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Steelers got a great look today don't anyone even try to deny it!
The myrrh really ruins Bois d'Argent for me.
Velvet Gardenia was my pre-shower scent. Rose Oud is my SOTD.
They should trade for Sam Bradford.
What are you supposed to do when you've had too much drinks and your limbs don't function like the Creator intended? Don't want to fall down and break my hip or something.
So I flew American Airlines where they have so many different classifications of customers that they actually ran out of precious metals and gems to name them after. As they moved down the pecking order of customer classifications, they started naming things that might be of some minor value to someone: "We're now boarding our Chimes customers, Chimes customers only at this time please." (So far I have made it up to Tennis Elbow Brace class, which is lower than Chimes.)
Today I am wearing Tobacco Vanille.
I am drinking brew (coffee) even what it be 2:49 am. It's because I must needs stay awake to go to the aeroport at 3:30. (I am also listening to "Sex Action" by L.A. Guns just gets me to rockin'.)
I just received a telephone call from a lady I used to date. She was like "Hey I am calling for a beauty call." I gave her lots of good advice about the newest fragrances and about flattering cuts of garment but she interrupted me be said "What the hell are you yammering on about seems like you got a lot of stupidity to you!"
Based on what I've been reading about best practices in ironing, you're not supposed to turn on the heating function on account of it is a fire hazard. You're just supposed to let the heavy weight of the iron do the work of eliminating wrinkles (have to press down hard). Well I've been flouting those so-called best practices and getting some pretty darn good results.
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