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I don't even think I have a son I think I was hoodwinked. I wonder if someone here at SF put the mother up to it just to create drama.
Are you talking about diderikobscure? I always had a hunch that that was erictheobscure because their names definitely had a similarity to them.
Going to movies is something only a gay man would do.
As some of you know, I grew up in Wisconsin, which is a state of the United States. Naturally enough, some of my FB friends are people I knew from my years in said state. I swear I am not even making this up some of my friends regularly post pictures of their hotdishes to Facebook. How Wisconsin is that? (Very.)
Okay I know I am minorelty on this point, but what the hell is up with movies? I was just at a gathering of people everyone be talking about this movie and that movie and the other movie seemed like everyone had watched like 500 movies. How the hell do people find time to watch so many movies? And as they're watching them, don't they think "Man there are better ways I could be spending these hours." It has been many years since I have seen a movie. I have no desire to see...
IRL I say pop but I thought that would be confusing to the folk what be participate in this thread and so I went with soda. Should of just went with pop wouldn't of made no difference.
I wore a scent called Ylang 49. It is by Le Labo.
US law is differnt if a man get in the way of your car because he's trying to stop you from drinking a soda that is rightfully yours you can strike him as defense of rights.
If a man puts himself in the path of my moving car ain't my fault if he get struck.
Okay so there was a big ole news story the other day about how the fans at Busch Stadium (home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team) yelled racial ephelthets at Jason Heyward. Well now it looks like analysis of the audio han revealed no such ephelthets. You'd think that might be the end of the issue but no now I'm reading about "Well okay they didn't yell no ephelthets in St. Louis but it is the kind of thing that happens in certain venues of baseball and it *could*...
New Posts  All Forums: