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Drivers sometimes do this act they are coming up to a stop sign but they are going hell of fast and then hit the brakes hard stop at the last second before Kareeming in to the street. Here's the thing the driver knows that he's going to stop in time but i (who am driving on dat cross street) do not know that get worryment to me. I think those drivers are just not good at putting themselves in others' shoes by using their faculty of imagination.
Overheard conversation: A: They call it barreltone because people sing in that register often got barrel chested form of body. B: Bullshit the Thin White Duke wasn't barrel chested otherwise they wouldn't of called him the Thin White Duke. A: Barrels can be thin too you know like a beaker. B: True but they ain't white.
Rose Noir by Byredo. I've never been a fan of this. But just today I realized that it has a bit of a resemblance to Le Labo Ylang 49, which I enjoy quite a bit. The resemblance is in the later stages of the drydown, not in the opening.
Portugal finished in tie with Iceland Jiminy Crickets.
I prefer it when my manyacher legal pads are pink but we don't have none of those in the office just white.
But Mr. Hockey was Gordie Howe. He was for sure good at hockey. (I don't know a lot about culinary arts, so I can't say whether Mr. Food is good at food or not. I know he's got a "test kitchen," which sounds like something an expert would have.)
Maybe it's because you have trouble telling the two fairy tales apart to where you also confuse the people what are named after them. EDIT: Aww shoot, looks like lawyerdad beat me to the punch on that one hehehe!
No way, man. My posts always got truth aforethought, even what it be allegorical.
Back in olden times you might have been Mr. Cracklin' Oat Bran.
There are two kinds of people what are always be like "I got healthiness aforethought just got such a great feeling to me!!!" but nonetheless they always look like they're about to perish of illness: vegands and extreme long distance runners.
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