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What kind of depraved mind even thinks to invent such a thing as dill pickle popcorn good Lord almighty.
No it has not, as a matter of fact.
About half the time when Neo_Version posts I am like "I don't even know what he's referring to is this something he just made up as fiction or does it have a place of dwell in the objective world?"
Every time I have first day of class I have the same basic structure of conversation with my students. I go through the roster and tell them to give me the correct pronunciations of their names if I get them wrong. Often I put the accent on the wrong syllable. When they say the correct pronunciation they mumble and so I try to confirm like "So the accent goes on the second syllable?" And they respond to me either by saying "I don't know" or looking at me blankly. I don't...
Just got accused of "Dutchsplaining" smh.
In lots of European languages they say Londres for London wonder if that affects the real-a-state markets people don't realize it's London.
The fragrance that gets the honor of Opening Day of Semester SOTD is Tom of Finland.
I was kicked off the Wine Train because the people in my book club was laughing too much.
There's a new life hack I invented I fill up my hot water heater with hydergen peroxide and then take a shower in said hydergen peroxide helps get the miniature bacteria ("critters") off a my surface.
Overheard conversation at the brewpub: A: I go by the name of bunt because I get to first base wit da ladies! B: Bunt is usually a sacrifice don't even get to first base. A: Uh, I mean I go by the name of drag bunt. B: You know getting to first base isn't that great a accomplishment, right? A: It's valuable because someone else can drive you in finish the job what you started. B: I don't think you want that to be your analogy.
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