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Betimes I get e-mails from students be like "Hey just wondering if you are haveing office hours tomorrow what time if yes?" I'm like "The syllabus has answers to exactly this sort of question I do not decide on the spur of the moment when I will have office hours event."
As a man of wealth and fortune, I do not even think of such things as price. (Not literally true.) I am wearing TF Velvet Orchid. I was disappointed the very first time I tried this, but now I love it.
Some sleebs have a good gription to them to where they do not descend it is just like socks in that regard. If I had socks that descended straightaway to the ankle-zone I would complain about that as well they should have gription hold them fast to the calf.
When they stop descending to my wrist-zone. Not a day sooner than that.
There are some shirts I own of which when I roll up the sleebs they descend straightaway back down to the wrist-zone put me to condition of "goddammit!"
A lot of the pizza they got out there is basically just cheesy bread put to condition of circle. How come people have not noticed this? Or if they have noticed, why do they not care or raise a ruckus?
SOTE is Nin-Shar by Jul et Mad. It's a rose/oud accord, but it's unlike any other rose/oud accord I've ever smelled. The opening is rosy and boozy and fairly sweet. The oud is present from the beginning, but it never overpowers the other notes. As I've mentioned multiple times, I'm a very big fan of this house.
Betimes I notice I haven't seen a update for quite a spell from a particular friend on Facebook, to where I'm like "I wonder what's the dealio (state of affairs of which obtains)?" Then I look in my list of friends turns out the person has disfriended me don't want to be my friend no more even what I never did a offensive act. Makes me want to send a friend request and then disfriend them immediately if they accept. (But they probably wouldn't even accept, which would...
Pre-shower: Jasmin et Cigarette. This is a fantastic scent whose name pretty well captures what it is. This is just the kind of scent that niche houses exist to produce. SOTD: Dries van Noten. I warm, spicy, woody scent with a touch of patchouli. People complain sometimes about how linear this is, but it smells great and that's what matters most IMO.
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