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I grew out my sideburns real long and cut them into the form of flames to send the message that I am "fired up" to perform my worktasks with excellence aforethought. Well just today I got a letter from the higher-ups turns out I got a demerit for "down-a-grading the integgerty of the workspace." I was like hey I guess no good deed goes unpunished.
Bunch of liberals be taking it up as issue. As my Def Leppard fan friends would say, "Aww L-L-Libtards!"
CE that shit!
I don't live in intellect world I live in faith world and that is a fact Jack. (The intellect is a tool of the devil basically get in there and distort faithtruth.)
Santal Massoia is the fragrance of which I am wearing today FACT! It's a very milky, creamy sandalwood. I'll be honest, I don't really enjoy it very much.
Fine, then I will disendorse you here. DISENDORSE!
I tried to "disendorse" you for saying soda but the stupid LinkedIn system wouldn't let me.
I think it would be not unreasonable to guess that the woman has some kind of disorder in her mente.
I tried to endorse you for "posts" but the stupid LinkedIn system wouldn't let me.
Rose Noir by Byredo is my SOTE.
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