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Lot of people have been calling me out in the local media for being elitess but I don't even care if that wine is not viognier I am not going to drink it.
We're supposed to get wintry mix today in STL no way I am going to Popeye's. I just stayed in and made a batch of caramel mashed potatoes.
There's a new thing I do when I am home all alone basically just keep myself entertained I will say something out loud in one room and then I will go into a different room and say "hey keep quiet in there there is people doing tasks!" Doing that gives me a bit of conversation and drama, but it also reminds me that I am doing tasks of which should be proud of.
@Synthese: The major white floral notes are jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, and orange blossom.
^^ You might want to give Vetyverio by Diptyque a try. Pre-shower: Bois Marocain SOTD: Rossy de Palma Eau de Protection
Betimes I wonder how yourn body still has functionment to it.
I proposed a new academic department at my university it would be called Wintry Mix Studies. Basically scholars would just study wintry mix from a naturalistic, scientific point of view, but also as a cultural, semiotic, and I dare say even a spiritual phenomenon. Well wouldn't you guess it the "administrators" shut it down straightaway probably feared the explosive political consequences of the work we would have done.
It has happened a bunch of times during February that I expected to go into my office on the weekends get a bunch of work done, but then I discovered that we were having a "weather event" aka wintry mix and so I stayed home. Looks like the same thing is going to happen this weekend. This might help me break the habit of working in the office instead of from home, which would save me a good amount of money on account of live perty far from my office.
I was at the groshery today to buy me some postage stamps there was some children there be selling Girl Scout Cookies. When they made their pitch to me I gave them an earful said "Sugar is a poison of toxin basically upsets the harmonious balance of body that was established by the Creator at the moment of Creation. You're hardly better than drug dealers be pushing this stuff in your neighborhoods!" They didn't like what I said, but sometimes you gotta speak your truth...
Hey guys I am so happy I've been looking all over for bottles of Bois Marocain found two at Amazon and bought them right up! I'll keep one and sell the other at an inflated price, to where I will become rich! EDIT: SOTE is the mighty Jules.
New Posts  All Forums: