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Today I wore the new Amouage Lilac Love. This is absolutely fantastic. It's not really lilac (although the bottle is lilac colored). The main floral notes, to me at least, are heliotrope and rose, but there's also an iris note that reminds me just a bit of the one in Bijou Romantique. But what really makes this scent work is a dry, sweet cocao note that reminds me a bit of L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme. I was disappointed with Opus X, which came out at around the same...
Looks like we've got rumors of a fair between Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer call into question the journalistic integerty of The Today Show. Man, we need a strong "fourth estate" to keep up a healthy democracy can't have the integerty of Today Show in shambles.
Now apparently there's a thing called "Forgotten Baby Syndrome" means you forgot that you left a baby in a hot car all alone.
Hanae Mori.
I'm heading off to the gym now. I decided to apply some HM (which is not the same as HiM, despite the similarity in the names). As always, it reminds me of lemon Starburst candy.
If only little Mathis were here he would console you.
Even what he is a boy of ten years little Mathis knew to console the Frenchman what was in condition of weep after the soccer match we should all take Mathis as a xample for conduct.
Yes, Soleil Blanc is definitely in the same genre as VIW. Also ELDO Fils de Dieu.
As of late my news feed is full of stories about the European Championships of Roller Hockey ("hóquei em patins") look I'm not trying to be conferntational here but I do not believe this is a real thing news outlets are just playing a prank even what it is not April. With all the true events in the world I don't think they should be wasting their time inventing fanciful sports to "report" on.
Can't wait for the ESPY's to come on the air man that is one of the best shows of the year! It's like "Who's the best champion of the year Royalds or Broncos can't wait to see how they voted!!!"
New Posts  All Forums: