order more before they're gone. I'd say they'll likely be gone for good by end on May. Our factory is not set up to take individual customer orders, so...
Ha. Yeah, we have a slimmer than traditional, but still pretty standard, placket width. Maybe a little more modern and dressy vibe, still wider than some plackets I see on the market. No plans to add an additional width or change our current one right now. Definitely understand where those who like traditional American shirtmaker's oxfords are coming from with this. Perhaps we will reconsider in the fall!
2 7/8"
Hey Guys-- Washed Denim & Indigo Just wanted to give SF the heads up that we just brought back our washed denim and indigo program for this week only. It's something we as a team always get particularly excited about and this time we're bringing back four of our popular existing styles, as well as adding the indigo black watch linen in the photo below and a lightweight indigo pindot print. You can check the full collection...
Yep! We had hoped to get it out earlier, but better late than never!!We also launched a new interface for our design a shirt tool this week, which we're very excited about. This is version one and we're excited to add some great new functionalities to this over the coming months, but we'd love to get feedback from SF about it:https://propercloth.com/design-a-shirt/
@lawguy - Try adding the Neck Back 1/2" to your custom fit. If it doesn't work with Neck Back 1/2" you can increase to Neck Back 1" in the future. Add Tailored Armpit fit to help get rid of extra fabric on front and back of sleeve around armpit. You could also decrease sleeve width by 1/4" or 1/2" to remove more. @Ironist Start by going from 1 pleat forearm to 2 pleat forearm. We're hoping to add a 3 pleat forearm to the site by the end of the week, too. If these aren't...
Nope. I will not predict timing, will update SF when any changes go live!It will be a very small change to dimensions, while SF guys may notice I think most will not. And yes, biggest area of improvement across all collars will be how each collar stands up.
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