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Meister Brau used to have some of the best ads in the business. Like once a bunch of cowboys got Meister Brau thought they was getting a really expensive treat. But then they found out it was a inexpensive beer. So wait a minute, the cowboys had chipped in a lot of money for the Meister Brau, where'd the money go? Cut to one of the cowboys at an expensive restaurant acting the fool. And so facthematter is that Meister Brau is as real as my Maybach!
I have two bottles per day, but I spread it out don't drink them both within the span of a hour or anything like that.
I have blue eyes but irregardless I am not a alcoholic. (An ex-gf told me the other day she had worries that I had alcoholism to me. But facthematter is that I can't even drink a whole bottle of Meister Brau without losing my coordination of musculature. Got no tolerance on account of don't drink much.)
I am rocking Lys Fume today. It is by Tom Ford.
I was at Starbuck today ordered a brew [ /what the wha? So many good options for coffee around the citay ain't no reason to go to Starbuck less you committed a crime and are afraid the feds are waiting for you at a better coffee shop come on man stop committing crimes and turn your life over to Jesus!]. The barista asked if I wanted him to leave room and I said yes, approximately one centimeter of room. The guy was like "I don't know cennameters is it like the lenth of a...
There's a guy at work who frequently talks about how his sewer system is not functioning properly and how he's struggling to get permits from the city to make the necessary repairs. But it turns out he didn't really mean his sewer system, he meant his intestines and stomach and suchlike. Apparently he took the metaphor too seriously thought he needed city approval to make the needed repairs (Tums).
I bring such a professionalism to the workplace that betimes my co-workers stand around admiring me rather than performing their own tasks of labor. I guess I've learned that you can be *too* good a role model.
I'll be damned if I can make sense of the concept of "sectional sofa."
I get Starbucks Reserve but it's branded as regular Starbucks for safety consideration.
settle down.
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