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Well shit I just found out that Misti wants a Ford F-150 for her 16th birthday. Here's the thing though I'm pretty sure Misti is 13. I have a sneaking suspicion it's her mother who wants the Ford F-150 and she's just using Misti's birthday as a pretext. Should I buy the F-150? I'm leaning toward no but I don't want to be portrayed as the "bad guy."
Today I was walking down stairs a woman coming up the stairs says "You should not come down the stairs when you see me coming up." And I was like "You should not be so fat to where you take up the whole staircase wouldn't be no probelm then."
Now that Lincoln Chafee is running for President of America, I keep seeing my name in major news outlets get thrown for a loop. (Apparently he goes by the name of Linc.)
Okay just got an "Official Communication" from the higher-ups at work: "We have received word that you have been wearing suits to work, such as by Brooks Brothers, Armani, and Keyton. Your peers have complained that this creates a hostile work environment, as it is a tactic of entemmadation meant to impose a air of authority over those who bring a simple jeans and polo look to the workplace. Your cooperation is appreciated in this matter."
Nombril Immense by ELDO. One of my four favorite patchoulis. (Coromandel, Patchouli Imperial, and George Sand are the others.)
It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind.
In real-life conversations I have with members of the Styleforum website, said members of Styleforum website often refer to tropics as Tropicus (as if he were a Roman statesman or something). Now I am starting to develop the habit even though I know better.
Okay now I am getting a ad for a sculpture of Masahiro Tanaka on my Styleforum page. I'd rather get the ad for the lady who will cheat with men who are over 40.
Is there any particular reason you wanted to smell like a circus?
Which albums did you buy, gomestar?
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