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For whatever reason, I hate it when my shoelaces aren't tied very tight. That means I break a lot of laces, but it also means that I put pressure on the bones of my feet to where they get a pain to them. I should learn to live with looser laces, I guess.
Did she "spank" you because of the quantity of your posts or because of the content?
It's been a few years since I've gotten a call or an e-mail from a student's parent. One time, probably seven years ago now, I had a meeting with a student about plagiarism. (At the university where I taught, we had to have them sign a form pleading guilty or not guilty. There was a special hearing for people who insisted they didn't plagiarize.) The student brought his mother to the meeting, and she advised him to just plead guilty since the whole system was stacked...
I don't think I've ever had grape cough syrup, but M7 is sort of syrupy and so I can easily imagine it smelling something like grape cough syrup. As the APOM dries down, it becomes sickly sweet, which I don't like very much. It also becomes much woodier, but unfortunately the woodiness doesn't cancel out the sweetness.
Now that the semester is over I get lots of e-mails be like "Hey I don't understand why I got dat grade what appeared on my transcript for the course I han took what caused me to get dat grade?" And I'm like "I don't understand what you don't understand you've been getting the same grade on your work all semester which is the same grade that is on your transcript."
I just at a Twinkie because out of nowhere I got a craving for one. I haven't eaten a Twinkie for probably 20 years. It was awful.
There's a guy where I work whose shoes always squeak as he walks past my office. I know perfectly well who he is as he walks past on account of the squeaking noise. But irregardless, I usually look out my door to see who is walking past. I wonder why I do that? (Probably something to do with the bar that bars the way from signifier to signified or something like that.)
Almost all of my posts are about real-life happenings, even though I describe them in ways that aren't meant to be taken literally. I just try to capture the sense of the happenings in my words (chasing after what eludes signification).Also, pB has been producing high quality FB posts as of late can't even be gainsaid (true event).
Just for the record, all of my posts have happened as well.
Pre-shower: Mazzolari Bergamoto Mediterraneo. This is an old-school masculine with bergamot, petigrain, and musk as the standout notes. It's not really my favorite genre of fragrance, but it's definitely well done. SOTD: APOM pour Homme. This is a powdery orange blossom scent. Like much of the MFK lineup (other than the ouds), this is a restrained, office-friendly scent. I enjoy it, but I don't love it.
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