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I got FB friend request from a woman got no postings (other than add profile pic) or friends I wonder if I am being catfished into a fictional relationship?
Okay guys you are the first people I'm sharing this with I am going to introduce a bold new direction in my personal brand sort of like when Coke introduced New Coke except hopefully more successful. From now on I'm going to say "fact of verity" instead of "fact of truth." I'm going to try to say it in red with silver outline but technology here on the forum may be an pediment.
Piob gets people fired by tricking them into comping dat meals in countermand of official policy.
Luckily for our repeltation in the world community, the American swimmers are being upstaged by the Chinese woman who swam in condition of mense and shattered taboos ushered in a new era.
For my SOTE I am kickin' it hell of manly style with Rien Intense Incense.
Okay gang I just ate a cookie of which was quite a mistake on account of too sweet got my stomach to condition of "Aww man stop consuming crud like that what are you GreenFrog of a sudden?"
Today I am wearing Roja Dove Nüwa (the original version). A more descriptive name for this would be Hell of Cumin.
Maybe my story will help make y'alls have better feeling to you I have had a birthmark on the lobule and anti-tragus of my left ear since the time I was born of which those parts of my ear are browner than the rest of me and also bumps and grows hair of which I have to remove betimes. I'm gonna tell you what it is not easy to remove those hairs without causing bleeding aforethought.
Okay so Riptithe has got himself in to financial straights because he betithes to excess. Somewhere along the line he heard that if you was poor you could eat cat food save up your money. Well you can guess what happened I went over to his house he's eating Nature's Variety Instinct Canned Chicken Formula, which is a expensive cat food to say the least. Turns out he thought the very act of eating cat food is what caused money savings and not the fact that cat food is...
This all reminds me of an event from my lifehistory that I am just now reminded of. I said to a person "I use to smoke hell of cigarettes to the tune of two and a half packs a day." The person replied by saying "Oh I've never heard that tune it must be in one of those genres I don't listen to like Show Tunes or Bolly Wood." Some of you who know me know that I'm a nice fella and I didn't want to embarrass the person for not recognizing that I used a idiom. And so right...
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