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For three of the first four days of the semester I have worn Monk Straf shoes the only day I didn't I wore John Lobb Beckett shoe. Basically feeling good about my shoe gang that's all.
Not trying to start concherversy here, but I don't like it when people say "insurance" with the accent on the first sellable. It should be on the second. Also when people put the accent on the first sellable of "buffet." But now for a point of contrast I don't like when people put equal accent on the first and second sellables of "theater." Should just go on the first.
Yesterday: Lyric Woman Today: Lyric Man
Y'alls is a bunch of grumpus's this morning this is suppose to be dat Happy thread.
I got -8.5 vision usually wear compact lenses but when I'm not in the public eye so to speak (TV appearances, public lectures, etc) I wear glasses like nobody's business. (True fact though I strongly dislike my glasses didn't like any of the options at the eye doctor's just chose the least bad.) I got beautiful blue eyes though (as reported by others I mean) don't like to conceal them with glasses.
On the first day of class I get to know the students' names. Of course sometimes they go by names that are different from what's on my roster, such as nickname. One of my students said "My name is Jaydun, but I'm known as The Man What Love Pizza." I said "Umm, everyone loves pizza. That's not a very good nickname don't distinguish you from no one else." And then he was like "Oh yeah never thought of it that way. I guess from now on I'll be known as The Man What Love Sexual...
When I go to the one liquor store in St. Louis that has it, I always say I'm looking for "byrrh b-y-r-r-h." (It's a very big store and they're always moving the byrrh to different places, so I end up having to ask.) Usually the first person I ask doesn't know what I am talking about and they have to get someone else to put me to condition of helped.
I have to go in to work in a little bit. I should probably shave but I am afraid that I will cut myself with my new razor blades to where I won't be able to stop the bleeding in time. (Last time I bleeded for almost an hour.) I think I will kick it Don Johnson Miami Vice style in the classroom today.
Hope you know the translation for byrrh, as said beverdge will surely be featured prominently.
You guys are awesome. Thank you.
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