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Yup, she thought it should have been obvious to the barista that there was umlauts in there. @MrGimpy: I think Riptithe thinks that tithing gives him license to do acts that God would otherwise look upon with disfavor. @Harold Falcon: Memblüchawchü is proud like a eagle to where she would not deign. Maybe she said a kind word, but no more than that.
Just got back from the brewpub with my homies one of whom basically just embarrassed himself with embarrassing act. So I'm chatting with my friend Riptithe when all of a sudden I notice a word on the placket of his shirt. I look closer and see that the word is Memblüchawchü. There is no way in hell he had any kind of intimate relation with Memblüchawchü. I know what happened perfectly well he was behind her in line at Starbuck when she got pissed about the spelling of her...
Interest in the NFL draft is way down this year basically just people recanize the corruptness of the leeg be let the Rams abangdon their city (St. Louis) in a brazen act.
I tried it just before I went to bed last night, so my thoughts aren't fully formed. I definitely get the Carmex reference. I probably wouldn't have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it, but it's definitely there. The vanilla is a very boozy kind, which I like. And it's definitely got the Tauer aesthetic: it's very dense, with the familiar Tauerade. It's odd that they released it in the late spring, as it seems like it would obviously be best for fall/winter.
Tilda Swinton Like This. I'm just gonna come out and say it: I think this is a modern classic. Earlier today I checked out the reviews on fragrantica and luckyscent just to see what others were saying, and I was surprised at how negative they were. What they were describing hardly corresponded to my experience at all. I suspect that what might turn people off is the immortelle. But that's a note I like a lot.
You better put his name on your placket of cherish before you forget.
I just got back from Subway didn't see Riptithe there. Probably too busy scheming.
The other day Riptithe asked me to lend him money so he could get on his church's placket of acknowledgement. I thought it was plaque of acknowledgement, but it turns out the church really does sew the names of high tithers onto the plackets of shirts that it produces. Well now Riptithe has put the same idea to nefarious use.
Okay now Riptithe is trying to encourage others to "charitable acts" that will get their names sewn onto his "placket of cherish." (He stole this idea from the church's placket of acknowledgement, which is for high tithers.) Basically how it works is that if a lady does "intimate favors," her name will be recorded on the placket of a commemorative shirt. So far there are zero names sewn onto the "placket of cherish."
Okay so the legislator in North Dakota who got outed as gay has been photographed wearing a black shirt and a white tie to where I'm like "smh."
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