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I was hoping that the restoration of harmony between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj (and hopefully Katy Perry too) would inspire a détente of relations between posters such as your gomestars and your archetypal_yuppies and your Fang66s, but it's starting to look like my hopes will be dashed.
Basically I thought there was a person who was hell of pissed at me but now it turns out she wasn't (or at least did not express it to me).
I just phoned her up to find out but she was slurring her words to where I had a hard time understanding. Eventually I gave up trying.
Okay gang it looks like we're seeing the dawn of a new era of harmony Taylor Swift has apologized on Twitter to Nicki Minaj, who accepted graciously. I will be anxiously awaiting Katy Perry's words of wisdom in the days and weeks to come.
^^ Do you post at Basenotes? IME the people there are really good on things like that. I wish I had some advice to give, but I just don't know. I'm wearing Augusto by Mazzolari today. This is really an old-fashioned barber shop scent with prominent bergamot and lavender. I've seen reviews that say that the ambergris note emerges later in the dry down, but to me the ambergris is the biggest note from the very get-go. It's a classic soapy ambergris. This genre isn't really...
Overheard conversation: A: I got roid rage today like nobody's business. B: Roids? What the hell are you doing man those can be dangerous to the body and the soul as well. A: Parently I'm straining too much when I do BM that's what I read on the WebMD.
Lot of times after the person says hello + name I forget the context and identify myself by a nickname that's only used in one sub-community of my social life be like "Hey it's the man wit dat pink pants..." or "saleetations this is the Grillin' Fool phoning in..."
Sometimes I see a guy with a really silly hair doo (unkempt and suchlike) and I'm like "Come on man exert some effort at least" but then I realize the person is English and I'm like "Oh okay then."
It's like Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in this thread as of late.
I hope Beyoncé makes a Tweet about this so we can know where she stands. And Miley Ray Cyrus too.
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