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I was in the parking lot getting out of my car person be like "Hey why don't you put green and white stripes on your car it could be like the Packers!" (My car is yellow as you could guess from context if you didn't already know.) I was like "Because the Packers aren't my team and anyway why should I want my car to look like the pants of a football team?" But it did give me an idea I think I might have royal blue ram horns painted on to my car they would start around the...
Velvet Orchid for me today. It is by Tom Ford.
Any of you chutney-heads still want to tell me Joe Flacco ain't a elite quarterback?
I went to McHenry's to rent a cat (Burgess) whose job will be to take care of Diderik and Merchant. (Cats are known for good parenting skills.) I'll still have to buy food and school supplies, but I go to the store regularly anyways. We'll see how this works out.
Okay so about three years ago I had a dating-style relationship with a woman didn't last very long but whatevs. Well a couple weeks ago she shows up at my door with two children in tow was like "Turns out you are the father of children time for you to take responsibility of raising them." I was like "That's not what I was hoping to hear but okay." After a couple days of having the kids in my home it hit me like a ton of bricks the boys are 11 and 8 why didn't I do the...
Betimes I deal with people who try to curry favor with me hoping to achieve benefits. Today a textbook salesman came to my office noticed the name on my door and tried to establish a common bond so's to get me on his side. He said "Looks like you got Dutch heritage to you hey my grandfather had Dutch heritage too was named Joraan van der Ventenvleugel. I was like "I'm not prejudice I'll buy books from a man who ain't Dutch just don't urinate and say it's raining by making...
I am rockin' Aziyade as SOTE. There is hell of cumin in this one, can't even be gainsaid.
I teach a evening (night) class that begins at 6:00. At 5:57 I had a awesome idea for a post, but I didn't have time to post it decided to post it after class. But now I can't remember the post. I do know it was a great one though.
Ragnar wants $20,000 per game I'm like "Wha?"
Venetian Bergamot is my SOTD. Still enjoying this very much.
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