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Man, East St. Louis is not even in the same state as St. Louis.
How come none of y'alls Styleforum buns-heads ever do a journey to St. Louis for vacation and enjoyment of life?
Everbody responding to the new information that shows Pete Rose betting on baseball while he was a player (of which he has always denied) basically like "What the hell man he was just spending his own money ain't nobody's beeswax of business!!! And I'm like
I ate a yogurt this morning what put my stomach into a state of contumely basically lost an hour of productivity.
It looks like Alejandro Rhett (J. Crew executive) fired a bunch of people and then went on social media to mock them. But then Alejandro Rhett got a taste of his own medicine J. Crew straight up fired him to where he no longer has a job at the company. At my workplace I fire those who mock the French or the Dutch and who don't show sufficient respect for L.A. Guns.
Okay any of y'alls buns-heads want to insult the French people maybe you han forgotten that the French did produce the most beautiful woman of the 20th century yes I am talking about Brigitte Bardot. For all you youngsters on this board who might have never heard of Brigitte Bardot, I have enclosed photographic evidence. (Don't any of you cuckoo-mentes post a current picture of Bardot yes of course she doesn't look so good anymore that is cheating.)
FTR (for the record) I did wear my Nantucket red suit.
Okay basically just a bunch of false advertising going on in this thread I wore Aventus today but ain't no one came up to me and said "I want to get witchoo straightaway" or "let's do acts together love dat cologne!"
Just now a tourist asked me how to get to Budweiser Brewery. As I was explaining, this woman comes up to me be like "Hey quit your mansplaining!!!" But no, she wasn't finished from there she went into song: ♪ ♬ Whoa-oh here he comes he dat Mansplainer (mansplainer) ♬ ♪
Okay so a while ago I had bought garbage bags with a quote on quote labender scent. I say "quote on quote" because it was a bad scent that didn't really smell much like labender. Well now I have bought a new box of garbage bags ain't got that "labender" smell to them to where now my condo has a better scent to it. Yes I know that this is a minor issue, but the small things in life add up to make a happy life that is a fact of truth.
New Posts  All Forums: