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We should have 2 widths of blue stripes in the heavy oxford back in stock by the middle of July. As far as new oxford styles/qualities, perhaps a new stripe color or two for fall but otherwise the same range in the $85 quality. We'll be re-upping on our Thomas Mason Oxford Chambrays for fall and will have 7-8 brand new, custom developed, options there come End August/Early September.Very excited about that one, but it's not a classic oxford quality--a bit more body than...
They're there for people who really care about metal stays. I take mine out as soon as I get a shirt.I wouldn't expect it in 2015. Appreciate the feedback, though. In the process of sourcing/sampling new interlining configurations for our standard fused and unfused soft at the moment.
@Kwv07 soft cuff, soft placket!
Something we're hoping to remedy by the end of summer!
Sounds like you did some good planning for this, if you're very happy with a 20" shirt you have stick close to that. 27.5" makes sense for you height in terms of shirt length--typically shirt length is the specification most prone to shrinking past our desired dimensions. We're always trying to make improvements on this, but if you're deciding between .5" in length, I suggest going for the longer measurement.No time limit/shot clock on alterations!
I think these updates might be a little much. Typically, I find .75" in the midsection width does it if your shirts pull around your hips. For length, I wear a 31.5" in my tucked in shirts and a 29" length in my untucked shirts. How tall are you?Sorry you missed this round. We're super excited about the response to the garment washed denim shirts, but probably won't be doing this exact style for a while. I'd look out for a lighter weight denim at some point in late summer...
I prefer either Soft Roma or Soft Ivy BD on mine. Can't go wrong, though--these are really really great.Just an FYI to all. The shirts are now 100% live and moving quickly. Two different washes, both using luxurious Italian denim from Albiate (Albini Group) and garment washed for a great fade.You can learn more about them and shop the collection/design your own at the link below:http://propercloth.com/the-washed-denim-shirt
@bigsink Hey- sorry for the delayed response 1- It is not larger, just cut and sewn at different angle, which helps eliminate fabric from the front part of the armpit area and can cause the armhole to feel less "up in your armpit." 2- We can't put a new collar on an existing shirt, but if you email contact@propercloth.com we can review the situation and will try to figure out a solution. 3- I would leave the measurement where it is. Our factory measures the shirts...
Not in the works yet, but I'll keep in in mind as we wrap up our fall buying. Definitely much more check-heavy than stripe heavy, so I think we'll try to get a few more stripes in the coming months.As a reminder, always love getting suggestions from forum guys. Thanks Kwv07.
That's the dark wash...but the photograph is making it look lighter than it really is.
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