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I don't know what Wisconsinites call the upside down jug water thing. I think that would just be a water cooler. A bubbler is definitely what other people call a drinking fountain.
I have not lived in Wisconsin since 1998. I am pretty sure I've lost almost all of my Wisconsin accent and I've stopped using Wisconsin words (like Tyme machine). But for whatever reason, I have not broken the habit of calling a drinking fountain a bubbler.
When I teach classes I get a bottle of water and drink from it basically keep me to condition of hydrated. But then after the break in the middle of class I fill my water bottle up with water from the bubbler. But that straight up puts my stomach to condition of nausea every damn time basically got to buy a second bottle of water what on Earth is up with the water comes from the bubbler is this even America where I am?
Diptyque Eau Rose today. I am wearing a pink striped shirt (stripes are pink and lighter pink) that also has a floral pattern. So I thought Eau Rose would be a good complement.
When I pay close attention I discover that each of my internal organs and muscle groups has a distinct personality and a distinct manner of speech be communicate with me how they're doing. This morning my stomach (who is gruff like a old-time plumber) was like "Heyo stop puttin' dat day-ree in heeya I doe like dat one bit!!"
Okay so Facebook put a posting on my wall about stereotypes of Catholics that they don't want people to have no more. First of all, they are just assuming I got bad stereotypes of Catholics because they have guessed that I'm Dutch Calvinist that is itself a stereotype come on Facebook! But then I went ahead and read the stereotypes, along with the explanations of why they were false. First stereotype was "We worship Mary." The explanation was like "We give Mary hell of...
Jul et Mad Garuda. It's a very pleasant, sweet saffron and oud scent. Jul et Mad is on my short list of very favorite fragrance houses.
I'll have to see them on the players. Based on what I've seen, they look sort of cheap.
You know how Facebook puts posts on your page based on what they think you want to see? Well I just got a posting be said "Ten Foods That Fight Hair Loss" I was basically like "Oh go to hell Facebook those foods ain't gonna bring hair back to my nogginzone."
Geneviève likes to use idioms involving animals because she knows she's an animal herself. But because she lacks familiarity with other kinds of animals, she usually gets the idioms wrong. Just now she said "Diderik is sure restful today. Restful like the wolf!"
New Posts  All Forums: