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As I have stated numerous times, I have no idea whether even a single person in Cincinnati sprinkles chocolate sprinkles (11% cocoa) on to their chili. (I tried to do Word of Knowledge or whatever it's called just now, but the Lord did not speak the answer in to my soul.) Only thing I know as fact is that I personally, speaking for myself alone and for no one else (even alien lifeforms that may or may not be discovered in future time), put chocolate sprinkles on to mine...
Around 2005 or so, this was probably the fragrance I wore more than any other. At this point, I'd certainly say I enjoy it, but it's not among my very favorites. I've just tried so many things in the meantime that are more my style.Today I wore Japon Noir which, along with Moss Breches, is probably the most underrated TF PB. Both were from the original set. I remember I was in Cincinnati, where they had a trunk show for the PB perfumes, which were quite new at the time....
It's that time of year again everyone in the STL be like "Aww hells yes it is Mardi Grawl season again got so much joy to me about dat festivelties!!!" Every year I'm like "Is that a Catholic thing or something I don't understand Mardi Grawl or why I should be festive about it."
I am not an expert on the history of their bottles, but I'm fairly sure it's the second of their four different bottle designs. So it is not the vintage, which came in the "shaker" bottle.
An alpha mule is hell of stubborn, put 'er that way. But I have the wisdom of the Tao on my side like wu-wei and just realize that the emptiness is what makes the coffee cup function as coffee cup if the middle part were all ceramic it would be useless. That's how you deal with stubborn alpha mules.
If I am not mistaken, it was I who first mentioned chocolate sprinkles on dat chili caused Kid Nickels to go into fugue state of anger. Only later did other posters join up to talk about chili. They have not given me their log-in information to where I cannot change to their accounts.
I'm going a bit old school today with Bel Ami.
Will the chili at least have chocolate sprinkle?
Sometimes I got to book a flight but I don't like doing it so I percrassnate. But then the kids come up to me be like "Hey you got to get the flight booked otherwise maman will do it will book first class and bring a dog." And so that gets me to book the flight straightaway. On the plus side, my flight is booked now don't need to stress about it no more.
Basically I ekstablish my dominance by wearing expensive perfumes of which make others jealous and by speaking a good, fluent Dutch when the chips are down. That has always worked perty well for me.
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