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I enjoy The Night a lot, but unfortunately I haven't encountered anything more affordble that is comparable. But I will say this, if you enjoy the strong barnyard facets of the opening, you might want to give Mona di Orio's Oud a try.
TF Amber Absolute. Remember the scene in Major League when the guy hits the grand slam and while the ball is in the air the fan says "No way, too high, too high"? Every time I wear this I think "No way, too good, too good." That is, I think it's so good that I must be missing something. Maybe it is just too easy a scent and I'm a simpleton for liking it. In any event, I like it a lot and I have since the first time I smelled it at a trunk show in Cincinnati in 2009.
What cute kittens they were! I hope your cat has a lot of good years left.I just made an appointment to take Diderik to the oral surgeon. Hopefully we can get his problems resolved once and for all.
I think it gives you too much energy to where you start doing unnecessary things like taking apart the stove and then putting it back together again.
Here's something I've noticed more and more lately people will do hell of boasting about their achievements basically go on and on and then when they finally reach the end of their boast they're like "and you know what I couldn't have done any of that without the aid and counsel of the Power Above I mean God all glory to Him." As if that cancels out the boastfulness.
I'm gonna be straight up honest of view I have never liked "cheers" as a term to signal the end of a message just rubs me the wrong way so to speak. On the other hand, I do use "well" when someone asks me how I'm doing.
SOTE for a late night trip to the grocery store was Eau d'Herm├Ęs. This has been one of my very favorites since the first time I tried it, which I think was in 2008.
I don't think that would contribute to my goal of increasing productivity though I think it would actually lower productivity get me "in hot water" so to speak."
I'm wearing Rozy today. It's my second favorite of the Vero scents that I've tried, behind Rubj of course. Just think, when this was released everyone was dancing to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.
Driving is a coopertive ennaprize to where you got to cooperate if you want to achieve the best results on the roadway yes that also includes if you have a pertected left turn arrow must needs get your buns through that inner section don't lollygag just puts me to mood of "goddammit!"
New Posts  All Forums: