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Just made another cat post hehehe!
Yesterday: TF Santal Blush. Of course this is primarily a sandalwood scent, but what I really love about it is the little bit of funky spiciness that's in there too. I've always thought there was some cumin in it, but a little research tells me that it's caraway I'm smelling. Today: Muscs Koublai Khan. Musky and animalic, but there's also some very pleasant labdanum sweetness. I don't find it to be as provocative as many others do, but it is definitely not a clean scent.
Okay given the ending of the Cowboys-Giants game, I guess it isn't as obvious as I assumed that you got to go out of bounds when dat clock must needs be stopped.
Commentators of football when the clock is running down and a guy takes care to get out of bounds to stop the clock they be like "Now that is a man with a high football IQ you just can't teach that kind of situational awareness will probably be a coach in this league at some point what a heads up play!"
I was so happy to learn that Pitt returned to their classic script logo. But the rest of the uniform is so hideous that it basically cancels out the goodness of the logo. (Pitt defeated my alma mater on the gridiorn of football field today. I'm not especially bothered by that because I don't really care about my alma mater's football squad.)
El Attarine by Serge Lutens. This one combines two of my very favorite notes: cumin and immortelle. I suspect that this is a love-it-or-hate-it type scent, since both of those notes are pretty divisive. I'm definitely on the love it side.
Certain people who are close to me of relation have this one: https://usa.flos.com/modern-floor-lamps/arco/ That's where I was getting my notions from.
Great win for the Blue Bombers in the Banjo Bowl! After a poor start, they are putting together a really good season of CFL Canadian Football.
For the price of Arco Lamp I could practically buy another Maybach Jiminy Crickets!
I have tattoos that were drawn on to my body approximately half a lifetime ago. They are not especially good tattoos. In one case the tattoo artist said "I can tell that you're Irish because your skin is very bad for tattooing which is how the skin of Irishs is." (As many of you know, I am not Irish don't even have a single drop of Irish blood or a single helix of Irish DNA.) If I had to do it all over again I probably wouldn't get them, but still when I have romantic...
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