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I have never put any SF poster on ignore list. For a while I thought I had put a bunch of people on ignore--Murchase, Da_Chochacho, Man-of-Forum, four-in-ham-sandwich, and double_crunk--because I was never seeing their posts. But then I realized it was because they did not exist.
I don't care what anyone says, I am wearing Arabian Wood by TF today.
MrGimpy has done it again got the words in the Reply Box to appear as brown that is awesome.
Problem is that the other rooms do not have carfet of which makes it less pleasant to use the floor other than for walking on.
^^ Yes, my university is in partnership with Styleforum the correspondence classes are actually run through here. It's what the business side calls "win-win." So now I got a new problem I just bought a bed which is awesome but it takes up a lot of the floor space in my bedroom. This means I need to find a new place to do reglar everyday tasks like writing. I used to do that work on the floor, but now, as I just mentioned, that space is occupied by a bed. Do you see the...
smh (shaking my head aka noggin)
That was not what I meant, Neo_Version, of which I think you knew perfectly well (in your heart).
I was just at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy bedding for my bed. Here's the conversation that happened with the cashier: Cashier: Oh your wife is going to be so happy you picked out such a ladylike pattern of bedspread probably you will get to break in these new sheets straightaway with making love! Me: smh.
That is a invented answer "made of whole cloth" soda speak.
Betimes I guess which posters have me on ignore and then I don't respond to posts where they ask questions of which I know the answer to hey why even bother you know what I'm saying? Basically saves me labor and opportunity costs as well.
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