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The students don't perceive it that way they feel cherished when they see my comments even what they be critical aforethought.
7-3 Cards, bottom of the eighth. (Pert near got carpal tunnel syndrome discovering that information, but I was not going to be stopped.)
Over the years my students han complained because I use red pen to make comments on their exams and papers and whatnot be all like "It gets me to anxious feeling when I see dat red like I'm being judged or something my therapist says it's wrong to use red science proves it." And so now I do all student comments in pink pen that's right yes I do.
I've had enough of ESPN's antics. When I want to check out the scores of baseball for Cardinals games on the ESPN website, I have to do an extra click on "Check All MLB." What I'm saying is that ESPN doesn't think the Cardinals are important enough to have their scores readily accessible at the top of the page (like they do for certain other teams) make me go out of my way by doing extra click to learn the facts I want to know. And yet sometimes you buns-heads wonder why...
There is still copper in pennies, but only a tiny little bit. I tried to cook miniature Triscuit pizzas on them but it was a big ole failure, put 'er that way.
Ormonde Jayne Ta'if is what I am wearing as SOTD today. It's a peppery rose.
SOTE is L'Ame Soeur by Divine. This has always been a favorite of mine. It's a classic aldehydic floral, in the ballpark of Chanel No. 5 but fuller and rounder, mainly due to some amber I think.
Stayed up too late the last two nights watching interviews with and about Harley Race to where I got tiredness to me. (Post is a real event.)
Today I forgot what I put on as SOTD. I smelled my wrist, but I didn't recognize it right away. I said to myself "Hmm not sure what this is but I definitely like it." Then I realized it was Remarkable People, which I definitely did not like the first time I tried it.
Yeah, lots of students in the US aren't learning to write anymore. A large percentage of my students do print on their exams. They do it in all caps, and it looks like their exams were written by third graders.
New Posts  All Forums: