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There is a writer for ESPN website whose name is April Reign. I'm guessing her parents thought that was pretty clever? Or maybe it's a nom de plume? Do people with last name of Flowers name their children May?
I like to post selfy pictures of myself on Craig's List where I got no shirt on and I am sitting on my pink furniture really gets people riled up so to speak.
Parker's got to be one of the very few people on this site who still remember my Dave Davies avatar! I'm a big fan of Dries van Noten. I find that its warm, soft-focus feel makes it an ideal comfort scent.
Okay so apparently my natural condition of visage is to have smile on it. It happens fairly frequently that people say things to me be like "You sure look happy" or "What are you happy about?" or things like that. (This happened in a meeting I was just in that's what motivated me to do posting.) Whenever this happens, I don't even realize I got a smily visage just think I'm being in a normal condition.
TF Black Violet. The name of this captures exactly what it is IMO. It's a dark, dense violet with some kind of candied fruit notes. It's also somewhat woody, but that facet doesn't emerge right away for me. If my memory is right, Luca Turin characterized this as brooding and maybe as gothic. I can see where he's coming from, even though I wouldn't have thought to characterize it that way myself. I've never loved this, but I do find it pleasant.
Never once in my life have I put a topping on a bagel just eat them in condition of plain. Well today I was at Starbuck ordered a bagel with my coffee barista asks if I want creeng cheese. I said no but she misheard me put it in to my order. I thought "what the heck" and tried the creeng cheese on the bagel ain't gonna lie it was pretty darn tasty. (Don't worry, I keep Lactaid in my office so I didn't injure my digestive organds.)
I was trying to buy granola oats from the vendel machine but I bought Snack Well instead (both come in green packaging). Here's how I resolved the problem I bought a granola oats after buying the Snack Well and I ate them both.
Here's something people do they use their imaginations to imagine criticisms that others might make against a course of action they are engaged in. Then they make a post on Facebook very angrily denouncing the imagined critics of their course of action. Like "I know some people might think I'm a egotistical selfishman for getting myself some lunch rather than donating the money to Oxfam but those son of a bitchs can kiss my ass my own body needs nutriment to function FACT!!!"
Saw a local band play at the brew pub tonight at one point they said "All right we're going to play an original number for you now!" The chorus of the song went like this: "I'm getting up in years to where I'm ready to rock!" I think they completely misunderstood the concept of "ready to rock" if you're a true rocker you're always ready to rock it's not a trait you acquire after many years of seasoning so to speak. I guess it's no wonder they're a local band never made it...
Here we go again more of that anti-Dutch prejeldice that keeps rearing its ugly head on this website man-a-life!
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