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Pre-shower: Byredo Inez and Vinoodh. This got lots of positive attention when it first came out. I can't get past the really chalky orris root, though. SOTD: Labdanum 18. The name is definitely accurate; it's really a labdanum scent. It's also pretty animalic, with a fairly big civet note. I enjoy it a lot, even though it's not really ideal for August.
He just threw a pick six! Irregardless, I feel good about Foles' ability to run the kind of offense the Rams want to run this year.
I know there are many Europeans who think ill of American style sandwich bread (such as your Wonder Bread for example). They have a right to freedom of belief, but they better not express that particular belief in my vacenadee because I will lash out.
I'm pretty sure Find Finn was talking about London, OntarIo. The superrich in the UK have been ruining property values in that city for too long now IMO.
I've actually noticed a somewhat similar phenomenon in London, England.
I liked the page of my favorite lamb on facebook but now I discovered that the lamb's friend (Lambston) had to get his leg amputated.
The Sacermento Kings are going to wear their 1985-1986 powder blue jerseys for nine games this coming year.
When I get cold or flu whatnot I take a hot bath opens the pores of my skin to where the virus goes out into the hot water, where it cannot survive.
Am I the only person don't like to turn on the ceiling fan on account of afraid it will come unmoored and cause injury?
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