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I saw a rhetorical move on the Internet today of which I wouldn't have ever dreamed of. Person A expressed some skepticism about how prominent a certain problem is in his professional community. Person B responded by saying how offended she was at Person A's expression of skepticism. But here's where it gets good: after saying how bad it was for A to say what he said, B says "and don't even try to apologize to me because I won't accept it do not want your pity!" So Person...
I am just going to leave this here ain't even gonna hide it with "Spoiler" function.
I always talk back to the pilots, which causes the other passengers to enter into a spirit of bitterness toward me. For example, when they say "We have now reached a cruising altitude of heighth to where you may move about the cabin in freedom," I'm like "You know, I just might do that thanks for the heads up! Hey when are the snacks coming through don't want to miss them as I am wandering about."
I am wearing a scent called Une Fleur de Chanel today. This is the bottle I bought blind a while ago. It was released in 1998 and discontinued within about a year. It's got a bit more greenness than I like, but other than that it's a very pleasant, creamy white floral.
Hell yes I am wearing pink suede wingtip shoes today!
Okay now it looks like the St. Louis Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI for hacking into the Houston Astros' scouting data. I'm not fooled for a second it was probably the New England Patriots what hacked into their system made it look like the Cards did it to deflect attention from their own cheating against the Rams. You'd think the FBI would have the sense to figure that out.
No. Are you selling?
Quite a large percentage of my wardrobe of clothes is made up of pink clothes. So what do you think I just did? That's right I bought a bunch more of pink clothes. I wonder why I did that?
Sorry for bluntness but the non-Dutch don't know how to judge the beauty of Dutch women there are certain qualities that their eyes just aren't trained to see. They judge by the "exotic" stereotype of the Dutch woman that is portrayed in the media don't know any better basically.
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