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Exactly. I am rockin' (wearing) TF London as my SOTE. I've been craving this lately.
Sam Bradford did injure his left knee again in tonight's game.
I did not even leave my home today.
Must de Cartier vintage parfum for me today.
I enjoy saying "chipoltee." Sometimes I go the extra mile and say "chipoltuh."
SOTE is Divine by Divine. It's an old school, indolic white floral with peach. It's very elegant.
There was a beautiful lady of Chinese heritage at the grocery store but I didn't make conversation or anything. Just went about my business as if there were no beautiful lady of Chinese heritage in the grocery store.
So I was driving home from work this evening and I had espn on the radio. Wouldn't you know it those idiots said the scores of baseball games. I called in and said "Hey you shit for brainses haven't you ever heard of spoiler alert!" They apologized on the air and said they wouldn't say scores anymore. I was like that's a nice gesture and all but it's a little too late now.
If this makes me a man of low culture well then so be it I don't even care I love a good hash browns.
The ole Linkadessen works late ain't even matter what day it is!
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