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Uh-oh I did troll the KISS fan website let's see how things develop!
I'm not a really big basketball fan, but the Bucks are my NBA team (on account of I grew up in Wisconsin). I'm really looking forward to seeing the new uniforms. I hope that one of the uniforms is cream colored.
Today I heard a guy exclaim "She's a hot number!!!" For a moment I thought I had returned to 1978.
The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled their new logo yesterday. Now the buck has a 12-point rack rather than 8. This, according to the official press release, is meant to demonstrate "the maturation of the Buck." I think I'm going to try to find pretexts to use the phrase "maturation of the Buck" in real-life situations.
The clock is broken (malfunction) in one of the classrooms I teach classes in. This has all the students into a mood of consternation on account of don't know what time it is. They're like "how can I know the time if there is no clock on dat wall?" I'm like "I don't know, maybe you could get a miniature clock attached to a band of which can put on your wrist." But to them that is crazy talk.
No, I swear that I did not click on "Coffeehouse Blend Playlist." Although I might click on it if someone paid me to do so.
Betimes on Spotify I hear a ad for "Coffeehouse Blend Playlist" you can click on the banner and hear the kinds of songs that you'd hear in a coffeehouse. Why the hell would anyone click on such a banner as that?
My political opinions are orthogonal to the issues of the day.
Yesterday I was eating at a fancy restaurant and this guy was trying to appear all sophisticated he ordered orthugula. (He vaguely recalled smart people using a term that sounded sort of like that. )
Now that people are starting to declare their candidacies for President of America I am subjected to my friends' political opinions on Facebook. I do not want to read about their political opinions, even if I agree with them.
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