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@novaeagle We had to do our own production order on it, since this quality is a seasonal one for Albini, so it won't be restocked until August. Very excited to get it back.
@oldcomma Hey--sorry if I was unclear. It's just a standard email to contact@propercloth.com that you would send, not something done through our website. If you PM me your order # I will check if you still have time. Chris
That's mostly going to be based on the upper arm width, with shoulder slope playing a more minor roll. I'd suggest sending a photo to contact@propercloth.com of you wearing the shirt with an explanation of how slim you'd like to go. We can help get you dialed in quickly and precisely that way.Great suggestions! Unfortunately, I don't expect any of these to be added soon, but I always love getting feedback like this. Will keep in mind.
Great news! I'm in for NYC.
Should have arrived today! Possibly Monday if you live a ways from a big city.Hopefully the new ox chambrays will be ready to launch end August/early Sept--planning to add a couple more styles of the traditional, lighter chambray in a month's time, too.As far as things for this summer--Plenty of awesome Canclini linens in plaids/checks coming in the next month, some 100% cotton plaids, and some business checks in more unique colors we custom developed with Grandi &...
Hey Guys--Haven't had a chance to check the thread in a while, but back and happy to answer any questions. @kwv07 Nope, no plans to update give the stiff Roma spread the thick, unfused treatment any time soon. @Murlsquirl Glad you liked the chambray, that quality is great--just placed a great order on a bunch of custom developed oxford chambrays with Albini today. Really excited about these for fall, should launch in August or September if everything goes according to...
@novaeagle Haven't had too many situations where this has been impossible to fix--usually it is a result of a very slim upper arm width. Sometimes a small yoke can exacerbate these issues, too. Always good to get feedback and hear issues from people here on the forum. Will keep an eye out in the future!
@bigsink I would suggest going for a tailored armpit fit, increasing the armhole by .25" or .5", and switching the shoulder slope option to a normal or sloping shoulder. Square shoulder will only make the armpit feel closer to your actual armpit. Sloping will help make this feel lower.
@bluescholar While I'm not a big collar stay guy, I would stay tuned and look out for an update on this front from us in the near future. We're planning to be switching to brass collar stays standard on all shirts ordered, but I do not yet have the date for when we'll switch over. These shipped this morning from our supplier to our factory, but may take some time to set up. We'll also be selling these on their own on the website, I'd look out for that in a month's time at...
Makes sense...though, if the 16" fits you well right now after laundering I would not change it. Will only make the collar tighter...
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