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It's because Kid Nickels and archetypal_yuppie haven't been posting as much lately.
Not sure if you are posting as edinatlanta of man or as GreenFrog of character.
Just got my new bed. I've never owned a bed and so it's really weird seeing it in my bedroom.
No way it is a dish that turns out people with wholesome values such as family and community and faith. If I ever have a family I will prepare hotdish meal for them no two ways about it.
Man I did grow up eating dat hotdish (casserole of hamburger and elbow macaroni and tomato soup and celery and basil). It's not a high concept meal to be sure but defly got a good flavor to it.
When I impersonate a talking cat, I always make the cat talk like a hen. I can't be the only person who does that because why would a single person invent such a strange practice willy nilly? There has to be some biological or sociological explanation.
What kind of depraved mind even thinks to invent such a thing as dill pickle popcorn good Lord almighty.
No it has not, as a matter of fact.
About half the time when Neo_Version posts I am like "I don't even know what he's referring to is this something he just made up as fiction or does it have a place of dwell in the objective world?"
Every time I have first day of class I have the same basic structure of conversation with my students. I go through the roster and tell them to give me the correct pronunciations of their names if I get them wrong. Often I put the accent on the wrong syllable. When they say the correct pronunciation they mumble and so I try to confirm like "So the accent goes on the second syllable?" And they respond to me either by saying "I don't know" or looking at me blankly. I don't...
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