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Betimes I think Neo might just be trolling the forum a little bit for fun the things he says just don't have dat verisimilitude to them.
All this mention of ketchup (catsup) as of late such as with eggs and whatnot has pert near gotten to me where I quit my Styleforum membership just thought the community had better values.
Hey if you know a way to get them to take off the tomatoes I'd be glad to hear it. To the best of my knowledge, though, they won't do it.
My local Subway has introduced Shawarma Sub but the thing of it is is that tomatoes go on it automatically to where you can't even override the protocol by saying "no tomatuhs please" or anything like that.
It is hard to overstate how good Bois des Iles is. I am wearing Amouage Lyric Woman today. It's an amazingly good spicy rose, although on some days the cardamom does not agree with me. I'm enjoying it today, though.
What a lot of people don't understand is that Lord Alfred Hayes used to do some of the best promos in the business. [[SPOILER]]
I am dressed up in a somewhat gaudy manner today we are talking about bright orange and blue-jeans-colored blue.
Conversation: Person: I got an awlffer on the antlers I put up on ebay awlffer means an awful offer. Me: There's no point making up a new word when you got to explain it in reglar words anyways. Person: Gives me greater efficiency of expression. Me: No it gives you less efficiency because you have to say the idea twice. And before any of you ask, yes "Person" us Shunta's birth father he bought antlers with the money he saved from adopting out Shunta. Then he realized he...
SOTE is Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange.
Good luck! If it goes well, maybe you could treat yourself to Chicken McNuggets meal as a reward.
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