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I will grant you that Heeuvenhuis is not the easiest name to spell or to say. But if a person han known me for years of seven you'd think they'd know how to say it.
Last night I was hanging out with a person I've known for a good seven years. At one point she introduced me to another person whom I did not already know. During the course of the introduction I realized that the person I've known for a good seven years does not know the pronunciation of my last name (family name). I was like "wha?"
I don't have any Lactaid pills at the office to where drinking a Starbuck White Chocolate drink could be dangerous to my being.
Overheard conversation just now: A: Why do they call it cheetah chattah when women talk too much? Cheetahs ain't famous for chatterin' they are famous for running with speeg. B: I think it's cuz their teeth chatter when they run. A: Oh yeah probly cuz of G force.
You must be a sociopath or something a person must needs communicate with theyn loved ones every day.
I am wearing Jasmin et Cigarette. When ELDO introduced their first set of fragrances, everyone regarded this as the standout. But I don't see people talking about it much anymore. It's very good, though. The name pretty much tells you what it is.
At the concert performance of which I attended there was a guy in front of me be telling homophobic jokes to me and this other guy he'd just met. Thing of it is the other guy gave off certain signals that I interpreted as he had gayness to him. I really don't think the guy telling the jokes was trying to insult the guy; I think he was just a simple man be think gay jokes is funny. But how do you not pick up on the signals that a person has gayness to them? (As for my...
Just got back from seeing Interpol. I straight up love that band don't even give a rip what anyone says (such as gomestar for example).
Okay now the NFL wants me to believe Tom Brady cheated at football by having the footballs deflated gimme a friggin' break. I can see through their strategy a mile away they want to create the impression that the Seakawks was the true Super Bowl champs so's to set up a rivalry with the Rams, whom they want in Los Angeles. I betcha Stan Kroenke was even on the "investigation commission."
Today I am wearing a scent called Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. Not many people know about this one but basically it is what the name suggests.
New Posts  All Forums: