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Archetypal Yuppie is gonna be eating crow pie after MrG opened up his canister of whoopin's!
I might be strange all year round but I don't think I'm unpleasant. (I acknowledge that some superstars of Styleforum would disagree, of course.)
I hate the word "gamer." It's one of those words people use when they want to sound smart. (Please pretend the letters above are brown color.)
I just realized something: I never, ever say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" or whatever. The closest I get is when I respond to others who say that to me. But I always say "Yeah, you too" or something like that. Moreover, I am always taken aback when people say "Merry Christmas" to me. I'm always like "Oh yeah I guess it is that time of year." Also, it doesn't occur to me that this is a time of year to be happy. People must think I'm a very strange and unpleasant...
What is trolling? I think I might do that at some online KISS forums, but I've never completely understood the concept.
I think Piob must have a app that alerts him every time Kira posts a post.
I'll get the conversation started right now. When I go to McDonald's, there's always this degenerate working the counter be throws my food at me while yelling "Woot Woot!" If they made more money, they probably wouldn't throw things and yell "Woot Woot!"
I say we should get a coversation (convo) going right here in this thread about the politics of the minimum wage being as it is a current event in the news. NB: I do not know how to make my words appear in brown color.
^^ To me, that's another one that dries down to a strange, heavy kind of sweetness. Sometimes I think it's okay, but sometimes I strongly dislike it.
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