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Understand your frustration on this. We're not able to alter any of our collars from order to order, unfortunately. So we couldn't remove the back button on that collar.Chris
Awesome--would love some feedback once you've worn it a bit!
Same mid-to-light weight fusing that we do on most of our dress collars. No plans to do an unfused version in the near future.
Hey--Check the images below. We'll have plenty more by the end of the week when we launch, but for now i just tossed a shirt with the collar on a form. Let me know if this does the trick...With this one, we really wanted to design a collar with great expression and also have points that stay under the lapels of your jacket well. It's a compliment to our popular Roma Cutaway collar, but it's definitely an easier wear for guys who aren't looking to go for a cutaway. It has a...
Great time to ask this question!! We'll be launching our Roma Spread Collar this week, actually. It'll have 3.5" collar points, 1.5" front collar band height, and a 5 5/8" collar spread. Happy to posts some images this week if that'll help.Chris
Yes, I think we're planning to phase this one out. We'll have some similar stuff later in the winter that'll be much much better. For now the Washed Japanese Denim is the play--we like it a lot more than previous denims, though it is a more washed look.Chris
Yep! Next Thurday we'll have a navy and a tan colorway.This is common, you may consider bumping up the midsection slightly to get a less "bell shaped" bottom.--Chris
There's a good chance all you need is a simple square shoulder adjustment. Sometime a tight chest (which seems to be CaptainApathy's case) or a forward neck can cause this, too.Great to hear the flannels are well received! Already having to place reorders on many of these styles. Still plenty of great new flannels to come this fall, as well as some great corduroy shirts...keep your eyes peeled!!
Hey CaptainApathy--sorry for the delay on this. From the looks of it, I don't think you have a square shoulder. I think that bumping up the chest by 1" ought to relieve a lot of the tension across your chest. At closer glance, it looks like the midsection is good.Just wondering, do you have any Shoulder Slope/Square Shoulder or Neck Forward/Neck Backward adjustments on this shirt currently?? If not, just bump up by 1" in the chest and see how that comes out.Cheers,Chris
Hey CaptainApathy--Would you might posting a photo that gives a slightly closer look at the chest area?From my view, it looks like we could bump up the chest by 1" and the midsection by .5". I also think we could slim down the arms by .25".Cheers,Chris
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