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I'm the kind of person can get a bit weepy betimes so what sue me I got a little choked up when Uncle Jimmy received his Christmas gift from Michael Carter-Williams (NBA superstar).
Today has been an unpleasant day, largely because it has been gray for a couple days in a row, but also because it's the Christmas season, which always gets my mood down. But I trudged through and got an important bit of work finished. I ordered Imo's to reward myself for my accomplishment.
In STL (St. Louis) you see lots of cars with a simple white oval bumper sticker just says "CITY" on it. I will not say whether or not I have such an sticker on my Maybach, but I will go on record as saying they are perty cool stickers.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame treated KISS badly, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Of course from one point of view it makes sense to only induct the original four, since they're the band that had the greatest success. But on the other hand, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has made it their practice to give bands a voice in determining which of their past or present members would be inducted. They didn't do that for KISS simply because they wanted to be assholes...
You will never settle down you are a "ramblin' man" such as country and western singers used to sing about.
I am out of crackers at the very moment when I am feeling a desire to eat a sleeve of crackers.
I don't even own furniture just basically think of it as a bourgeois art-a-fuss.
His coat must be tailored very badly indeed if it does not cover up the area of his thorax where his nipples are.
It's sort of like a miniature St. Louis.
New Orleans, Louisiana.
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