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Vulnicura just showed up on US iTunes mere moments ago hells yes I did buy it straightaway. I am listening as I type these words.
I would have to make him wear headphones while he listens to that music which is marketed to teenage girls that he likes so much. (I mean because I wouldn't want to hear it.)
If they don't get Vulnicura (new Björk record) up on the US iTunes soon, I am going to strike someone with a closed fist don't even care if it gets me DQ'd.
If y'alls want some good barbecue sauce should try Maull's.
Betimes my students do the act of plagiarize to where I must needs take appropriate actions. It is a pain in the buns.
It is available on iTunes for legitimate purchase.
If you buns-heads knew anything you'd know that Stacy Adams is the best deal of shoe.
Guess what gang Björk's new record, which was supposed to be released in March, is available already today k-k-k-kick ass!!!
I do want to speak up in defense of the AE Mora at least. It's one of the finest double monks there is--not too "fashion forward" but also not too old-school.
My car is named Crispin if pB has designs on it he is sure to be disappointed (on account of I am not selling).
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