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Yesterday: Oud Palao. I recently bought a full bottle of this at Scent Bar. Still loving it. Today: Maison Margiela Lipstick On. A waxy, powdery old-fashioned makeup scent. I also enjoy this one very much.
Seems like everywhere you look now-a-days you see instructions telling you to "stir" your foods and beverdges and to "lather" your soap or shaving creeng. How come these things have become de rigueur all of a sudden hey just look what they have in common they put things into condition of "riled." Basically that's just late capitalism with its constant provocation and captation of affect come on gang let's put a stop to stirring and lathering strike a blow against the system
One thing I've been hearing as of late is people be talk about the "wenchell" as measure of temperature. I'm like "you stupid buns-heads the word you are trying to say is win-chill because it measures the degree to which the chill of cold weather attains victory over the comfort of man."
Whenever I have my car in the auto repair shop they have Wendy Williams Show playing on the television. (I'm just trying to signal that I don't watch the show on purpose captive audience.) At the beginning of the show, after the announcer announces Wendy, the audience all stand up and cry out "woo woo, woo woo" in unelson, repeatedly, and in high-pitched voices. They all seem very happy to have the opportunity to do this. Makes me want to get in to the medical industry to...
I do that all the time because basically it's a win-win for me: I get to eat the fancy, expensive foods I enjoy and I also get to externalize the costs of doing so. When I dine in group setting I always try to order last see if others have ordered inexpensive orders such as house salad or ice water with lemon. If so, I "go to town" so to speak on my own order.
Cholbny Fleps has got some new flabas they han rolled out of which one of them is S'mores aww man that one is good!
I know there's people out there tell you the only true syrup is maple uhh yeah no boysenberry is the best can't even be gainsaid.
I'm wearing Amouage Fate Woman today. (Also totally marketed as a feminine!) I've always been a big fan of this. It's a warm spicy, labdanum-heavy oriental. One thing I'd somehow not noticed before was how mossy this is. Today that was the first thing that jumped out at me.
I am interested in all things Interpol related, but I wasn't sure if I'd like this. I do, but I much prefer the parts of the songs that don't have rapping in them.
Just realized I typed the wrong name. It was Oud Silk Mood. I don't know why I did that, since I've only smelled Satin Mood once in my life.
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