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It is my work computer.
Unfortunately, I think the likelihood of its being discounted is pretty low. Have you tried looking for splits? That might be a way to go if you don't think you need a whole 3.3 oz bottle. My SOTE is Tobacco Vanille. You have to spray this pretty generously because the projection is low.
If this were "real" football they could win it at the end with a rouge.
Looks like the Rams basically gave the whole NFL a blueprint of how to beat the Bucs now the Falcons are taking advantage.
I remember about a year ago they kept spamming the forum with all those ads. After that I resolved not to buy their records.
A lot of SF posters seem to think of themselves as modern day Bowie Kuhn's but they are not.
Here's a new thing I like to do whenever anyone mentions a scientific study of any sort that involves any kind of relationship between variables, I cry out "CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION THAT STUDY IS FLAUD!!!"
It would be so cool to have a red stapler like the one in sonick's picture! My stapler is color of black.
Sometimes when I type an website address into the address bar and then hit return, Safari tells me "You are not connected to the Internet." And I'm like "Bullshit I am too connected to the Internet." And then three seconds later Safari basically agrees that I am on the Internet takes me to my site.
Pre-shower: Acteur. Somewhat old-fashioned ('80s) masculine spicy rose. SOTD: Une Fleur de Cassie. This one is still pretty new to me, but I'm liking it very much.
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