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I have to go in to work in a little bit. I should probably shave but I am afraid that I will cut myself with my new razor blades to where I won't be able to stop the bleeding in time. (Last time I bleeded for almost an hour.) I think I will kick it Don Johnson Miami Vice style in the classroom today.
Hope you know the translation for byrrh, as said beverdge will surely be featured prominently.
You guys are awesome. Thank you.
Please feel free to add new hibbeldy-jibbeldy's to the thread such as how no one uses the right percentage chocolate sprinkle in their chili no more or how your pre-shabe aioli han malfunctioned of injuries to the visage.
Yesterday: Opening day of the semester honors went to Une Fleur de Cassie. Today: TF Noir de Noir. I've been out of this for a while and just recently acquried some more. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it.
Thank you for your kind words, everyone. My friend passed away last night. I'm trying to focus on the silver lining, which is that I don't think she suffered much. And if she had survived, I think her quality of life would have been something she wouldn't have wanted.
The woman to whom I was once engaged, and with whom I have maintained a good friendship, has suffered a massive heart attack. Prognosis is very, very bad. This feels like a kick to the gut. (I know you probably wouldn't anyway, but if you are my friend on Facebook, please don't mention this. I think there are still people who don't know.) I received this news three minutes before I had to go teach a class today. It was very hard for me to hold it together, but I did.
Find Finn is straight up trolling now no two ways about it.
I get that she is attractive of appearance so don't take me the wrong way here, but there's lots of beautiful women could also be on the front page from time to time. Like Kesha for example. Defly wouldn't mind looking at dat Kesha when I open up the newspaper.
Okay I got to admit I am confused by this posting I did google search hoping to improve the condition of my visage didn't see a single reference to "preshabe aioli" except for yourn very own post. Styleforum is no place for such tomfoolery I expect all comments to be "on the uppen up."
New Posts  All Forums: