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I wonder if EtO is ChiliFool? I've always suspected that ChiliFool might really be another poster just posting under a second account with a different name.
I think EtO is Creole.
Not even kidding kimchi has straight up become one of my favert foods can't get enough of dat chi.
ESPN website covers basketball the same way the cover football, which makes no sense. Here's what I mean if Tom Brady throws a 80 yard touchdown pass they will feature that at the top of the webpage along with video. That's understandable because a touchdown is important and an 80 yard touchdown is exciting. But they do the same kind of thing for basketball be type headline in big print "STEVE NOVAK DRANGS 15-FOOT JUMP SHOT BUCKS NOW DOWN BY 6 AT PULICANS!!!"
Eric Buterbaugh Sultry Rose. I'm a big fan of this. It's a bright, slightly sweet rose with a touch of oud.
Not even gonna lie one error I make on the reglar is I buy a bunch of bananas of which I don't finish the whole bunch before some of them become inedible of brownness.
Amouage Gold Woman. This is a beautiful old-school feminine bright woody floral, very broadly in the style of Chanel No. 5, but with a denser, more incensey facet.
Yes, it's really beautiful. It's not really a lilac scent in the style, say, of En Passant or Opardu. What's most surprising in the scent is the cocoa note, which for me arrives later in the drydown, but which is dominant from the very beginning on my gf's skin. (Her skin always brings out the sweetness in scents.) To me, it's the cocoa that elevates this from very good to great. There's also a nutty heliotrope and sweet vanilla. Patchouli adds a bit of sharpness too.
Amouage Lilac Love.
He's being voiced by Ole Anderson, who of course is off stage. You'll notice that when Sid Vicious starts talking, Shockmaster thinks it's Ole Anderson and so he starts gesturing as if he (Shockmaster) is the one who is talking.
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