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Conversation from a few moments ago (central daylight time): A: Whoa that guy is wearing pink pants! Me: It's called Nantucket red. A: Man, I wouldn't wear that looks too pink!
Overheard conversation at the supermarket: A: I don't like coconuts because one of the ingredients is oats. B: Coconuts don't have ingredients a coconut is one thing. A: Okay maybe "ingredient" isn't the right word but oats is one of the atoms in coconut. B: Now that may be true, there might be some oat in that atomic structure.
I think you're pulling my leg. the UCLA stripe is the most famous stripe there is, with the possible exception of the Northwestern stripe.
I'll tell you what UCLA is famous all around the world for it is the "UCLA stripes." This stripe pattern was introduced in 1954. Unfortunately, due to modern football jersey construction techniques, you hardly ever see genuine UCLA stripes anymore. But let's keep it real UCLA does deserve "props" for that design.
I know some gays who have never even apologized to their families for all the troubles they han caused, such as having to explain to skepticle parishioners the idea of making love to someone of the same sex even though God didn't create Adam and Steve.
I can't think of any other reason of why an goat would be named Iker.
The cat (Cody) did help nurse the baby goat (Iker) back to health after it was rescued.
Tam Dao for me today. Nobody said anything to me because no one else was in the office.
Got to buy some Binaca spray it in to dat bowl.
I'm basically to a point where I can't even thwart my contumely no more on account of just so darn frustrated with my errors of way.
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