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Tom of Finland. A person hugged me and then hugged me a second time so's to get another smell of my SOTD (which was Tom of Finland, as I mentioned a moment ago).
A person did ask me for advice on a issue and subsequently to request I gave my advice. Then the person says "You don't have expertise in the issue of topic to where your advice doesn't carry much weight." And I"m like "Well then why the hell did you ask me for my advice did waste my time of which could perform other tasks."
Lot of times I use a paper towel to dry off my hair after I do cleanse with shampoo. But then I forget to throw the paper towel into the garbage and accidentally use the same paper towel to dry the laundry comes out of the washing machine. Then I have to put my clothes back into the washing machine and wash them again, wasting precious resources.
Betimes I wonder if y'alls committed grievous sins against the Lord to where you partake of punitive nutriments such as mayonnaise blend on the french fries or bleu cheese blend on the french fries. A man with clear conscience would not subject himself to such indignities that is just a fact of truth.
That is what has always gotten me into state of confuse people get all hibbeldy jibbeldy about squeezing the tube from the middle fact of the matter is you can get the toothpaste up from the bottom with very little effort of exertion.
Okay so I "took the leep" and cut off most of the hair I still had on my head (which wasn't much, put 'er that way). I'm still not 100% sure, but I think I done right.Up until now I've been doing my hair exactly like Arn Anderson. [[SPOILER]]
I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot because I was shopping at Wal-Mart. I could have parked at Target or something, but that would have meant a 20 minute walk to Wal-Mart. But why was you shopping at Wal-Mart? It's because last time I grocery shopped I took a chance on a deodorant differnt from the one I usually buy and it turned out to be a "failed purchase." And so on my way home from work I just stopped at the Wal-Mart to buy the right kind of deodorant. Ain't even gonna...
I shopped at Wal-Mart tonight (rare act just puts a sadness in to me). As always, I passed by the parking spots closest to the door parked farther away. Here was the resulting conversation: Person: You missed the spots closer to the door haw haw early bird gets the worng got to pay attention! Me: I always leave the closer spots open for the elderly or for people who are hell of out of shape like you. Person: Well I got the closer spot so who's the loser now? Me: You.
I am horrible at knowing when holidays are because to me every day is pert near the same just attend to my tasks. And so when people say "have a nice holiday!" I'm all like "Oh shit what's coming up am I supposed to have a gift at the ready did I fail again?"
I am confused by much of the conversation what han followed my posting. I don't think it is part of the definition of "tube" that it be made of the zincen substance (zinc). Your modern day toothpaste is packaged in a tube made of plastic. Conventional wisdom says you should press down at the bottom of the tube but I am my own man and so I press down wherever I please. When my "houseguests" complain about it I assert my rights as householder. If this scenario strikes y'alls...
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