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Thank you for underlining the R and the B (first letters of "Roast" and "Beef")!
I just ate a Arby meal am I proud of it no not particular but I ain't gonna lie about it neither.
Sometimes people think I am on drugs because of my ways but I am not.
The best sport is ice bucket challenge.
The Lord would not have called them to the profession of journalist if He hadn't viewed the potential of writing in their souls. They can all write well just gotta apply themselves.
Betimes I teach courses for the students in Mass Communications (many of whom are studying to be journalists). Not trying to say words of controversy here, but I am often boldover at how badly they write.
That's an interesting question because you're right, there are a lot of similarities, and yet I like Sahara Noir quite a bit more than Avignon. I think it's because I experience Sahara Noir as warmer and Avignon as colder. I think what I'm interpreting as warm in SN is the benzoin and labdanum. (I get more labdanum from SN than from Avignon.)
Sahara Noir by Tom Ford for me today.
I don't say swear words a whole lot in real life, but I do when I don't have all my wits to me. This morning I woke up really early didn't know what time it was. I checked the time on my cell phone and then said in my own mind "Fuck that I am not getting up at this hour time to crest my roll (go back to sleep)."
New Posts  All Forums: