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I know some of you will regard this as the judgment of a crazy person but c'est la vie this is a model of what a rock and roll song should be. This is the Jizzy Pearl era LA Guns.
Goddammit more of the photos of greebus injuries on Facebook this time looks like someone did break his arm trying to lift an heavy weight.
I'm wearing Tom of Finland today. One of my best compliment getters.
Yesterday: Diptyque L'Autre. Minty Middle Eastern spice market. I love it. Today: Une Fleur de Cassie. Definitely not for everybody, but it's right up there among my couple of favorites.
Wow, I don't think I ever would have made that connection. But now that you say it I think I have a sense for the similarity you're pointing to.
I don't get it.
Thanks for taking up the slack I had momentarily left, Piob!
[Serious Post. Will return to regularly scheduled Linkadessen forthwith.] A fair number of SF people are friends of mine on Facebook. Recently I made an update about a happy event in my life. Of all the different groupings of friends that I have, it was SF people who were the most supportive. By quite a large margin. This really is a cool community to be a part of.
When food falls off of my platter or I drop it from my hands on accident I am always surprised at where it ends up like there must be a special branch of physics to describe the motions of falling foods.
People are always be hell of complain about how the Limpics have too much commentary about the athletes' stories of trial and tribeelation make it like reality tv rather than focus on the sport. But here's the thing though how many people give a crud about pole vault or floor routine or whatnot on their own terms? It's like professional wrestling the actual act of wrestling is not sufficient to draw dat viewers got to embed in story form.
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