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Kim Chee has got me hibbeldy-jibbeldy as of late.
Diderik (my cat) isn't really good at insights. Just now he came up to me with earnest look says "Hey I guess there's a reason everone calls me Diderik." I said "Why's that?" He said "Because I was named Diderik by the man who was in charge of naming me." I was like "Uhh, yeah that's exactly right Diderik good job!"
Yesterday: Oud Palao. When I left my office and then returned, it smelled amazing. I am definitely a big fan of this scent. Today: Chypre Palatin.
Betimes I like to play songs by KISS and imagine what kind of choreography the Solid Gold Dancers would have come up with to dance to them. Then I recreate the dances using my own body mechanisms.
Tauer Incense Rose. It's probably my least favorite of his rose scents. It's got a big frankincense note, but it's also got some warm spicy sweetness. I wish the rose played a bigger part.
I went to Ross Dress for Less to pick up some "basic" items whoa Nelly that is a place that can put you to sad perty quick.
Ilm by Kemi. This is bland of three different ouds, with nothing else going on at all. It's quite complex, featuring all the different facets of oud: it opens with a definite barnyard facet, but pretty quickly you start to get a medicinal dimension and a slightly incensey vibe too, which makes it just a little reminiscent of Le Labo's Oud 27. Anyone who's a big fan of oud should try this. The reason it was on my radar at all was because one of the SA's at Scent Bar told...
I just recently discovered this composer. I'm enjoying his work a lot.
Basically just sick and tired of the NFL messing with beloved traditions used to be the Pro Bowl contest was always Team Jerry Rice versus Team Deion Sanders man the people loved to see what antics everone would get up to. But now they put it to wear the teams are divided up into AFC and NFC don't even have superstars drafting up the teams. Why would I want to watch that?
Sometimes I really enjoy Sécrétions Magnifiques a lot and other times I have to scrub it off. There's no other fragrance that I react to that way. Every once in a while I find myself craving it. When that happens, I usually end up enjoying it. I don't mind fragrances that are very rich and dark and dense, but Black Afgano goes a bit too far in that direction for me. I wouldn't say I dislike it, but I don't enjoy it enough to own a decant either.
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