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Jubilation XXV. This one deserves all the praise it gets in the online fragrance community. There's so much going on in it, but what I really love is the combination of bitterness from the frankincense with the sweetness of the fruity notes and the richness of the woods.
My favorite piece from one of my favorite contemporary composers.
There's a cashier at the place where I buy food for the keetays her name is Mitcha and she always seems unhappy to sell me cat food. She's like "Okay your total is $32.26 don't think you're walking out of this store without paying said sum the police will be notified!!!" I'm like "I've never stolen cat food in all my life that ain't what I'm about." But she's like "Yeah that's because I keep warning you that I'll call the police don't you try no tomfoolery with me!!!"
True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux for me today. It's one of my very favorite scents. It's got a powdery violet makeup vibe, but it's also got a rice note somewhat similar to the one in Fils de Dieu.
They do impressions of Ace Frehley in the film! (I won't lie, that's the only reason I watched it.)
Yesterday: Fumerie Turque. It used to be I'd sometimes love this and sometimes dislike it. But the last five or so times I've worn it, I've enjoyed it very much. I think I've finally turned the corner on this one. Today: Jul et Mad Nea.This is a very sweet caramel and red fruit scent that's also a bit boozy. Despite its being very sweet, it doesn't feel like a mass-market scent aimed at teenaged girls. Still, it is a bit too sweet for my taste. Still looking forward to...
All around this nation you got quote on quote "fine restaurants" serving toast that is a dark brown hue rather than light brown hue. Today I complained about it I said "Hey if toast were suppose to be dark brown hue it would be named char instead of toast think about it!" Manager said "Okay then the food on your plate is now called char are you happy?" I was like "No."
Keith Hernandez and Walt Frazier think they got the right to watch a man make love to his wife just because they hooked him up with beard de-graying formula I'm sorry but give me a break that is rediculous.
Jeff Fisher got back at Bruce Arians but good! http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ftw/2016/10/03/jeff-fisher-waited-two-years-to-fire-back-at-bruce-arians-always-88-comment/91510132/
Betimes a person spends a eternelty of time at a paticler exercise machine but he's got his water bottle next to another one be like "Hey I got that machine claimed no using it!!!"
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