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^^ I was banned from another website once for doing that. (That's not quite true, but it's not entirely false either.) SOTD is The Afternoon of a Faun. One of my very favorites.
One question that must needs be asked is whether Bill Cosby was about the same thing, even at the cost of doing wrong acts of crime.
Jesus fucking Christ are you a native speaker of English? This is the second time I've agreed with you about putting stuff in CE and you've gone apeshit.
Hey gang do you all think that Bill Cosby is guilty of said acts or is this just basically a big ole "witch hunt" of people out to get Bill Cosby in trouble? Let's have a discussion about this issue that is in the news as of late.
No way man that was definitely a phrase that was in use. You've got "the mind of a Flandersman" as we used to say (mind full of suspicions).
^^ That's an interesting association! Do you pick up the tobacco and honey? Those are the notes that jump out to me.
SOTE is Olene. Definitely one of the best jasmines don't even try to tell me otherwise because I will put my fingers in my ears and go "lalalalala."
Looks like Sinead O'Connor has accused U2 of terrorist acts for releasing their latest record the way they did. That seems like a perfectly reasonable opinion to me when I saw the album on my iTunes I was all like "this is just like the ways of ISIS!"
Where I grew up we always said "So and so has got a Dutchman's age to him." That meant he had oils in his skin to where he looked younger.
New Posts  All Forums: