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Inspired by recent posts, I wore vintage Guerlain Fleur de Feu as my pre-shower scent. It's a heavy, somewhat aldehydic clovey floral. I'll be honest, I've never liked it. I still don't. SOTD is Amouage Lilac Love, which I enjoy very much. It's on the short list of my favorite new releases.
I am Onsite Ledgen but basically it's because everyone likes it when I get heart bird from eating too much spicy meal. Not sure if I should be joy about that or not if you get my drift.
Here's something women do on Facebook they make passive-aggressive posts vaguely hinting at an unspecified wrong han been done to them. Then their friends will show up in comments and semi-quasi-apologize just in case they are the ones being called out. Then the OP will be like "Oh no way José I'm not talking about you in dat post." But she never actually gets around to saying who wronged her. Then eventually I show up in the comments be like "You are grown womans knock...
I've never been able to enjoy Insensé. I find it too sharp green and way too masculine for my taste. I think that since I love feminine florals, I don't feel any need for a masculinized floral. I'm wearing Rive Gauche (the feminine) as my SOTE.
I ate two spicy food meals in one day now I got heart bird.
Not trying to start contcherversy here but the new Metallica tune isn't doing it for me. Granite I'm not really the target audience for said tune but still.
Aziyadé by Parfum d'Empire. A very pleasant sweet datey cumin scent. I've definitely been in a cumin mood lately; it's one of my very favorite notes.
I got FB friend request from a woman got no postings (other than add profile pic) or friends I wonder if I am being catfished into a fictional relationship?
Okay guys you are the first people I'm sharing this with I am going to introduce a bold new direction in my personal brand sort of like when Coke introduced New Coke except hopefully more successful. From now on I'm going to say "fact of verity" instead of "fact of truth." I'm going to try to say it in red with silver outline but technology here on the forum may be an pediment.
Piob gets people fired by tricking them into comping dat meals in countermand of official policy.
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