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I am at my workplace doing tasks of labor even what it be Sunday evening. As I was walking about the workplace near the pop machines, a jannelder says to me "Looks like they raised the price of the sodies." He really said "sodies." I didn't think anyone actually said that.
Dat Rams!
The price for The Night is around $800! Today I'm wearing TF Oud Fleur. This is my favorite of the TF oud scents. It has the dirty spiciness that I love in TF London, but with the added brightness of rose.
I got a barreltone voice to me. I won't even lie, though, I have got hell of stereotypically "gay" speaking voice, which has pervented me from getting those lucrative singing gigs. (Also I am a bad singer.)
I was in a coffee shop earlier (Starbuck) the woman ahead of me in line was singing along with the song on the audio system. Here's the thing though she sang out of tune.
I played some mean piano last night in jam session scenario even what I have no training on the inscherment. I don't know how I did it.
SOTD is The Night by Frederic Malle. This is way beyond what I'm willing to pay for a bottle, but I do enjoy it a lot. It's a very funky barnyard oud with an absolutely beautiful rose that becomes more and more prominent throughout the drydown. If this were the price of a regular Malle bottle, I'd probably buy it.
For my SOTE I am wearing forum favorite Must de Cartier vintage parfum. It's a very strange combination of sharp greenness (galbanum) and oriental, almost gourmand sweetness. I don't just appreciate this as a curiosity in the history of perfumery; I actually enjoy it quite a bit.
I am back to Styleforum website now. My gf of girlfriend had been visiting me at my home and so I haven't been hanging out with the zany characters (such as Riptithe, Mengtibbi, Shunta, excedra) that provide me with so much of my posting material. Also haven't been to Subway for quite a spell.
SOTD is Cuiron (the new one). It's a light suede that's sweetened up with a bit of labdanum and that's given some freshness by orange and bergamot. I find it nice and easily wearable, but I don't love it. (My girlfriend had a sample of this and absolutely hated it, which is why it is now in my possession.) Linking on to the discussion of Frederic Malle from a few days ago, I can report that the aforementioned girlfriend (I only have the one) absolutely loves the Malle...
New Posts  All Forums: