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That has happened to me many times as well, except that it was a guy's friends be ran up to him yelled that.
Sometimes when my dishes pile up in my sink and get mouldy I just throw them into the garbage and buy new ones rather than warsh them to cleanliness. That is a sign of baller status.
While I was filling up my car with gasoline, there was a large woman near me doing the same thing (except she was filling her car, not mine). I said "In the 1980s you would have been characterized as large and in charge." She said "The Lord He did gift me with a large spirit must needs have a large body to contain it." I think basic courtesy would have required me to accept that as a response, but I was maybe a little bit boorish said "The spirit is immaterial doesn't take...
Are you going to drink sweet teas?
Just a little while ago I was at my place of work talking to a tree when some "nungskulls" came up to me be like "What the hell are you doing you don't talk to a chree." That pissed me off because I was just trying to help the tree keep its spirits up even what it was losing its leafs.
What the hell man looks like the Gardenals don't really want to win the NL Central.
Whoa, how did I miss the new TF PB Patchouli Absolu? I have to try this. Has anyone here smelled it yet?
I am still at the office, ain't gonna lie, but before too long I am going to drive home and then drink port, on account of don't need to get up early tomorrow. I hope no one cuts short a left turn and strikes me.
I have been teaching pert near all day to where my voice is "gruff." Now I can't sing along to the falsetto parts of the new Interpol record, even though that is what I want to do. Also, I need to change the ink in my office printer, but there's a danger of getting ink stains on your garments when you do that. I am rocking (wearing) an Brooks Brothers suit and an Armani shirt and an Kiton tie today last thing I want is ink stains on those. Maybe I'll wear some overalls to...
Maybe I'll try it out see what happens. I'll report back.
New Posts  All Forums: