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Betimes when you ask people to say the times they are available for an meeting, what they give you is the one time they would like best. They even do this when you use doodle scheduling software device.
I know some of you buns-heads will think I am lying but I don't even care I am wearing Ungaro II as my SOTE. It is definitely in the ballpark of Jicky, but a bit lighter and more citrusy. Also less civety.
I went grocery shopping at the grocery store on Friday and the people behind me in line were like "Whoa you must be shopping for an whole month that is a lot of nutriment you're buying!" I said "No, this will last me about an week." They couldn't believe my words (didn't think they had truth to them). Well it turns out I'm already running out of food been eating like a horse as of late.
If people got the gluten and other toxins out of their systems, they would be able to commune more effectively with the healing spirits that dwell all around us unbeknownst. No quote on quote scientist can refute spiritual truths such as that.
Galbanum is a sharp, green, somewhat bitter smell. Angelica is peppery, but in a soft, delicate way.
That looks great!
I am wearing TF Lys Fume today.
Mashed potatoes with some caramel in them.
@Biscotti You have to tell us the story what's going on of a sudden?
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