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Seems like all the evening football telecasts open with stupid country music songs about football and how much fun it is to watch. What the hell is up with that?
I hope this doesn't deem me as a evil person but I do not enjoy the sound of children singing. I mean even children who know how to sing in key and whatnot I don't like the sound of it.
Do you mean the Bjork of 2016 or Bjork in her prime? If it's Bjork in her prime, then it's not even a close call IMHO.
Today I wore a scent called Lyric Man by Amouage. It's a bright, citrusy rose. The lime note is very nice.
I say this pert near every year, but there aren't many genres of music worse than Christmas music. (Christian rock is worse, I'll say that at least.) But today I heard carolers singing Christmas songs made it even worse than the average Christmas song because the words didn't even rhyme be like "I'm getting nothing for Christmas / Mommy and Daddy are pissed off / I'm getting nothing for Christmas / Because I did deleterious acts during the year."
Frederic Malle Dans tes Bras. I've always enjoyed this. It's a soft, fuzzy violet with a nutty heliotrope.
Okay you know I am not the kind of guy what log into online complain about the deeds and omissions of man just not how I bring it. But I got to speak out here what the hell happened to Bess Buy just went there to buy electronical Christmas gifts can hardly find where the merchant dice is and then once you find it you go through a checkout process that Dollar Store would be embarrassed to have. I haven't shopped at Bess Buy for many years use to be better.
There's a new thing I've been seeing on Facebook as of late my female FB friends will complain in a vague way about a friend (or former friend) what han wronged them in some unspecified way and then they will add "Bye Fleeshah!!! Hahaha BURNG!!!"
During the course of my life I have contributed more gofundme money to cats' medical care than to humans' medical care.
Apparently the audience booed up a storm when this had its premiere. I enjoyed it very much the first time I ever heard it, which was only about a week ago. I've been listening to Adriaansz's work quite a bit lately.
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