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Okay I got a crazy event to report to y'alls. I was in line at Subway person at the "Order Here" section of the store said "I will have a footlong meatball marinara sandwich with pepperoni on Monterey cheddar bread. I'll take provolone cheese on that and I would like you to toast the sandwich in your toasting apparatus (I don't know what you call that thing too big to call it a toaster hehehe)." Well there was a guy behind him in line be listening to him recite his order...
Björk is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. This is the best song from her new record, IMO. I'm not sure how much longer this will be up on youtube.
I haven't tried either, but I'd be curious to know as well. I wouldn't be surprised if b1os had gotten his hands on them already. I am wearing Back to Black today.
No, I think I've pretty much exhausted what I know about beer in these last two posts. If I wanted to do more posts, I'd have to just make things up.
This post might make a lot of you think that I am a philistine or something, but people who really love beers are something of a mystery to me. My friends were saying like "Oh I was so excited because such and such brand was releasing a Midwestern IPA with an emulsification of resinous crespas." (I made up some terms there because I forgot the proper ones.) "But then when I tried it I was somewhat disappointed because they really over-emphasized the granulotes of the...
I was hanging out with some friends who are beer connoisseurs last night and we was drinking fancy kinds of beers of which I do not understand. Two of the beers were in category of "Cézanne" (Philosophizer and Sofie). I was all confused when they told me this I asked why there is a category of brew named after a painter. My friends looked at me with faces of confusion like "Wha?" Then they said "It is S-A-I-S-O-N," at which point I felt simultaneously like a dumb-ass for...
The posts at Styleforum are a waste of your thirty seconds ain't missing out on anything of value. (If you try to read them with dilated pupils, you might have to waste a whole minute, which would be even worse.)
Sometimes the head honchos at Styleforum pay me to not post.
Hey why give away the milk for price of free without making them buy the cow?
I just want to make sure that the posts posted to SF website maintain a certain standard of quality (high standard I mean).
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