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This might cause me to become the target of vicious abuse here on Styleforum website but I don't even care I have been in a mood to enjoy Fritos the last couple of days.
I do not even know what Stadium Mustard is would never bring it up.
George Sand was a limited edition, I think from 2004. It's probably the rarest fragrance I own.
When I was a youngster I loved Mello Yello on account of it had that groovy yellow can with the green and orange 70s font. (I am talking about 1979.)
^^ That is one of my favorites! I tried it based on your description. Pre-shower: Eau Noire. Lavender, maple syrup, and curry. That doesn't sound like it would be pleasant, but it is! SOTD: MPG George Sand. An amazing earthy patchouli scent.
I went to Starbuck basically just to break a $10 bill but then another person insisted on buying me a brew (coffee), to where my $10 bill has retained its form of $10 bill. (It's hard to say no when I person insists on buying you a brew.)
I already have a favorite CFL team (Blue Bombers) and so I don't want the Rams to relocate. (The Bombers are playing some pretty poor football as of late lost in the Banjo Bowl and then to B.C.)
Pre-shower: SF favorite Iquitos. SOTD: Labdanum 19.
If they can average maybe 8 or 9 field goals per game, they should be in great shape (not so good at getting into the N-Zone).
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