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That sounds like an unethical practice.
It's starting to become obvious that the Arizona Cardinals are the class of the NFC West (best team).
Like many great delicacies of cuisine such as your foie gras or your escargot, Provel can take some getting used to
Now wait just a minute Provel has a distinguished history as part of the culinary culture of one of America's greatest cities (I am talking about St. Louis).
Pre-shower: La Fin du Monde. It's a bright, spicy iris. The advertised popcorn note is definitely there, although I probably would not have characterized it that way if the ads hadn't put the idea in my mind. I enjoy it, but I don't love it. SOTD: Dior Homme. Apparently I've been craving irises lately.
Sorry to hear that, Eric. Good luck finding a resolution.
Good Lord. I don't know why I persist in being a fan of the St. Louis Rams.
No, Neo, they are playing the Cowboys got a ridiculous roughing the passer called against them at the end of the 2nd quarter allowed the Cowboys to score an field goal.
I wonder which team the refs want to win in the Rams game gimme a break!
He's finally starting to live up to his potential.
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