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capnMURPHY2021 doesn't make a lot of posts if you measure it in terms of quantity, but when he does post he brings a truth perspective to things that is just what the forum needs to hear. (This post is in response to his coffee post in another thread.)
Lately I've been seeing sentences like this: "I was confuse about the material." Or "I was paturb when I heard her scornful words." I can't understand that mistake at all. I mean I understand that we don't really pronounce the final d, but how can a person look at that and think it's right? What would it even mean to say "I am confuse?"
Sometimes I get to thinking that mankind is just basically made up of a bunch of faulty specimends.
Santal Blush for me today. I applied it pretty liberally.
I think he would of got the police called on him if he han said that!
Because they put your task farther down on theyn list of priorities.EDIT: Looks like archetypal_yuppie beat me to the punch (said my point before I had the opportunity to do so)!
Just got back from Starbuck, where another customer got a bad service. He said "This place should be called Starbunk because the service here is a bunch of bunk!"
SOTE is Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes by Etat Libre d'Orange. (It used to be called Philippine Houseboy.)
Had a weird convo with Chimp Cho-Chool today. He was like "Hey you go on that Styleforum website right? I been checking it out are you that guy be post all the time about his doodahs fill the bowl to capacity levels?" And I was like "Goddammit why you think I'm the kind of guy be post about my doodahs on the Internet?" And he was like "Cuz you got low T listen to Tori Amos hahahahehehehohoho!"
I am disappointed that you think I listen to such sounds as are made by Die Antwoord.
New Posts  All Forums: