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No way man that was definitely a phrase that was in use. You've got "the mind of a Flandersman" as we used to say (mind full of suspicions).
^^ That's an interesting association! Do you pick up the tobacco and honey? Those are the notes that jump out to me.
SOTE is Olene. Definitely one of the best jasmines don't even try to tell me otherwise because I will put my fingers in my ears and go "lalalalala."
Looks like Sinead O'Connor has accused U2 of terrorist acts for releasing their latest record the way they did. That seems like a perfectly reasonable opinion to me when I saw the album on my iTunes I was all like "this is just like the ways of ISIS!"
Where I grew up we always said "So and so has got a Dutchman's age to him." That meant he had oils in his skin to where he looked younger.
Sometimes I don't believe there's such a thing as "dry skin" just a term made up by pharmaceutical companies to make a quick buck. But now that the wind is whipping up and the temperatures are dipping down into low temperatures, I am back to believing.
Okay I was reading reviews of the recent Ace Frehley shows and a bunch of people were complaining about how Ritchie Scarlett (rhythm guitar, although truth be told a better lead player than Ace) was throwing shapes. What the hell kind of upside down world are we living in where a person would think to criticize a show because the guitarist threw shapes?
The grand jury's decision on the shooting in Ferguson will be coming out soon, and the governor has declared a state of emergency to deal with the possible consequences. I hope everything remains calm here, but I'm not as confident as I"d like to be.
Was it a dog behavior forum?
Pre-shower: Noontide Petals (Andy Tauer). Tons and tons of aldehydes at the top, dries down into a creamy floral. SOTD: Poivre Piquant.
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