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I call it Whole Paycheck hahahehehahaha! On account of got high prices there!
Do your parents make pot pies what have the crust only be at the top?
Overheard conversation: A: How do you make yourself lighter? B: Man I know how to do that shit but I dunno how to explain it! I wonder what the context of that conversation was?
I am wearing The Afternoon of a Faun today. One of my very favorites. Also, I just learned that ELDO has a new fragrance out called Remarkable People. I'm looking forward to trying it, even though I'm not sure what to make of the notes. According to fragrantica, the top notes are grapefruit, champagne and cardamom; middle notes are jasmine, curry tree and black pepper; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood and lorenox.
The Cleveland Indians darkened the navy in their alternate jerseys. Thing about it is, this change is NOT reflected in the current MLB Style Guide. They just darkened the shade of navy they was using without even going through proper channels. If you think there's a lot of people in the uniform community be pissed about this, then you're right.
You guys are not gonna believe what I switched into for SOTE it is Opium (the feminine version). I like it much better than the pour Homme version.
I tried to have tater tots and ranch dressing catered at my wedding but I was denied on "religious freedom" grounds.
I have never met any Tatar tots, but I can't imagine I would hate them. If they acted out in a bad way, I'd just chalk it up to they are children don't know how to behave yet.
Today a person said to me "If I passed away I would not want you to raise my children." And I was like "Aww shit I was hoping I'd get the chance to raise yourn children ain't got nothing better to do with my time."
That is why she is called Springs1 she springs into action when dat Applebee's do become night club (surfing on the bar).
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