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Masque Milano Russian Tea. I can definitely see why so many people in the online fragrance world love this. It's a rich, smoky, leathery black tea. There's a healthy dose of mint at the top, but that disappears for me pretty quickly. There's also a hint of sweetness that I probably wouldn't be able to identify on my own, but which fragrantica suggests is immortelle and labdanum. I'm not normally a big fan of tea scents, mainly because I often find them lacking in depth....
I used to listen to this a lot. For some reason I thought of it again today.
Sorry, it's probably too late to respond to this. But FWIW, I think Jubilation XXV, Fate Man, Journey Man, and Lyric Man are really excellent on the masculine side. Myths Man is very nice too; it feels much more modern to me than the others. On the feminine side, if you're interested, Lyric Woman, Fate Woman, and Lilac Love are very, very good.I'm wearing the newest Jul et Mad scent for the first time today. It's called Secrets du Paradis Rouge. It's a beautiful almondy...
My favert Metallica album is Lulu. It's a shame they didn't continue down that road of style.
Okay what the heck is going on with Subway restrunt? It's only a few months ago I was reading in the business press about how they han made a new logo for themselves basically the same as their old logo but whatever. Well there's a new Subway being constructed right in my neighborhood ain't even open for business yet. Which logo do you think they have in the winda and behind the counter? That's right it's the quote on quote "old" forward-slanted one. Parently the news...
I am going to sound like a complete Debbie Downer answering this question! I have liked very few of the Penhaligons I've tried, so I basically gave up on them. And I really don't like Givenchy Insense very much at all; it's too sharp and green for my taste. And to top it off, I'm not a big fan of narcissus.Today I wore Aziyade by Parfum d'Empire. It's a very rich, datey cumin bomb. I love it.
GF is not my SO you B-H (buns-heads).
I know this might get me kicked off of Styleforum but I don't even give a rip got to speak my truth I have no interest in college basketball or Final Fury or any of it. Only basketball I care about is WNBA real good competition and level of play in that leeg.
I met my SO of LTR on SF of which could not be happier.
I know I might get accused of cultural appropriation for even saying this but I don't even give a rip I enjoy preparing matzo brei breakfast for myself at breakfast time.
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