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Oh hell yes I just got an offer to join the Inner Circle at DutchPod (Dutch language community). I can join for $99, which is $81 less than the regular price of admission.
Last night I was hanging around with a group of friends who did life-threatening acts such as drive their cars into telephone poles because they believed that they'd be brought back into life and that their new lives would be better. Well I fell in love with a woman who liked to eat earrings because she thought the posts and hooks would perforate her stomach eventually so that she'd die and be brought back into life. I decided to munch on a bowl of earrings too, but then I...
There's only one hour left in the day and now I'm all alone, so I think I'll finish the day without anyone complaining about Bijou Romantique! I have switched into Leather Oud for my SOTE. If I were in the company of another person, they might very well complain about this one.
I spoke to some people about the Tom and Jerry alcoholic beverage today but they were like "what the hell are you yimmer yammering about?" They had never heard of Tom and Jerry beverage. How can that be?
Today I had some anxiety to me and so I drank much of alcoholic beverage just trying to restore my state of peaceful mind. But you know what happened instead? I got anxious that if an emergency arose, my mind would not function well enough to deal with it an account of betrunken. Now I think I'm going to "double down" by smoking a hashish.
I enjoyed a bowl of vichyssoise this evening it is a kind of soup in case you don't know.
I am wearing Bijou Romantique today. No one has complained to me.
Overheard conversation: A: You got a mind like Mother Hubbard's cupboard haw haw haw! B: You mean there's no oats in it? I'm glad I got a mind like Mother Hubbard's cupboard cuz it ain't supposed to have oats in it.
Some of the breakfast cereals I eat cause scrapes to be on the roof of my mouth. I wonder why they can't use science to create cereals that don't cause injury? Hey if cereal manufactures keep neglecting this issue, they're going to find themselves having to answer for themselves in a court of law (class action suit).
Here's something that "grinds my gears" when I check on the Internet to see when a business is open and then I go there and find out the listed hours were false hours. (This happened just now Starbuck was the offending business.)
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