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I am thinking of buying a mantchen. The only thing holding me back is the thought of paying for wifi the mantchen has high ceilings and the wifi will rise to the top (it's called basic physics you can look it up.)
I ate chipoltee sauce yesterday (not at Chipoltee, ironically hehehe!). I'm a simple Midwestern man of which does not welcome spices very graciously into dat body-zone. I got a pain to me that I will not soon forget, put 'er that way. (Pain was confined to the thorax at least.)
Betimes I look at my visage after act of shabe and I'm like "Man, was you even efforting?"
We had rain aforethought tonight don't even front pretend you don't know what I'm gonna say couldn't see dat langs. Time we get some 3M product down here in the STL.
Had a conversation with one of my very best friends in the world knows me as well as anyone. He said "You are the densest person I have ever known when it comes to recognizing that beautiful women are interested in you." It's funny but probably also true.
Pre-shower: Hermann à mes côtés me paraissait une ombre. It's a sour, cold-stony incense. Very well executed, just not in the style I typically enjoy. I think a lot of you would like it, though. SOTD: True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux.
I do acting on a show called Mentes Criminosas or I guess I should say I use to you see I just got fired for expressing my opinion forcefully on set hey whatever happened to Freedom of Expression? Was hoping for a new Maybach this year guess I'll have to wait till next year.
I love these guys. This is my favorite song from the new EP.
Domo orbigado, Sir Rebeller.
As a Portuguese speaker myself, I think I can help Mathis out with this one. http://www.lingo2word.com/lingodetail.php?WrdID=218561
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