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SOTE is La Fin du Monde. Some of my very favorite scents are by ELDO, which means that I sometimes neglect this one. But it really is good. It's a bright, vibrant scent with lots of iris and a slightly metallic gunpowder note. The ad copy says there's a popcorn note. I wouldn't have ever made the association without having it pointed out, but it is absolutely there. It's like buttery movie theater popcorn. It always puts me in a good mood when I wear it.
Sept. 16. Sauget is right across the river from STL.
Can y'alls buns-heads guess who's coming to St. Louis to play a music concert? That's right it's Ace Frehley to where I'm like "Aww hells yes!!!" I've probably mentioned this before at some point, but I have a Ace Frehley tattoo on my right arm.
Do you mean that you cut the hair on the parts of your body where there are big muscles to where you can show off how bulky they are? Sometimes I cut the hair off my calfs but leave the rest of my hair intact on account of have good calfs.
Jubilation 25 for me today. This is a stunning old-school floral chypre, a more refined and subtle Rochas Femme.
Did you do some good deed to where the Lord spoke to you in a dream about Secret Menu items?
I don't think it was the Deity what failed I think it was your false prayer probly tried to invoke the power of the Virgin Mary or something like that (I think that's what Catholics do).
The Lord did not share that knowledge with me no He did not.
My university used to have a e-mail system of which was always malfunctioning, to where you couldn't check your messages because the screen would say "Error" or "Process Han Timed Out" or something like that. Well recently we switched to an Office 365 format I thought "Hell yes now that private enterprise is on the case we are going to have performativity aforethought!!!" Turns out my prediction was lacking in verisimilitude, put 'er that way.
Not only did the Creator spare my life, He did provide me with secret knowledge of McDonald's unpublicized menu items as reward for my faithful, non-heretidcal service.
New Posts  All Forums: