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Myths Man for me today too.
I did a quick calculation using proprietary mathematical formula turns out ESPN comes in first with a 7.52 ranking index. Rolling Stone comes in second with 6.81. EDIT: Aww man you got me but good tricked me into hypocrelsey hehehe!
What the hell seems like ESPN website can't go two weeks without having some feature where they rank things ain't need to be ranked. I guess they probably like those stories because they get people fired up making comments and whatnot. Irregardless, I find them annoying, especially when they just ranked the same damn thing like a year ago. (Rolling Stone ain't much better with the rank ordering nonsense, don't anyone think I forgot about them.)
AiC is clearly the best of the bunch like not even close. I'd rather listen to Layne Staley than any other vocalist in that genre, including Chris Cornell. Obviously Cornell has an amazing voice, but I don't enjoy hearing it for more than a couple songs.
Not trying to start no contcherversy just saying my views I don't know how anyone can enjoy the sounds that are produced when a Smashing Pumpkins CD is put into the CD player and "Play" is pushed or when a Smashing Pumpkins record goes on to a record player and the needle is put on to said record etc. I mean in a lot of cases I can understand why other people might enjoy something I personally don't enjoy, but with Smashing Pumpkins I can't even get that far. Billy...
I was not allowed onto the field of play.
Okay so tonight I was at a baseball game with a lady eventually she asks "Wait how come you know so much about sports uniforms seems like you know hell of minutia of details." And I really didn't have nothing to say that would make me have appearance of half-way reglar man just had to say the truth "Sports uniforms is one of my life hobbies of which I read Internet websites devoted to said topic every day."
Pre-shower: SL Une Voix Noire. That is a really smoky, dirty gardenia. If you don't really like gardenia a lot, you're not going to like this. SOTD: True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux for a night at the Cards game.
Okay so I was at the brew pub chatting with this lady she says to me "Maybe we could go to my place get to ramblin' if you catch my drift." Problem was I didn't catch her drift don't know the idiom of 'get to ramblin'." Turns out she meant "do acts." At first I thought "Oh man looks like a lost opportunity." But then later I thought "I probably don't want to get to ramblin' with a person who says get to ramblin' anyways."
SOTE is Dzing! I contend that it is impossible not to like this. I know some people say they don't but I think they are being paid by rival perfume houses.
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