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All during the Rams/Cardinals game ESPN has had a picture of the Cardinals up on their website I am just sick and tired of their southwest bias.
Pre-shower: Rose Nobile SOTD: Santal Blush. There's a lot of work I need to get done today, so I wanted to wear a fragrance that puts me in a good mood (comfort scent).
We've had many days of gray skies but today the sun it did appear. Usually that puts me into a good mood, but I think the contrast of conditions was too strong to where now I feel like I consumed a meth (excess of energy of which is hard to channel to tasks).
+1 to that. You know when I go in to Hardee's I don't even look up at the menu I just order the meal I fancy let the price be what it may.
I order prime rib when I get a coupon.
For some reason the Lord did not give me the talent of to shave without cutting myself up in to particles.
Probably the person was from the suburbs or something prefers your basic Domino's or Papa John's whatnot.
Hey guess what gang the sun is shining in the sky today should definitely be in a better mood. Also maybe my hair will grow back if I stand by a west facing window. Once my hair comes back I'm going to part it in the middle like the '80s!
I haven't had my hair cut by a barber or hair stylist or whatever for many years just doesn't seem like a good use of my money. As otc suggested, the Lord has put me to the test by depriving me of most of my hair, to where cutting it is a pretty simple process.
I discovered a new method of clipping my hair gets me better results (no I don't have sheep grazing on my head you're thinking of grass is what they eat).
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