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Lyric Woman is absolutely wearable for a guy. I just checked Luckyscent and they've got it all the way at the Femme side of their gender continuum, but I don't think that's right at all. To my nose, this is all about rose and rich spices, with cardamom at the fore. Honestly, I don't pick up a whole lot of orris. To me, Lyric Man is a much brighter, happier scent. The lime note at the top is really amazing, IMO. There's nothing corresponding to that in Lyric Woman, which is...
I know this is going to seem like one of those Linkadessen posts where you think the content is not a true event because it has a magical realist quality to it or whatever. Irregardless, I just got a ad on my Facebook page for "Christian Comedian Just Peppi." Of course you know what I did next I clicked on "Why the Hell am I Getting this Ad?" Facebook told me I got the ad because they're trying to reach people who are interested in Christian music, of which they think I am...
You must of never tried pink lady or got faulty batch.
otc has got dat Chicago elitism to him!
There's some kind of punk rock concert going on in my neighborhood no I don't mean in a building I mean like in the open air. The singer sounds like he's upset about the issues of the day or something I wonder if he's singing about how Tyler Summitt let down the Techsters and women's basketball generally?
He probably set the Techsters back half a decade because of his antics looks like student-athletes who signed their letters of intent now want nothing to do with said program.
I tried to open a women's basketball themed restaurant but Royal Banks of Missouri refused to extend me a loang told me not to even go to other banks would be wasting their valuable time of day.
More bad news from the world of women's basketball looks like ten out of twelve players on the Loyola University of Chicago squad have transferred or asked to be released from their scholarships apparently women's basketball legend and coach Sheryl Swoopes has not been acting in a good way toward the players. If this kind of thing keeps going on, women's basketball will never achieve equality with our nation's favorite sports such as NFL football or NHL hockey.
I read a study said that apple will increase your lifeforce 35% if you eat one per day. Here's the thing though I'm not a huge fan of apples as I mentioned I like pink lady but still I like other fruits better. So here's my dilemina now I have to do subtraction figure out how much lifeforce is reduced by eating a fruit I don't like as much as other fruits. In other words, what is the net lifeforce gain? But I don't know how to calculate the math.
If any of you have heard of Lyric Woman then you have heard of the fragrance I am wearing as SOTD.
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