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Should be "Who would you rather oppone?"
I wear cuff L'Inc's in my shirts perty reglar but for some reason I still struggle to put them in to my shirts maybe I'm just not dextrous or whatever.
Pre-shower: Epic Woman. These Amouage scents have a way of growing on me. For both Lyrics and this one, my first reaction was either negative or unsure. But then I came to enjoy all of them more and more with repeated wearings. Today I liked Epic Woman more than any other time I've worn it. SOTD: True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux. Among my very favorites.
I am getting older to where I don't keep up with popular culture very effectively everone was like "Oh my God I can't believe it Rita Ora revealed her brestas to the public for viewing in a French magazine never thought I'd see that in a million years whoa Nelly!" And I'm like "Who's Rita Ora?"
For so many years I been tying the knot of my ties too tight, which caused contortions in the fabric made me look "rakish" rather than "professional." Now I have corrected the problem to where I got more like the look I'm going for.
Lot of people think food trucks are the bees knees no they are not they are set up to where when you order you are looking up at the staff like they are your superiors or something. I guess if you don't mind making yourself into inferior position just to get a taco or brido food trucks might be okay. Not me though.
Aww man you know what I meant in my post just pertending you didn't so's to draw a response out of me.
For the first time in human history we have a generation of young people who've never known a world where you don't show your loyalty to a sports team by putting your gloved hands really close together to reveal the logo of your team. How crazy is that?
You were the first person I thought of. EDIT: Speaking of harsh leather scents, I'm wearing Vierges et Toreros as my SOTE. It's a white floral blended with some aggressive animalic and leathery notes.
PSA: Some of you might really be interested in this. Andy Tauer has a brand new scent, called Lonesome Rider, that is meant as a celebration of his ten years in business. It is supposed to be in the ballpark of Orris (a limited edition from quite a while ago) and Lonestar Memories. The pre-sale price is very, very low for a Tauer. https://lonesomeriderdotwebsite.wordpress.com
New Posts  All Forums: