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I'm wearing Amouage Fate Woman today. (Also totally marketed as a feminine!) I've always been a big fan of this. It's a warm spicy, labdanum-heavy oriental. One thing I'd somehow not noticed before was how mossy this is. Today that was the first thing that jumped out at me.
I am interested in all things Interpol related, but I wasn't sure if I'd like this. I do, but I much prefer the parts of the songs that don't have rapping in them.
Just realized I typed the wrong name. It was Oud Silk Mood. I don't know why I did that, since I've only smelled Satin Mood once in my life.
MFK Oud Satin Mood. This is an oud/rose powerhouse, very dense with a woody dryness. I absolutely loved this when I first tried it about three years ago, but since then I've started to experience the density as just too much. Still a very good scent, though.
Just goes to show you can't trust the Federal Goverment with any tasks now-a-days time to defederalize dat quote on quote service.
On many search engine portholes of Internet, they offer you a varielty of ways to sort the results of the search. One of these ways is almost always "Relevance" or "Relevancy" or "Revalence." In fact IME this is typically the default setting. But here's the thing whenever I sort results by Relevance, the actual ordering seems more like Random or Higgledy Piggledy.
We are having ice-pocalypse (or whatever it's called) here in St. Louis today. At least that means the police will probably be too busy to hassle me about reports of my quote on quote creminal activity that have been phoned in from all acrost the nation as of late.
Betimes I go to website see the local weather in my locality see a video titled "70 Car Pileup on the Interstate Hoo-Wee Do Not Go Out There!" But it doesn't say which Interstate it's talking about little research shows the video is from Idaho or something. I wish they wouldn't do things like that.
I haven't seen EtO since we enjoyed a couple of Bud Lights in Los Angeles, but I do have some reason to believe that he is still among the living of Earth. (Even if he had passed away, I would not violate his corpse that is not my style at all I would make sure it was returned to his kins or whatever you are suppose to do.)
What on earth were the Chargers thinking with their ridiculous new logo? I mean other than "hey maybe the people of Los Angeles will think we are the Dodgerds of the gred iron pay their money to see us in our 30,000 seat stadium!"
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