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Don't know if y'alls have heard of a scent called Like This Tilda Swinton but that's what I'm wearing as SOTD.
I am a candidate for an important teaching award to where observers are coming to my classes observe what I do in dat classroom setting see if I do educating right. Well today I got observers coming what they are going to witness is me telling the students they did almost impossibly badly on their quizzes of which looks like I didn't do very good at educating. I am going to give a inspirational speech about how the sky's the limit if they get off their asses and put in...
Okay here's another thing now that I'm on a roll: I do not have any aunts or uncles or cousins or anything like that because both my parents were only childs. And so maybe I have no business whatsoever even weighing in on this matter, but I really dislike the pronunciation of "aunt" as "ont" or "awnt." It is like nails on the chalkboard to me.
Femke van den Driessche was caught with a motor in her bicycle man what are they gonna think up next in that crazy world of cycling?
I have a habit of when I have been writing but need to stop in order to handle papers I put my pen into my mouth as temporary storage. Here is the thing though I have the worst gag reflex of mankind to where I get feeling of volmint whenever I put that pen into my mouth. Why do I keep doing that? (Don't no one make untoward comments this is a honest post of serious matter.)
I wore Shanghai Lily by Tom Ford today. At first this was definitely my favorite from the Atelier d'Orient series. But now I've come to like them all almost equally.
I just graded a batch of quizzes for logic made me wonder if Mengtibbi didn't accidentally sell me hallucinogens instead of his usual counterfeit weeg because I can't believe the students could perform so badly in the really existing world of which we live in. All I needed them to do was memorize some basic definitions and logical forms. I guess I should have been tipped off when the students asked me if the definition section would be matching. (They were genuinely...
As I've mentioned before I have got lactose intolerance to me. Betimes when I am dining with others they try to look out for me such as if like I were infant didn't know what I was doing be like "No don't eat that pretzel there is butter in the mix!!" or "Hey hey stop don't eat that celery stick it cannot be confirmed nor denied if chocolate is made in the same factory where they cut the celery!!!" And I'm like "I actually have developed a perty accurate sense of what I...
Okay it's like 11:20 am and I have already got drunkenness aforethought to me getting ready to enjoy dat Super Bowl in spirit of elation and frisson. But then I discovered the Super Bowl ain't on today it's next Sunday now I am trying to drink lots of brew (gesha) sober up and have a perductive day of labor.
Just moments ago on my drive home from the workplace I realized it is probably unusual to have the same middle name as your mother but that is the case with me got the same middle name.
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