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Portugal finished in tie with Iceland Jiminy Crickets.
I prefer it when my manyacher legal pads are pink but we don't have none of those in the office just white.
But Mr. Hockey was Gordie Howe. He was for sure good at hockey. (I don't know a lot about culinary arts, so I can't say whether Mr. Food is good at food or not. I know he's got a "test kitchen," which sounds like something an expert would have.)
Maybe it's because you have trouble telling the two fairy tales apart to where you also confuse the people what are named after them. EDIT: Aww shoot, looks like lawyerdad beat me to the punch on that one hehehe!
No way, man. My posts always got truth aforethought, even what it be allegorical.
Back in olden times you might have been Mr. Cracklin' Oat Bran.
There are two kinds of people what are always be like "I got healthiness aforethought just got such a great feeling to me!!!" but nonetheless they always look like they're about to perish of illness: vegands and extreme long distance runners.
TF Sahara Noir. As a labdanum lover, I enjoy this scent very much. Someone on Fragrantica compared it to Bleu de Chanel, which gave me still more reason to believe that someone is trolling the "Reminds me of" part of the site.
TF London for me today. Not exactly an ideal scent for 85 degree weather, but I am the kind of man who does not even care
I definitely enjoy this and as I've mentioned, it's a real compliment getter. But it's not in the top tier of my favorites. The scent has a somewhat dusty feel that reminded me from the very beginning of Une Rose de Kandahar. The "fruit" part is a very pleasant dried apricot and peach. There are floral notes in the heart, but they never dominate. The patchouli is pretty civilized; it's not a big hippie patchouli or anything like you'd get in the over-the-top 70's classics...
New Posts  All Forums: