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Hey why give away the milk for price of free without making them buy the cow?
I just want to make sure that the posts posted to SF website maintain a certain standard of quality (high standard I mean).
I publish books with stories about events what happen in fast food restaurants.
This post did not inspire me to take my business to the next level.
This post didn't give me feeling of entertained.
I didn't find this post to be very inspiring didn't give me a sense for the grandeur of God's creation.
Witnessed a funny event at Subway today this guy ordered a "Veggie Delite" sandwich of which he was very happy to receive. After he paid his bill at the "Pay Here" location of store, he threw his sandwich all the way across the room, where it landed in the waste basket in a "nothing but net" fashion. (There was no net in the waste basket, but you get what I mean. It was a perfect throw.) He started high-fiving all the other customers in the store, but his wife was pissed...
TF London is the fragrance I'm wearing today.
The other day I was explaining how the logical operation called negation works. (As you can imagine, this is about the easiest thing we do all semester.) After I finished explaining, I said "this is why your teachers in grade school told you not to use double negatives in your sentences." The students all looked at me blankly. Then I asked "Did your teachers not teach you about double negatives?" They all shook their heads no. And then I was like "Well what the fuck did...
Saw something I've never seen before at Subway today this guy ordered one of the most expensive sandwiches on the menu (we're talking Big Hot Pastrami Melt here). When he gets to the "Pay Here" part of the line, the SA says "the cost of your sandwich comes out to $9.39 today." The guy is like "What? Shouldn't be that much?" SA points to the Big Hot Pastrami Melt on the menu, which is on the wall, and says "the price is written in plain letters right there." (He should have...
New Posts  All Forums: