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I think tagut keeps 90% of his FB friends just so he can use them in this thread.
Betimes I do a stupid act which is I write on my pink legal pad with a red pen makes it hard to read.
The St. Louis Cardinals have finally clinched the division. I really thought the Pirates were going to overtake them.
Pre-shower: Must de Cartier parfum (vintage) SOTD: TF London. Has anyone else tried this one?
I'll never forget the time when Chester Marcol (Packers kicker) broke a 6-6 overtime tie by running for a touchdown against the Bears. That was a defensive battle for sure.
You can tell the NFL has a grudge against the Rams why would they leave one of the most popular teams in the league off the monday night schedule so often? They're only hurting themselves, but they do it out of spite it looks like.
Punch and Judy--Harrison Birtwistle
Today I overheard someone besay "Firefox browser can kiss my ass!" I went up to the person and said "No it can't."
I succeeded in turning off the automatic spelling correction mechanism on my computer! Now I will not have to retype the words of my "creative" posts to where I'm like "goddammit."
My SOTE is Attar de Roses did not have to warsh it off.
New Posts  All Forums: