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Looks like some trolling went down on one of the most popular KISS sites to where the people who run the site are pretty ticked off. There was a poll "What songs do you want to see in the KISS setlist?" A bunch of people voted for "You Matter to Me" and "Boomerang," which are songs that almost no KISS fans actually enjoy to hear. I am not going to lie I have trolled KISS sites in the past on account of it is funny.
According to news reports, Chad Johnson has accumulated 15 parking tickets in Montreal on account of can't read the signs in French. Wonder how that will affect his performance in Friday's big game?
Okay gang it's time to start getting geared up for "Semaine 3" (Week 3). I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Drew Willy and the Bombers take on the Alouettes. The Bombers are 11% of the way to a perfect regular season let's see if they can keep it up.
The woman who is accused in the heroin overdose of the Google executive looks similar to a lady I used to date in times gone by (the past).
Is it too "old-school" for someone your age or is it appropriate?
Does the "I" refer to you (archetypal_yuppie) or to the FBI agent? Or the girl what is the daughter of the FBI agent?
Pre-shower: Incense Oud. There's a lot more incense than oud in this one. There's also a floral sweetness to it. It's fairly light for an incense, and sits close to the skin. I enjoy it, but not enough for it to be a regular in my rotation. SOTD: MPG George Sand. Amazing patchouli.
Okay guess who just got back from the DMV of motor vehicles (it was me). I had to renew my car's registration so I brought a sworn Alpha David declaring that my car had a good emissions to it but they was like "No way man you need a declaration from an official auto mechanic we're not just going to trust your own self-report of emissions." And I was like "Basically you are calling me a liar right now I'm not putting up with this crud!" and I stormed out in a hough.
I've been listening to this over and over and over lately. I love the guitar solo.
Holy crap! Neat new development in the mystery surrounding the logo on the Pittsburgh Pirates batting helmets in the late '60s/early '70s! http://www.uni-watch.com
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