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I had a experience today that was straight out of a 1986 sitcom. I was in the waiting room of the auto repair establishment, where I engaged in conversation with a group of African Americans. A Fleetwood Mac song came on the radio and an older guy says "Aww man I used to work at Kiel Auditorium and so I got to see all the concerts. Fleetwood Mac was bad. Chicago too, they were also bad." But he was smiling as he recalled the memories. Then I realized he meant that...
I have lots of homophobic views and suchlike but I don't say them if I suspect there might be a microphone or camera nearby. I don't want to risk my status as a Styleforum superstar.
I had roughly budgeted $2000 for the repairs to the Maybach. What I ended up paying was $0 on account of warranty. In my mind the money was already spent, and so now it feels like someone han given me a check for $2000 out of the blue (unexpected bune).
For better or worse, I still have the communication style of a rural upper Midwesterner. If I am angry at you, I will communicate that to you pretty close to 0% of the time. And if you express anger at me, I will just absorb it until I don't want to absorb any more, at which point I stop communicating with you at all. I simply wait for you to start communicating with me again in a way that is not angry. Also, I do not engage in conversations where the subject matter is...
I do not have even the least bit of Asperger's to me.
@Nemesis_4 If you're still interested in trying Eau Particulière, there's a ridiculous sale at Surrender to Chance in the Fabulous Fragrance Friday section: 5 ml for $1.99. http://surrendertochance.com/fabulous-fragrance-fridays-choose-your-5ml-decant-for-only-1-99/ SOTE is Fumerie Turque. Sometimes I absolutely love this and sometimes I'm indifferent. When that happens I try to imagine what I would think if I smelled it on someone else. But I can't decide what I'd...
I was hoping that the restoration of harmony between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj (and hopefully Katy Perry too) would inspire a détente of relations between posters such as your gomestars and your archetypal_yuppies and your Fang66s, but it's starting to look like my hopes will be dashed.
Basically I thought there was a person who was hell of pissed at me but now it turns out she wasn't (or at least did not express it to me).
I just phoned her up to find out but she was slurring her words to where I had a hard time understanding. Eventually I gave up trying.
Okay gang it looks like we're seeing the dawn of a new era of harmony Taylor Swift has apologized on Twitter to Nicki Minaj, who accepted graciously. I will be anxiously awaiting Katy Perry's words of wisdom in the days and weeks to come.
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