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There is much joy in my city of dwell tonight on account of the Blues finally "got over the hump" so to speak defeated the Blackhawks. I hope no one riots or fires weapons.
Man anyone be want to expand their musical horizons via listening to recently deceased musicians got to listen to Pierre Boulez.
My post was a true event.
I don't keep up too good with popular culture so I get confused sometimes turns out everyone on my Facebook is losing their marbles of mente because a song about lemonade was released by Beyoncé and then Rachel Roy (who is that? I don't know) responded in some way via Internet photo and then Beyoncé's fans got outrage to them and left messages on the Internet photo website or something. I don't know the background but it seems like large numbers of people are "getting bent...
I was eligible for a sabbatical a couple of years ago but I chose not to take it on account of I had an important role in the department and didn't want to abangdon my post so to speak. I have never had a sabbatical but if everything goes according to plan I will have one in spring of 2017.
Overheard on the escalator some people were mad that the media were trying to get Mr. Drummond to say inappropriate words about the floods in Houston I'm like "Wha?"
I have hell of lower back pain today even what I must needs stand up all day teach lessons to the youth of this nation.
I woke up this morning thinking "Wow that is a pleasant scent that I am smelling. It must be my SOTE." (SOTE was Amazone, which I don't really like.) Then I realized it was Ta'if, which I just "threw shade" on in an earlier post. Today is Une Fleur de Cassie. It is probably tied for my favorite fragrance right now, although my informal rankings change quite a bit.
Just found out that Waylon Mercy ad libbed those famous vignettes of his. Sometimes when I think I'm alone in my office building I recite the words of his vignettes. But once a person was there in the office building got real scared when I said "I'm gonna show you people what a peek-neek is all about. You know what ah mean?"
Ormonde Jayne Ta'if. About two years ago this was at the top of my list of favorites, but now I just find it so-so. For some reason, I can't get past the peppery notes the way I used to.
New Posts  All Forums: