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Hopefully Chili Fool will show up and talk some more about his Mangwichs. I've never tried one but I gotta say they sound pretty tasty (and healthy as well).
The shoes I'm wearing today are a bit too "ostentatious" for the rest of my fairly conservative ensemble. I know some of you are already asking "Why did you choose to wear those shoes then? Don't you pick out your own clothes like a reglar adult?" Yes, I do. But I got pain on my pinky toe and the more appropriate shoes would have aggervated said pain. So I "made a business decision" as they say in football.
We got a guy at work who's just like HRoi loves to make double entendres. But the thing is he's a man of devout faith and so he won't venture into sexual double entendres prefers to focus on minor sins. Just this morning a guy was saying "I hope you can get extra meat wit dat Chipoltee free brido!!!" And our office HRoi said "Careful there Greg or you'll get *an extra meeting* with the Lord explain why you were not satisfied with the bounty he han provided hehehe!"
The Hall and Oates just announced a summer tour do you think they are maybe going to come to St. Louis play a show no they are not.
I'm wearing M/Mink as SOTE. I'm not a big fan of this, but it is definitely an interesting and unusual perfume. I thought to wear it because there was a review of it on auparfum.com (which is my new favorite perfume website. I don't know if any of you guys read French, but if so you should check it out.) Interestingly, one of the commenters thought that Lutens L'Orpheline was similar. That's exactly what I noticed when I first tried L'Orpheline.
I just discovered this person the other day.
A lot of celebrities have their cars made bespoke by elite automakers in such a way as that they look like regular cars it is for safety consideration. Let's just say I know whereof I speak on this one hehehe!
Hells yes I did buy more gesha brew won the right to negotiate with the seller at auction.
It was probably snowing when the Saviour was born hey why do you think they call it White Christmas it's because of the snow.
Okay so normally I am hell of bad at detecting when ladies are trying to express interest in me. But now of a sudden there are two different ladies what be have crushs on me aren't even hiding it with subtlety. Now I got uncomfterbleness to me don't really enjoy the experience of ladies what be have crushs on me.
New Posts  All Forums: