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GreenFrog and Piobaire seem to be locked in everlasting conflict, sort of like the Freebirds and the Von Erichs.
I have a pretty good track record with consulting!
My dentist, whom I trust a lot, tells me the bridge is still the best option. The one that's being replaced lasted quite a long time, so I certainly hope I don't have to do this again in the near future.
I've got a bridge that needs to be replaced. Since the original bridge was paid for by an insurance plan I don't have anymore, my new (work-based) insurance isn't going to cover a penny of it.
I have a $5000 dental bill coming up that I have to pay entirely out of pocket. No more new fragrances or garments for me in near future, that's for sure.
Your post does not contain enough information to where a man can understand it which e-mail chain are you talking about and who is "him?"
I have a dentist appointment today where the dentist will do a procedure and then his secretaries will tell me I must needs pay money. But I will be "under the influence" of nitrous oxide so I will not be fully aware of what is happening (taking place).
Yes. For comparison, it's broadly similar to Womanity. It's a salty marine scent with lots of fig. But it's much brighter than Womanity, with juicy citrus notes at the top. It's an excellent scent, but I'm not really a fan of the genre so it won't be a regular part of my rotation.
Coffee Crisp is the greatest of the candies it is Canadian.
SOTE is Amour de Palazzo. Like the other scents in the Jul et Mad lineup, this is ridiculously good. Labdanum is definitely the feature player, to my nose at least, but it's also animalic and spicy, with pepper and clove. It's warm and radiant, and definitely better for fall and winter.
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