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The ads that appear on my Styleforum (I mean the Styleforum that appears on my computer screen) are in Spanish to where I'm like "¿cómo?"
One of my colleagues han made up a brew (coffee) for some occasion, but it didn't get consumed, to where she went around and offered it to people she saw in their offices. I foolishly accepted some of the brew, which turned out to be a error of judgment. Now I have a feeling like there are hostile beings what have gained access to my organism be lashing out at me.
Nine times out of ten I'm gonna agree with ole Tropicus but not on this one.
I'm wearing ELDO True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux.
When you point your finger at others so's to signal feeling of deride what you got is other fingers pointing in yourn own direction. Maybe those are pointings of deride as well, if you think about it in a certain way!!!
And yet you yourself han typed this screed on to a Internet forum caught you in a contradiction hawhawhaw!!!
Conversation from earlier today: Lady: Hey I almost didn't reckelnize you cuz you're not wearing the suit of which I am accustomed! Me: I recognized you straightaway on account of that lovely visage! Lady: That is called harassment unwanted betention will be prosecuted to the fullest extenna the law. Me: Goddammit!
The ui in Dutch is tricky. Here's how you pronounce the "huis" part of my name. http://www.forvo.com/word/huis/
I will grant you that Heeuvenhuis is not the easiest name to spell or to say. But if a person han known me for years of seven you'd think they'd know how to say it.
Last night I was hanging out with a person I've known for a good seven years. At one point she introduced me to another person whom I did not already know. During the course of the introduction I realized that the person I've known for a good seven years does not know the pronunciation of my last name (family name). I was like "wha?"
New Posts  All Forums: