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Just gonna bring a honesty perspective here fall is a bullshit season. I know that may not be PC but really, it is a bullshit season.
I hope this post does not veer into CE territory Jill Stein of Green Party fame has spoken out re: Harumby it's about time his case become a issue of national discussion basically the MSM mainstream media have tried to keep the story from us but no more now that Jill Stein has spoken out!!! This should defly give GreenFrog poster some more good material to work with.
For better or worse, nature han provided me with a mente that naturally produces the kinds of notions that other people need druggery to atcheeb.
Pre-shower: Ambre Sultan. Among my very favorite ambers, along with Amber Absolute, Amber Flash, and Memo Manoa. SOTD: Eric Buterbaugh Sultry Rose. It's a very pleasant, warm saffron and rose, with a bit of woodiness that I think comes from oud.
Hope the contractor doesn't require you to hold a baby in a photo that would be a dealbreaker.
Babies are hard to reason with once they get their mentes set on a particular course of action, such as crying out or flailing their limbs.
I live in the hipster zone of St. Louis basically like the Williams Bird of STL looks like the newest trend among the hipsters is smoking cheroots. When you walk past them they say things like "Mmm, what I fine cheroot" or "What a fine day for a cheroot" etc basically just signaling to all and sundery that they are smoking a cheroot don't want no one to think they're smoking a reglar cigar would be too uncool.
I am considerably older than you, just put 'er that way, and I have still never held an baby.
It's a good photo I don't give a rip what anybody says.
When I was a youngster late '70s early '80s I thought that Debbie Harry (aka "Blondie") was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen (not in reality I mean she did not visit rural Wisconsin). In retrospect, I'm fairly sure my judgment was right.
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