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It's surprising that there's a name for such a thing hey guess you learn something new every day!
I really wanted it to work at Neimans. I don't want to hang out at Kohl's (no offense).
It's time for the politicians to start attending to the people's business just get things done rather than "blowing a bunch of hot air" (talking but not taking action). I don't get why the people haven't "thrown the buns-heads out."
I went to Neiman Marcus and stood near the pochettes making eye contact with different guys that went by but no one made a personal ad.
I'm wearing Amour de Palazzo today. Lovely animalic spicy amber.
Yes we do indeed have a Neiman Marcus it is in the Plaza Frontenac. The gays could go there and make eye contact if they wanted.
Okay now I am starting to worry more about my yellow leather pants purchase it is a gray, cloudy day again in the STL to where maybe the Lord is sending me a message about hubris. ("It's not for you to decide whether bright colors will prevail of view that is my prerogative and mine alone!")
That definitely plays against stereotype you'd expect the Mecca of gays to be someplace "fabulous" like Neiman Marcus. But you wanna know something? I've never seen a gay personal be say "Hey I saw you at NM we made eye contact for a moment of time in the pochette section to where maybe you wanna get busy doing intimant acts."
The yellow leather pants might be disallowed in my faith community (Dutch Calvanous).
I just purchased a pair of yellow leather pants but now I'm worried I han made a error.
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