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Le Feu d'Issey today. I think I described this fairly recently. It's from 1998 (I think) and discontinued very shortly thereafter. It's quite unusual, with a million different things going on at once. The anise note is very prominent at the beginning. From there it becomes a floral with a somewhat sour milk note along with caramel. (No, I am not making that up!)
Autumn is that season where it starts being forbidden to wear pink pants. It is a bullshit season if ever there was one.
I expended so much effort on the rowing machine today that my legs don't function anymore such as can't walk.
My hair is looking pretty awesome too I did it up like MacGyver's.
How's it be get on my garments? How come I don't see it on my garments but there it is in the lint filter of dryer?
Betimes I am confused by what is lint? What is its nature and its folkways? What is its faith of grace?
Today a person got mad at me and said "You're so full of crap doncha make your brown eyes blue!" I was able to counter his remark by saying "My eyes have always been blue and anyways that is not how the witticism is supposed to go doesn't even make sense." That just made the person angrier said "Well here's a quarter call someone who gives a rip!" But he didn't give me a quarter.
SOTE is vintage Givenchy III edt. This is a classic old-school feminine chypre with lots of oakmoss. It's quite green, but as it dries down the white floral notes come to the fore. There's also a peachy note, though not as prominent as Mitsouko's.
Just got home from the office. Out of habit I did take a way home that is better suited to daylight traveling. That meant I had to drive through the "not so nice" parts of St. Louis at around midnight in order to reach my homespace.
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