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The University of Miami revealed their new football uniforms. There are four of them, and each has a name (Juice, Surge, Smoke, and Stormtrooper. No I am not kidding.) What the hell why does each individual uniform need a name now?
I don't get bears.
No, it is good according to a consensus of people who really do take coffee seriously.
It's hard to tell, but it doesn't feel like an acidity problem. The old stuff sat really heavy in my stomach (such as lead cannonball whatnot) and made me feel nauseated.
I recently switched to buying a more expensive brand of coffee (I am talking about Kaldi's, which is a St. Louis institution of coffee). When I bedrank the previous brand, my stomach often went into condition of pain, but now that I've switched, I got a better feeling to me.
But I think the world's other English speakers can be very puritanical too. For example, why do they all use the euphemism "man" when what they really mean is "dickhaver?" And I've even heard them say "bed" when they are referring to what should obviously be called the "fucksurface."
He has that specifically British kind of humor to where when he says things they are not funny, but he makes wacky faces. And wears shirts of "blousy."
^^ But what about for you?
Aww man I ain't color of green hehehe!
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