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I am in my office doing tasks just made a hot chocolate beverage for myself using the Keurig machine. Betimes a hot chocolate drink really hits the spot (is the perfect beverage for the occasion).
I was definitely a-wonderin'.
^^ How do you like the Anima Dulcis?
I'm sorry but anyone whom thinks that pepperoni is made out of polyester lacks knowledge of the culinary arts pepperoni is a meat.
Yinz is "off your rockers" of nonsense in this thread as of late.
One of the most mediocre meals I had was at Arby's (R-B's).
SOTD is Chanel No. 22 vintage edt.
Should be showing 1/4 inch of shirt cuff this is bullshit.
There's a new diner in my lifezone it is called the Peacock Diner. They have a great neon sign that adds a charm to the neighborhood.
And Hector was like "Man, what the hell why did you do that!" Couldn't even believe what happened!
New Posts  All Forums: