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No, but I do have a Nick Foles jersey of which I wear to help cheer on the team.
Not really pissed off about this, more just like hibbeldy-jibbeldy: I have mentioned this before, but betimes I work closely with people from cultures where it's normal to be very expressive and very open. (This usually happens when I'm working on translation projects.) They often say things that express their friendly feelings toward me and their appreciation for my help and suchlike. Problem is, I am very much a product of my upper midwestern American upbringing, to...
Maybe that's the key to my happiness be cheer for "Big Red" (what the football Cardinals used to be called when they was in St. Louis).
I don't like how the Cardinals have been playing lately at all. I'm not optimistic about the post-season and that is a fact of truth got to beat a squad like the Brewers ("True Blue Brew Crew"). Wonder if I should just give up caring about sport?
Arizona was excellent last year too, at least until Palmer got injured. I think the Arizona Cardinals should move back to St. Louis, where they belong. We supported two baseball teams for a long time, so we could definitely support two football teams. That would make the Rams have to travel less.
My ex-fiancée enjoyed listening to the sounds of Massive Attack, and specifically of Mezzanine. I always "fled the scene" to get away from the sounds I was hearing when the CD started playing.
When I was in seventh grade (or "grade seven" for the posters of Canada), "Rock Me Amadeus" was one of the biggest hits they was. It was about Mozart but irregardless it was a pop song, as strange as that may sound.
Moon Aoud is my SOTD of the day.
All y'alls got errors in the mente as of late Jiminy Crickets!
I betcha Ethan be like dat Vanilla Fudge.
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