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Sometimes when you make a request or order for something online, they have a page you can go to where they update you on the progress. Problem is they express the state of progress in a jargon that the reglar man can't understand. Like it says "Awaiting PD2473 Preliminary Disconfirmation Protocol, Alpha Stage." Basically the only message I can comprehend is the one where they tell me the transaction is complete.
Chanel No. 22 (Les Exclusifs). When I ran out of this a year or so ago, I replaced it with the vintage Chanel No. 22, assuming I would like it at least as much. But it turned out I actually prefered the new one by quite a bit. I acquired some more of the Exclusifs version just yesterday.
I am not a Dr. like Lawrence to where I cure ailments of body (such as plantar fascitis or Crohn's Disease), but irregardless I do have that Dr. designation to me.
SOTE is the brand new Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. This is definitely a spring and summer scent. At the top the most prominent note is coconut. But shortly thereafter it becomes a buttery, somewhat peppery white floral--I think jasmine mainly. Later in the drydown it becomes sweeter, with less character. I enjoy it, but I don't see it becoming one of my favorites from the TF PB lineup. I definitely like the last release, Venetian Bergamot, more.
Not that my opinion counts for much, but I consider it a contemporary classic.
Today a student in the hallway said "I love your socks Dr. Linkadessen!!!" They are pink with flowers on them. (Not literal flowers that would be ridiculous I mean images of flowers.)
Don't know if y'alls have heard of a scent called Like This Tilda Swinton but that's what I'm wearing as SOTD.
I am a candidate for an important teaching award to where observers are coming to my classes observe what I do in dat classroom setting see if I do educating right. Well today I got observers coming what they are going to witness is me telling the students they did almost impossibly badly on their quizzes of which looks like I didn't do very good at educating. I am going to give a inspirational speech about how the sky's the limit if they get off their asses and put in...
Okay here's another thing now that I'm on a roll: I do not have any aunts or uncles or cousins or anything like that because both my parents were only childs. And so maybe I have no business whatsoever even weighing in on this matter, but I really dislike the pronunciation of "aunt" as "ont" or "awnt." It is like nails on the chalkboard to me.
Femke van den Driessche was caught with a motor in her bicycle man what are they gonna think up next in that crazy world of cycling?
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