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The news media keep telling me what Raven-Symoné thinks about the issues of the day. Since our news media are subject to market forces, this suggests to me that there is demand for the views of Raven-Symoné. Why the hell does anyone want to know what Raven-Symoné thinks about things? (Also, are we really supposed to pronounce her name in the way that the accent mark suggests?) EDIT: And just now I learned that Ryan Reynolds han finally revealed the name of his daughter...
There is basically two kinds of people in the world those who think Norm Macdonald is funny and those who don't think Norm Macdonald is funny. If you're on the wrong side on that issue then don't even get started with me because you will get a earfull.
This week we had our annual "Campus Dayz" festivities. We were all asked to wear our official "Campus Dayz" t-shirts just get in the spirit. I drafted a memo in response basically said "I am a grown man with pride of dignity to where I am not wearing a t-shirt in public." Well wouldn't you know it I got a letter in my mailbox turns out I got another demerit for "insubordination of unityspirit in the workplace."
I'm wearing Eau Rose by Diptyque today. This is a very pleasant rose and litchi scent. It is definitely on the feminine side of the continuum, but I cancel out the effect by throwing punches in public settings.
Just gotta cut a Twisted Sister logo into yourn sideburns ("We're Not Gonna Take It.") That should send a message to dat malefactors.
In the '90s everone parted their hair way on the side and then flipped the hair over the top of the head, exposing all of theyn forehead.
You can point to any decade and find examples of bad hairstyles that were popular, but no one can deny that the worst decade for hairstyles was the 1990s. What were people thinking at that time period?
I grew out my sideburns real long and cut them into the form of flames to send the message that I am "fired up" to perform my worktasks with excellence aforethought. Well just today I got a letter from the higher-ups turns out I got a demerit for "down-a-grading the integgerty of the workspace." I was like hey I guess no good deed goes unpunished.
Bunch of liberals be taking it up as issue. As my Def Leppard fan friends would say, "Aww L-L-Libtards!"
CE that shit!
New Posts  All Forums: