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When you read the gay personals what you notice is that there are many mentions of Kohl's such as "Hey I saw you at Kohl's in the shoes section had jeans and a shirt made of fabric maybe you're up for actions!" I wonder what's up with that?
Yahoo has a story "Worst Heavy Metal Albums of All Time" the picture accompanying the story is The Elder by KISS. That perty much tells you all you need to know about Yahoo (incompetent of lists).
No it does not help.
I am listening to the new U2 record. I'm not a superfan of the band by any means (although I loved Joshua Tree in 1987) but I'm enjoying this a lot. "California" and "Sleep Like a Baby Tonight" are my favorites so far. Lots of beautiful melodies throughout the record.
How come everyone has started saying "nalfkin" when they mean "napkin?"
Nombril Immense for me today. It's one of what I call the Big Three of patchouli scents. (Coromandel and Patchouli Imperial are the other two. George Sand could make it the Big Four, but I experience that one as being qualitatively different--less of a straight up patchouli.)
I got a U2 album for free like they just sent me one didn't even ask for it!
I was inducted into SF Hall of Fame of posts!
(wheels and deals in the workplace)
I have Apple products for pert near everything because my brother is a "big wig" there and I get stuff either for free or at deep discount. (Usually free.) But when it comes to phones, I am the perverbial "man of Android." That is just because my brother never gave me a free iPhone.
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