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It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind.
In real-life conversations I have with members of the Styleforum website, said members of Styleforum website often refer to tropics as Tropicus (as if he were a Roman statesman or something). Now I am starting to develop the habit even though I know better.
Okay now I am getting a ad for a sculpture of Masahiro Tanaka on my Styleforum page. I'd rather get the ad for the lady who will cheat with men who are over 40.
Is there any particular reason you wanted to smell like a circus?
Which albums did you buy, gomestar?
Holy crap, gomestar read my posting! Maybe he saw the word Interpol before he saw L'Incandescent and assumed it must be pB's post.
I think he is the singer of Interpol.
Oddly enough, Sunshine (the fragrance by Amouage, I mean) is not all that bright. It's an almondy vanilla scent with a very prominent black currant. The black currant gives it a bit of a cough syrup vibe, at least at the top. (The bottle is yellow, though.)
Turns out V. Stiviano has to give back the prizes she got from Donald Sterling which is bullshit. I've earned prizes from wealthy women hope I don't have to give them back too.
Anyone who's afeared of dat bidet has got issues of which should seek therapy.
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