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^^ I enjoy Chypre Palatin, although I do find it a bit wan. (I never use the word "wan" but it's the word that always springs to my mind when I wear this.) Bat is definitely worth a try. I'm not sure what my long term opinion is going to be, but I know I very much enjoyed it the one time I tried it. And yes, it does smell like a cave. My SOTD was Tom Ford London, which is a spicy, somewhat body odory oud scent. I can't remember if @Baron has tried it, but it's the kind...
SOTD: TF Japon Noir. I completely forgot that I owned this, mainly because I had it stored away from the other Tom Fords. It's a dark, rich leathery amber that also has a strong, sharp patchouli. I remember when I first encountered the TF Private Blends at a trunk show I was so impressed with this one. It's very much in keeping with the bold, masculine aesthetic of the first batch of PBs. SOTE: Noir Epices. Never been a big fan of this one. The name is actually quite...
Camels are endanger in St. Louis hardly ever see them out and about.
From what I can tell, camel meal is named on analogy with corn meal which is basically a grounded up corn. Camel meal is a grounded up camel which they put in hot water give dat camel meal flavor. It's just not right to do that IMO.
I was at Starbuck some idiot ordered a concoction called camel meal tea I was like "Umm a) that sounds disgusting and b) it is hell of unethical should be ashame to order it and Starbuck should be ashame to sell it!" Then I stormed out in a hough without even ordering a brew.
I just tried Journey Man for the first time a couple of weeks ago at Scent Bar. I liked it very much; it's a very pleasant spicy, incensey tobacco scent. I got a sample.
Shalimar edt. I just received a bottle for my berfdee!
I wonder if EtO is ChiliFool? I've always suspected that ChiliFool might really be another poster just posting under a second account with a different name.
I think EtO is Creole.
Not even kidding kimchi has straight up become one of my favert foods can't get enough of dat chi.
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