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My office has a great smell to it today on account of the fragrance I am wearing (Oud Silk Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian). (Who "gives a rip" about perfumes not me that's for sure straight up crud post)
Pre-shower: Chergui SOTD: Oud Silk Mood.
He did fix it just gotta look close (for example at the colors).(That post definitely tried too hard those parentheses weren't strictly necessary.)
Two days in a row of sunny skies is definitely contributing to my happiness today. (The sun is a uninteresting topic just a ball of fire what is in the sky bullshit post)
Brown is the color of chocolate, which everybody likes, but it is also the color of fece.
I am not a fan of the Patriots. They are a football team that cheated the St. Louis Rams out of a Super Bowl victory.
I am upset that the Cardinals lost the NLCS to the Giants. It's because St. Louis is the city I live in. I enjoy living here very much and so I identify with the "local nine" so to speak. When they lose, it makes me somewhat unhappy.
You probably think you are being funny with this post well hate to break it to you you are not! (Intertextuality)
You are trying too hard with this post Van Veen you should put in less effort just "free and easy."
I don't get non-Euclidean geometries. They are just hard to understand for a person like me who has poor spatial perception.
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