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I'm wearing TF Oud Fleur. My sense is that Tobacco Oud was better received than this one, but I've always preferred Oud Fleur. I especially enjoy the later stages, when some of the pungency of the top wears off.
I would hell of buy the cat version of Thunder Shirt for Diderik and Geneviève if the need arose no two ways about it.
Amouage Opus X. I've been really excited to try this ever since I first saw it discussed on the fragrance sites. It's supposed to be a rose-centric scent, but with lots of outside-the-box facets. The fragrance is inspired by the "Red Violin" movie, and so in keeping with the theme it's got a varnish-like note along with something that feels very old and dusty. Unfortunately, I don't really like this at all. It opens up with something super pungent and metallic. From there...
Seems like nowadays every kind of criticism is "shaming" of which is unacceptable people got to learn not to shame others under any circumstances. Yesterday in class I corrected a student who treated an affirming the consequent as if it were a modus ponens student was like "I feel like I'm being logic shamed this is unacceptable treating affirming the consequent as a valid logical form is just my way of expressing who I am!!!"
I was at the store last night bought some Bacon Soda what a bunch of bullshit it was basically like a white powder (soda should be liquid) and tasted nothing like bacon it was just sort of bitter made my teeth be whiter at least.
Diderik makes the strangest analogies today he was flicking his tail around because he had a lot of excess energy built up in to him he says "I'm like a pinball machine and my tail is the flipperds!"
Dior Homme is the name of the scent I wore today. It is by Dior.
Speaking of Chili Chack, where has Chili_Fool been as of late haven't seen no posts. Maybe he's moved over to Fine Dining thread.
I ate hell of bad diet today I don't even mean like Chipoltee I mean even worse than that. Put 'er this way, my bad diet paid devil dens at the gem tonight. (Or maybe it paid negative devil dens I don't know exactly how the figure of speech is suppose to work.)
Seems like every single time there's a post on Styleforum about Chinese dog eating festival Find Finn shows up to make a comment wonder what's up with that?
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