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I am visiting my family in WI (Wisconsin). Last night we watched Canadian Football League action on the television (Argonauts at Roughriders). Unfortunately, the Roughriders did win, but that is who my mother's husband was cheering for.
Polo Double Black has very poor longevity; it's not just you.
Stilettos on Lex. This is one of my very favorites. It opens with pear. It develops into a musky, powdery floral, with rose in the lead. There's also violet leaf, which is a note I normally dislike, but it's blended perfectly here. As it dries down, it becomes more vanilla sweet.
Welcome to SF! One thing you can do is check out the Scent of the Day thread. There's lots of good discussion there; if you go back a way and read everything, you'll get a pretty good introduction to the world of fragrances. The basenotes website is also a good resource. As for trying things, there are two good ways to go about it. One is just to go to high end retailers and try stuff. Or if you don't like doing that, you can buy small samples at surrendertochance.com or...
I am all decked out in my signature color combination of navy and pink today. (The pink part of the ensemble is the pantalones or pants.)
I am going to visit family in WI (Wisconsin) today, to where I will not have access to my whole stock of fragrances. I will probably bring ten or so with me for a week long visit.
I don't want to overstate how citrusy I think it is, but I'm fairly sure one of the notes has a citrusy facet.Pre-shower: M7.SOTD: Eau de Magnolia. As I've mentioned before, this is fantastic. Definitely lives up to all the hype.
Last night in my dream someone asked me what bands I liked. I was able to name a bunch of bands that I actually like in real life. (I think I said Interpol, The Cars, L.A. Guns (at which point my interlocutor laughed), Bjork, and KISS.) I was pretty impressed with mineself when I woke up.
I seriously don't get the "Princess" thing. (I am reminded of this by the girl who took the Auschwitz selfie, who calls herself Princess Breanna.) I guess I am not surprised if little girls want to be princesses. But it seems weird to me seeing grown women with "Princess" t-shirts and license plate frames and whatnot.
I think the context certainly makes it less bad. I read an interview with her, and I think part of the problem is that she thinks of Auschwitz as having its own private meaning for her, and she can't understand why people don't appreciate that. I encounter that kind of attitude in my students a lot: what a text means is what it means to them, and there's just nothing more to say about it. But that's not how meaning works. I think the two minutes of hate she's been...
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