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Apparently the audience booed up a storm when this had its premiere. I enjoyed it very much the first time I ever heard it, which was only about a week ago. I've been listening to Adriaansz's work quite a bit lately.
Richard Marx was on a airplane had to subdoo a passenger who got violent stewardess's didn't know how to use the taserd.
Yesterday: Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile. It's a bright, tangy, happy rose. Definitely on the feminine side, but I don't have that hetero-cis-masculinist prejudice to me so I'm okay. Today: Santal Blush. A warm, somewhat funky spicy sandalwood. It's among my favorite sandalwoods. (Dries van Noten is probably my favorite sandalwood. Or if we count Bois des Iles as a sandalwood scent, then that's definitely in the running too.)
There is a new trend that is sweeping the nation it is people put their carts in the middle of the aisle of store and then text on their phones to where they don't notice that other men and women want to get through the aisle.
One thing people don't take into account as much as they should is that the sound of a coffee grinder is startling to cats don't like it. I always have pre-ground coffee at the ready for cases when I judge that my keetays would be inconvenienced by grinding.
Okay gang it looks like the Bengals took a knee during the Terrible Towel or something like that basically showed disrespect. But then they got their comeuppance by losing the game.
Maison Margiela Lipstick On. I enjoy this a lot. It's a classic makeup scent, with a waxy lipstick note along with a ricey, powdery violet. Because I enjoyed this so much, my gf of girlfriend got me samples of some of the other scents in the Margiela Replica series. Jazz Club: This is a dark, richly vanilla sweet tobacco scent with a note that Margiela describes as rum. It's very broadly in the ballpark of Pure Malt, except that Jazz Club is sweeter and less...
Man I love dat Bowl season because basically you're just watching the very best college football squads competing against each other for Bowl victory. I'm watching the Raycom Media Camellia Bowl one of the best matchups they is.
Apparently there is a new Star Wars film everone be like "Hey Linkadessen what did you think of Rouge Wan I say what did you think? I think it is so awesome what do you think?" And I'm like "I have not seen Rouge Wan probably never will truth be toll." And then they always lose their mentes can't even conceive of the possibility that a person ain't really care about Star Wars franchise. Here's the thing though I really don't care about Star Wars not even frontin'.
New Posts  All Forums: