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Man I ain't listen to no boy bands! I mean like not even one of them. So here's something I don't get I have some friends of whom I know mostly from Facebook they express pride aforethought in their Italian heritage. That's not the part I don't get. The part I don't get is that they're often "checking in" at Olive Garden. I was always taught to believe that proud Italian descent people were required by their pastors to shun Olive Garden as false Italian. I know I would...
One of my best friends is going to be entering into condition of matchermony has asked that I serve in position of best man. Won't even lie this is going to be the second time I have served as best man for this person the last marriage was basically disastertron. (I think adding "tron" imparts a tone of hell of badness that I am trying to convey.) Perty sure this one will go better.
I lost most of the hair what use to be on my noggin but the hair I got left is still brown
I was at exactly the wrong age when the grunge stuff exploded onto the scene (eighteen). I was accustomed to stuff that in retrospect looks ridiculous (hair metal) but didn't seem so at the time. And so these guys with their downtuned guitars and depressing lyrics and flannel shirts and whatnot just seemed absurd to me. I eventually came to like some of it--like Allison Chang---but for the most part that scene was always foreign to me. Now looking back at it, it seems as...
At first I thought the police officer might have violated right of way rules because he was going to pull over the lady in front of him. I looked in my rearview mirror to see if that was indeed the case but I didn't see those tell tale red and blue lights a-flashin'.
Pre-shower: TF Orchid Soleil. So far I've been a big fan of all the Black Orchid flankers. This is the newest one and it's also a winner. It's much more of a tuberose scent than any of the others, and the tuberose has a somewhat aggressive camphorous aspect, like a more subdued Tubereuse Criminelle. It's not as office friendly as Voile de Fleur or Velvet Orchid, but it's more versatile than the original Black Orchid. Things fall apart a bit in the drydown, where it...
I was at a four-way stop inner section. There were no cars at the stop sign straight ahead of me or to my right. To my left there was one car at the stop sign and another behind her. Okay that's the set-up now here's the story. I let the car to my left go because she got to her stop sign before I got to mine. But then as soon as she started going through the inner section, the car behind her went too. Now here's where the story gets crazy: the second car was a police...
Conversation with Diderik just now: Diderik: We're gonna give that stomatitis a whoopin' I just know it!!! Me: Yup we're gonna keep on giving you that cyclosporine medicine every day! Diderik: Uhh, mmm, you know maybe I could just learn to live with that stomatitis.
I'm goin' hungray-yaaaaaaaaaayeeeyaaaaaa! The video also looks like a bad parody of the 90s grunge look.
I know this post might get certain members riled up--maybe MrG or Piobaire--but I don't get Temple of the Dog. Everone is like "Oh my God Temple of the Dog is reuniting for a tour celebrate their landmark album of 1991 I have been waiting for this my whole life!!!!" Sorry for honesty but the album is unlistenable don't want to hear those songs played in live setting.
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