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When I make FB posts about semicolons and things like that, I get thousands of likes and comments. But when I post about other things be happening in my life, it is basically like crickets.
As of late I am receiving many e-mail messages that weren't intended for me it is because people are pressing dat "Reply All" button, which produces exactly the effect that the name suggests (it causes your reply to go to "all" the people who received the initial message). It is 2015 now how do people still not know how to reply to e-mails?
You do have your Catholic faith though that should carry you through.
On the patchouli side, there are four that I find especially good: Coromandel by Chanel, Patchouli Imperial by Dior, Nombril Immense by Etat Libre d'Orange, and George Sand by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier. (The latter was a limited edition and is hard to find, but it is really, really good.) Tom Ford has a new patchouli called Patchouli Absolu. I was very keen to try it as soon as it came out, but it was a big disappointment. But if you're a fan of the Tom Ford aesthetic in...
Safran Troublant for me today.
I ate a sleeve of crackers for breakfast because I ran out of food and didn't have time to shop last night.
I ordered a new batch of floral shirts (not Hawaiian shirts or "Aloha shirts" I would not even think to wear those) and they arrived yesterday. They are great shirts can't even be gainsaid, but what was less obvious from the online photographs of them was that they are without a doubt the "gayest" shirts in my whole collection of shirts.
If you find it annoying it's probably because you don't have the heart of a champion (ChampionHeart®) not capable of following your friend on the path of victory (VictoryPath®). Hey it's a Fitness Thing you wouldn't understand.
Doesn't piss me off, but more like it just gets me to "Aww for Criminy sakes." I am happy for people when they develop new skills or do something new and interesting in their lives. But sometimes they go all in and adopt the identity of a person who's been doing those things for a long time and who has actual successes to speak of. I mean like people who start to go to the gym at the beginning of the new year be like "I was sleepy this morning no two ways but you know what...
Yeah, but I was not in St. Louis in 2001. I think it's humor index would have to be higher now that I'm "on the scene" so to speak.
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