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I am disappointed in the opinion y'alls apparently have of my posts c'mon man I have put in many good years at Styleforum website. If I was ever to make "sock account" it would probably be like for a animal or inanimate object like coffee cup.
Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford today. This is just a beautiful warm, spicy, and oddly somewhat metallic floral. I see that people on fragrantica compare it to Opium, which confirms me in my belief that people use the "This Perfume Reminds Me Of" section to troll the website.
MenswearBaeBae has location of Milwaukee. The idea that I would drive or fly from St. Louis to Milwaukee just to post posts in someone else's name is pretty "out there" just put 'er that way.
Pre-shower: Yesterday's Super Bowl reminded me that I haven't worn Le Jardin de Monsieur Li for quite a while. (It was Super Bowl LI.) It reminds me of Un Jardin Après La Mousson, which I've never been a fan of. SOTD: Terrasse à St. Germain by Jul et Mad. It's a very musky rhubarb scent. This was love at first smell for me, but I'm not enjoying it as much today. It's the musk, which is really dominating for some reason.
No, I was referring to the squad that represents Colorado State University on the gridiron of field.
During the time I've been a fan of the Rams, they have never even gotten up to .500. There have been two 2-14 seasons and one 1-15 season. 7-8-1 was the very best. All this is to say that when they finally do win dat Super Bowl I am going to be hell of unsufferable both in real life and on Internet forums. Fair warning.
Pre-shower: Nea by Jul et Mad. I am a big fan of this house, but I've never been nuts about Nea. It's a rich, syrupy sweet, somewhat boozy scent. SOTD: Jasmin et Cigarette. Among the very best of the original Etat Libre offerings. It's just what the name suggests. I don't know of anything on the market that's similar.
You and golmster should hire them for a private concert in NYC. (I would hire them to play a concert of their self-titled record but I am not big tymz of financial sector.)
I wore a scent by Etat Libre d'Orange called Hermann à mes Côtés me Paraissait une Ombre. It's a cool, sour incense with just a hint of sweetness.
I wore Guerlain Parure today. It's a plummy, rosy chypre with plenty of moss in the old-school style. This has long been one of my favorites.
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