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Okay it turns out that the BB Milano fits me very well except for just a little bit of excess in the abdomen zone. Maybe I'll buy some more online using my computer.
Ain't no language better than Portuguese (European) FACT!
I find that watching the news or listening to news podcasts is a great way to keep my language skills sharp, especially when I don't have the opportunity to actually converse with people. The languages I have are French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Spanish. For every one of them, I read better than I speak or listen. That's just because I'm an academic and I read a lot. I listen to Radio Nacional de España for Spanish.
Whenever I shop for pants I get grumpy think "Goddammit all these pants are crazy sizes for people what must have shapes like Humpty Dumpty!" There is some truth to that, but it's also true that my proportions are very much atypical to where I wouldn't expect a store to stock a lot of pants in my size.
Every once in a while I reach into my box of fragrances I don't like a lot to see if my opinion has changed. In my experience, though, it's extremely rare for me to change my initial impression of a fragrance. But it has happened. For example, I really didn't like Lyric Man a whole lot at first. Now it's one of my favorites.
I watch the tv news from Portugal and France pert near every day. Neither the newscasters nor the important personages they report on ever have dimples in their ties. At first I hated it but now I'm not so sure maybe crossing over into another set of lifeways. I'm not even sure I could tie my tie without dimple. I've been using the same technique for so many years now maybe my hands won't even be able to relearn. EDIT: Here's my favorite news reader it's José Rodrigues...
Okay just got back from Galleria Mall of St. Louis. The mall has a Brooks Brothers, Norgstrom, Dillards, and a Chutnee's. All I want to buy is a damn dress shirt of 15.5/35 slim fit (such as Milano). I came home with one such dress shirt all they had in the whole mall (it was BB). Now I am a grumpy Gus. The SA at BB said "You should have us make your shirts special order because you got a unique frame to you." I just went on as if he didn't say that.
Pre-shower: TF Patchouli Absolute. I'm definitely a cheerleader for the TF line of fragrances, but I've gotta admit I just don't like this one. I've given it many tries now and I haven't made any progress toward appreciating it. SOTD: Caraceni 1913. Out of the blue I realized I still owned this. (It is in my box of fragrances I don't like a lot.) It gets some excellent reviews, but I've never really warmed up to it. Turns out I still don't really like it. It's rose and...
I went to Brooks Brothers to buy some dress shirts today SA says to me "what's wrong with the shirt you're wearing?" I was like "it's a fine shirt but I can't be wear it seven days a week you don't seem to have a feel for that salesmanship thing." But he said "I'm customer focused SA try to do what's best for the customer don't think you need new shirts that's just capitalist ideology make you think you need material goods when you don't NO SALE!"
Almost all of my ties are European brand (French more precisely) wonder if that makes a differnce? I wonder if they were specifically designed to be tied without dimple? The French are crafty that way wouldn't put it past them.
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