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Sometimes I am surprised by the reasoning I engage in. Today I had planned to wear a certain ensemble of clothes, but I thoughtlessly put on the wrong pair of pants. That left me with a dilemma: do I remove the pants I just put on so's to enable myself to wear the planned ensemble, or do I change course and organize a new ensemble around the pants I han put on? This should not have taken more than a split second of my attention, but it did take more than that.
My doctor is a woman too, but she is Chinese and so I think she has wisdom to her. Speaking of coffee, I was at a conference recently and the guy ahead of me at the hotel Starbuck was lecturing the workers at great length about how they are making the coffee wrong to get the best brew you must needs do x, y, and z, all of which would be much more expensive than what Starbuck actually does. Finally I was like "you know these kids can't just freelance (change the protocol...
You should try drinking a coffee don't know if that's something you do.
I think the Lord interveened to prevent quote on quote winning hey I think He knows what's for the best.
The European man puts the day of the month before the month when he represents a date, to where I always do a spit take like "What!?"
The last woman I dated was of Italian descent but we didn't produce any offspring (which was a good result can't even be gainsaid). My Italianate friends are always like "Man you put up with too much shit gotta raise up a ruckus stand your ground." And I'm like "You got to relax in the mente a little bit!"
A lot of my friends IRL are of Italian descent. I don't have a drop of Italian blood in me, to where my Italianate friends find my ways mysterious (do not yell out "c'mon get your act together!" at the barista if she doesn't prepare my coffee as quickly as I'd like just wait patiently like an monk).
Where did you hear that it had been discontinued? There have been rumors about that since the mid 2000s, but Chanel keeps selling it.
They don't do interviews like this anymore. (Don't be surprised if a new poster called Bunk Harris shows up within the next couple of days.) [[SPOILER]]
SOTE is Luxor Oud. For some reason, I had a strong olfactory image of this on my drive home from work. It's a lovely fruity rose and oud. Like TF London, this is one that I've come to appreciate more and more over time.
New Posts  All Forums: