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I have learned to call them parking garages. But growing up I called them parking ramps.
Also, it does no benefit to the cats to say that they're strays. If the shelter knows that the cats are housetrained, they can advertise that and they'll be more likely to get adopted.
I don't know how she originally came to have the cats. All I know is that she brought them to the shelter claiming that they were stray cats she found in her neighborhood.
What's your opinion of the Le Labo Patchouli? My SOTE is Muscs Koublai Khan
I get all the news from the shelter where I adopted my keetays. I sometimes think I'd prefer not to get the news, but I do. I just saw today that a woman brought in a stray cat about a week ago and then brought another stray in today. They were not really strays, they were her own kitties. The staff aren't stupid, and so they had strong suspicions the first time the woman brought in a cat. The second time they asked her directly and she admitted it. I feel so bad for those...
Let's see if this will work.http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=16043014
Not sure if you guys remember Riptithe, who is an acquaintance of mine who donated lots of money to his church because he wanted his name sewn on the church's placket of acknowledgement. (He's called Riptithe because he's gonna tithe hell of money don't give a rip what anyone thinks.) Well I was thinking of Riptithe a couple of weeks ago gave me a great idea for a business I just opened up today. There are lots of people who want to donate large sums of money to a church...
I am wearing TF Arabian Wood today. I enjoy this one a lot. It opens up sharp green, with a big galbanum note (which I'm not nuts about) but develops from there into a beautiful waxy, mossy rose.
I know some of you will call me man of low sophistelcation but I don't even give a rip when I see on ESPN website that Frank Caliendo han done impression I click on dat video straightaway see what he done.
Apparently my eye browns don't function the way evolution made them function for other people always be getting sweat in my eyes of which stings and pains.
New Posts  All Forums: