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You know the Bengals fan who didn't get the football because the Saints fan took it? Well I asked her out on a date by e-mail guess I was just a "smitten kitten" so to speak. But she said "no dice."
♬ ♪ Well I was feeling pretty thin It was lookin' pretty grim / Got a herd of hurdy gurdies at the Rainbow Bar & Grill / Well she ain't too fuckin' pretty but she ain't my fuckin' wife / as long as I don't end up on the back side of her knife / I'll just stay and spend the night with you 'cause I know you ain't got nothing better to do ♪ ♬
Betimes I listen to KSHE radio (rock and roll station of St. Louis). They always brag that they never play the same song twice during the course of a single day. Well today I'm driving home from the grocery store and what do I hear it is "Leader of the Pack" by Twisted Sister. I was like "Please feel free to repeat a song once in a while if it will help you avoid playing "Leader of the Pack."
PSA: 20% off tomorrow (Friday) at Surrender to Chance. Code Charcoalfriday.
In a committee meeting today my language for a proposed policy was adopted after much debate to where I'm feeling like a "baller."
Is it just me, or do palm-a-granite scented products never actually smell like palm-a-granite?
I don't get Prairie Home Companion how can anyone be entertained by this? I mean unironically.
I've had the same keyboard at work for probably three years, but I'm still not used to it. And so betimes I hit the wrong button, to where I get angry. Then I press delete and hit the correct keys, except I slam my fingers onto the keys because I am angry. Of course that just makes me hit the wrong key again (vicious circle of type).
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