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Charleston Chew would be better if it had raisins in it.
My gf of girlfriend has been in St. Louis for a long visit. (It was originally scheduled to be shorter, but we extended it.) She's going back to L.A. on Wednesday, and of course I'm sad about that, but irregardless it has been a wonderful visit. I am happier than I've ever been in my life.
The image of L'Interdit as pink cashmere sweater is perfect, IMO. I've got the vintage version, but I've never tried the updated version. SOTD: TF Noir de Noir. I've always been a big fan. I get a dark, chocolaty rose. It smells like something I would want to drink. SOTE: ELDO Sécrétions Magnifiques. It's a very metallic, bright floral. There are supposed to be milky notes, but I don't get them. An ex-girlfriend did get those notes, though, and almost vomited when she...
They are playing right in my neighborhood on October 4. I like them a lot, especially this one.
I figure I'm still paying for the team and so I might as well continue to cheer for them.
The Rams are confirming the truth of the old saying "You can take the Rams out of St. Louis but you can't take the being-a-crappy-football-team out of the Rams."
Okay gang if you ever see me post something like "Okay gang I think I've decided to buy more furnatcher from Ikea will assemble it myself with my own hands and toyel!!" please stage a online intervention thank you in advance.
I am in the ministry and so my retirement date will be determined either by the Lord or by if I commit a crime puts me to condition of defrock.
Presentation from today: Speaker: In today's superficial age all too many believe that if you are small you can't be big and if you're big you can't be small. They'll tell you it's a contradiction of which can't be true. Well let me tell you, those people have never met Flenny. You see Flenny may be slight of stature but he's got a big heart of which no one could deny it if they met him! Me: Umm, I think when people say that a person can't be both big and small, they...
Seems like pumpkin spice is the new Nickelback.
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