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I really thought it was L.A. Guns' year.
SOTD: Orchid Soleil. SOTE: Parfum de Therèse. If the rich, overripe melon opening of this persisted, I would like this much more than I do. It begins in a way that's instantly recognizable as an Edmond Roudnitska scent, but then it develops into something predominately green. I haven't seen many people online describe it that way, but that's what I get.
Conversation from today: Person: Hey what's that cologne you're wearing I like it. Me: Tom Ford Orchid Soleil. Person: Oh yeah I heard they named it in honor of Sully to commemorate he landed the plane safe. Me: No, it's not named after Sully. Soleil is the French word for sun. Person: You are just jealous of Sully because you ain't a hero of nothin'!! Me: Okay, you got me.
Just now I got feeling of panic to me be like "Oh crap I lost my keys they ain't in my pockelt I'm ruined!!!" The reason the keys were not in my pocket is because I was at that very moment using the keys to unlock my office door.
I am covered in soot today. It is a navy Brooks Brothers soot with sky blue penstripes. I didn't post a photo in What Are You Wearing but I hope I am believed in my words.
I think your post is meant to have some kind of double meaning ("entendre") but I can't quite decipher it. Probly should of been in brown text.
The socks I'm wearing today are too short don't go high enough up my calf to where I feel like my socks don't go high enough up my calf. That is a distraction in the mente.
Yesterday: TF Vert des Bois. This reminded me very strongly of something I used to wear a long time ago. I think it might be Charvet Cuvee Speciale, but it's been so long that I can't be sure. It's a sharply green scent, as the name suggests, but it's also richly sweet, especially as it dries down. I think this is my favorite of the new Vert series. I'll be honest though, I don't really enjoy of any of them. That's mainly because I'm just not a big fan of green...
Okay gang looks like MrGimpy was trying to jinx the Blue Bombers probly because he cheers for the Arglenuts, whose season is basically "for the birds" so to speak (not a good season) and because he got feelings of resentment to him. But his jinx met with failure the Bombers secured the victory by score of 37-35.
Bombers are movin' dat football again! EDIT: And scoring dat touchdowns!
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