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Hey Pb524-- I think the President Spread is the collar you want. English Spread is a bit smaller and doesn't stay under lapels for some. For fabric I highly suggest the Morris Wrinkle Resistant Houndstooth (PCF909), if you are comfortable going with a small pattern instead of a solid. This fabric is possibly our most resistant to wrinkling and feels great. For a solid fabric, try either the Extra Wrinkle Resistant Poinpoint (PCF886) or a Cavalry Twill (PCF443,...
Ah, good to know. Wish we could do it, but it's just not the way our system is set up.Not sure if I've heard this problem before, it sounds like you may want to try a different collar height? Do you find you tie your four in hand ties tighter than bow ties? If you want to send an email to contact@propercloth.com along with some photos, we can dig into the issues.Chris
Unfortunately not. We pre-cut all of our collar to help speed up the delivery time of our shirts, so we won't be able to copy one for you. What sort of collar are you looking for?Hey Gungadin--Thanks for throwing the images up. I'm thinking the yoke (shoulders) could be .75" smaller, and maybe the mid could come down by .5", too. The biggest thing to me is that the sleeves seem a bit big. Perhaps we could go down by .5" and switch from slim forearm to traditional, so it...
Hey--We cut shrinkage allowances into our measurements (that cotton/linen may have additional shrinkage, I can't remember), so you may want to take it to the cleaners for a proper wash + press just to make sure. If it's the same after, then we'll adjust accordingly and recut a new shirt for you.Chris
Thanks, AC. Will keep that in mind. Been looking for a better quality end on end for that sub $100 price point, but so far I haven't found anything I like significantly better than the Jones.I'd probably take out .75" in the chest. .75" in the midsection, and .5" in the sleeve width.
Which end-on-end? The $90 Jones one? Been thinking of discontinuing that--love any feedback guys so keep it coming. Always trying to do better product. I generally find the $120 end-on-end series to be fairly wrinkle-resistant for lightweight broadcloth standards.If you have issues with end-on-end wrinkling, I generally suggest pinpoints because they have a bit of the color appeal of the end-on-end.Cheers,Chris
Hey Coop86,Sounds like you're in the market for a pinpoint. They have a more interesting coloration than most twills (maybe not as unique as an end-on-end) and are very matte. Our Bowery Light Blue (PCF328, $95) is really popular, I really like the Mercer Light Blue Pinpoint (PCF836, $120), too. Our most luxurious pinpoint is our Thomas Mason Light Blue Pinpoint (PCF587, $150), which tends to be very naturally wrinkle resistant without any treatment.Hope that helps.Chris
Hey guys--Just wanted to update on some new things we've recently released. Today we dropped our new Mercer Light Blue Broadcloth, which is a definitely favorite amongst the team. We custom developed it with one of our favorite mills after the white version was so well received. It's a little more dense that many broadcloths/poplins on the market, which makes it more opaque in the really soft, beautiful color tones. It's also very resistant to wrinkling without using...
Hi jifjif,Would you mind sending a photo taken from the side so that I can get a better idea of your posture?Cheers,Chris
Hey Usonian--I'd highly suggest going with the Ivy BD vs the traditional "button-down" collar. It has a lot more character and is made unfused, with a very light interlining, while the Button Down collar is made with a lightly fused collar. Ivy BD ends up having a lot more character and frames the face a bit better.Can probably dig up some photos of band collar on a real person this week.Cobble stitch sweater is great, love the texture--it does stretch a bit more than the...
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