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Pre-shower: Another 13 by Le Labo. It's a sharp, animalic ambroxan scent. I don't especially enjoy it to be honest. I reached into my box of samples I don't like very much and wore the first thing I grabbed. SOTD: TF Velvet Gardenia. Very indolic gardenia, but nicely rounded out with buttery tuberose and some kind of honey note. When I tried this for the very first time, I thought it was unwearable, but over time I've actually come to enjoy it quite a lot.
Congratulations! How come you found out on a Saturday? That seems odd.
After a day of wintry mix, we've got a sky full of sunshine to where my mood is "elevated."
My Subway Series post that featured you is now looking better than ever!
Okay here is a tip for all of you don't go wine shopping in wintry mix. I don't know why I thought that was a good idea. Luckily I made it back safe and sound.
Is it a drawing of the line that separates Florida from Georgia?
Hey guess what you buns-heads I just discovered a new variety of wine it is called rosé and it basically kicks the ass of any of the wines you big timers are pulling up from your wine cellars! If you want tips about the best rosé you can send me a PM, but I'm not gonna tip you off to the very best stuff.
The Rams have canceled a couple of popular fan outreach events basically be saying "We are not even gonna pretend no more we are straight up kickin' you to the curb haw haw haw!!!"
Mindy Kaling has much beauty to her can't even be gainsaid.
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