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Rach's post has inspired me to wear my Must de Cartier parfum as my SOTE. This one always puts a smile on my face. I've never smelled anything else remotely like it. (I've never smelled Must de Cartier II.)
Fruitchouli Flash today. For the first time ever when I've worn this, I didn't get a compliment. I didn't see many people today, though.
But he said they didn't take anything, presumably including the window. Seriously, though, that's pretty crappy. I've been quite lucky living in STL, where smash n' grab is a popular pastime.
Back in olden times you could give a guy a nickname just by doing Mr. + the activity he was known for. (I'm thinking of Mr. Hockey.) Seems like we never make nicknames like that anymore.
Yesterday: Dior Patchouli Imperial. One of my three favorite patchoulis, along with Coromandel and Nombril Immense. Today: TF Fleur de Chine. One of the happiest, brightest scents I know.
There's a saying out there "blue and green should never be seen" well put 'er this way if you see me today then you will be seeing blue and green (sky blue gingham shirt and green pants bout the color of wasabi at a Japanese restrunt). Also got hunter green suede chelsea boots on dat feet.
I am not trying to brag or bolst but I just acquired a Subway Applewood Pulled Pork sandwich on bread of tolst (limited edition sandwich that I "kopped").
There's a guy at the gem an important part of his identity is his Italian heritage (which I am not even sure I believe) he is always doing faux-Italian pronunciations like "Time to work on the ole bee-chay-pays!"
I'm quite sure I would be dismissed from my position (fired) within two days if I let y'alls buns-heads respond to my students' emails!
I agree with a lot of that. I don't know the woman's story and I have no interest at all in publicly shaming her or anything like that. But I don't think the workers at the shelter were trying to extract a confession. It's just that they and the cats benefit the most if the shelter has true information. For example, the owner probably knows the medical history and ages of those cats. That's important information.
New Posts  All Forums: