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I am wearing La Vaniglia by Bois 1920 today. It's a heavy incense vanilla. I used to love this, but now I just find it okay.
We are getting wintry mix today. Needless to say, that is not what I'm happy about. What I'm happy about is that I checked the forecast before embarking on a journey of which I had planned. I don't usually check the forecast just use my "horse sense" to predict the weather.
Earlier today I had a embarrassment one of my colleagues of work (female) left some hot cross buns on my desk as a treat. As she was leaving the office for lunch with her husband I cried out "I liked dat buns from earlier today!!!" Why didn't I realize there was an double entendre (two meanings in one phrase of words)?
This is probably just one of those posts where you invent a improbable story that has wackiness to it and then type it into the Reply Box just doesn't have verisimilitude (post not a real event).
If I were Catholic I would probably ask a saint to intercede or something like that hey maybe it would even work.
I never thought I'd mind losing mine hair, since it was never very good to begin with. (My hair is hell of fine to where it is impossible to comb into place.) But sometimes I do wish I had my hair back just think I'd have a better look to me. But you know what, that wasn't the Lord's plan for me and so I must needs bend my will to His.
Ain't even gonna lie I love dat labradoodles!
Just a buncha "micro aggression" in this thread as of late. Time to do a little CR (consciousness raising).
Sometimes I get anxiety to me to where I think silly thoughts. Today it took me a little while to find the correct key to my office door. (I have many keys on my ring it is like a janitor's key ring or something.) As I was searching for my key, I thought "what if a criminal were trying to kill me and the only way to save my life would be to get in this door really fast and then lock it shut? I would be dead because I was too slow just now at finding my key." There's no...
Oh shit looks like Sam Bradford might want out of St. Louis.
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