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Hey as long as their parents are paying "dat tuition" everything's good.
When I drink that rose flavored vodka I get a certain feeling of happiness to me can't be gainsaid.
I am such a sillybird I just viewed my Spotify "My Year in Music" and discovered some crazy things. It tells you who your favorite artist was for each season of the year. Mine was Winter: L.A. Guns, Spring: L.A. Guns, Summer: L.A. Guns, Fall: L.A. Guns. Also 9 of my 10 most played songs were by L.A. Guns. I wonder if I have some kind of psychological disorder to where I just do the same things over and over and over.
I did a impersonation of Tom Wolfe on Facebook but certain FB friends such as Biscuits and Conne didn't think it had qualities of art.
Today I am wearing pants with pletes in them of which is something I rarely do. I hate to say it but I think I look rediculous.
A lot of my money is not even subject to taxation on account of I print it in my basement is how I bought all dat Charvets!
That's right it is a Dutch Calvanous university.
The kind of university where friends and family be cry out "ooooaaaaooooaaaaoooo!!!" and "That's my baby girl han graduated!!!"
Also, sorry for adopting the attitude of kermujjen, but I have to attend commencement today hey I know it is supposed to be a joyous occasion whatnot, but I don't enjoy it much at all on account of air horns and people in the audience crying out like "wooooooo" or "woof woof woof."
You know what would be an ideal time for the university to shut down the email system for maintenance? The weekend right before we have to report grades.
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