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Okay gang looks like MrGimpy was trying to jinx the Blue Bombers probly because he cheers for the Arglenuts, whose season is basically "for the birds" so to speak (not a good season) and because he got feelings of resentment to him. But his jinx met with failure the Bombers secured the victory by score of 37-35.
Bombers are movin' dat football again! EDIT: And scoring dat touchdowns!
Did she ask why you start all your posts by talking about your "bedtimes?"
I will definitely give it some more tries. I applied pretty conservatively today; I suspect I might like it better with a more generous application.
SOTD is the new Diptyque Essence Insensées Rose de Mai. It's a bright, happy rose with a touch of honeyed sweetness. Even though it's not listed in the notes, there's a facet of this that reminds me of tonkin musk. I think this is going to belong to the very large category of rose scents that I like but don't love.
SOTE is the new Galop d'Hermès. I'm not really feeling this. It opens with a sharp citrusy note that I identified as grapefruit, but I guess it is actually quince. As the quince retreats, a clean, civilized leather emerges as the dominant note. It's got some rosy sweetness, but what's more prominent to my nose is the saffron. I don't dislike this by any means, but I can't get excited about it either. Those of you who enjoy leather scents more than I do might find this...
Oftentimes I like to drive without my shoes on to where my feet make direct contact with the foot petals rather than mediated by my shoes. Well today an authority figure stopped me says "You can't be shoeless when you drive hampers your ability to maneuver the beel." I got so distracted by his using "beel" as an abbreviation for automobile that I forgot to defend my right to drive without shoes just put my shoes on without thinking. I bet the authority figure has used that...
Here is what I witnessed at Starbuck today when a woman got to the front of the line: Barista: What can I get started for you? Customer: I can't hear you I got my Beatzphones covering my ears. Barista: Well then you should take off your Beatzphones. Customer: I can't hear you I got my Beatzphones covering my ears. Barista: Well then you should take off your Beatzphones. and etc.
Jubilation XXV. This one deserves all the praise it gets in the online fragrance community. There's so much going on in it, but what I really love is the combination of bitterness from the frankincense with the sweetness of the fruity notes and the richness of the woods.
My favorite piece from one of my favorite contemporary composers.
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