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The woman was all like "If you have tetrachromatron vision then you hate yellow it's a fact of science!" And I'm like "Bullshit yellow is one of the best colors of which God han created don't tell me what colors I hate!"
I had my official university portrait painted this weekend. (All the superstars of the university have their portraits in the "Hall of Portraiture.") I wasn't too pleased with how the painter chose to represent me. [[SPOILER]]
SOTE is Le Feu d'Issey. Sometimes I think this is one of the best fragrances in history and sometimes I want to scrub it off immediately. Tonight I am having the former kind of response.
I am wearing Nuit de Tubereuse today. It's a soft, lightly peppered tuberose. I've always wanted to like this more than I do, largely because I like the bottle so much. I like it but don't love it. Also, I ordered a sample of the brand new Chanel Misia. I'm looking forward to trying it; I'm a big fan of many of the scents in the Exclusifs lineup.
Okay I just did a experiment I searched for the song "I'll Be There" on Spotify. Usually I just go to the band (L.A. Guns) or the album (Shrinking Violet), but I wanted to see how far down the song would be on the list of search results. Turns out it was almost literally at the bottom. I wrote Spotify a letter let's see if they have the integrity to put it closer to the top of the search results.
The Lord gives everyone exactly the amount of T that is appropriate for his place within the plan of Creation.
Lot of people have been calling me out in the local media for being elitess but I don't even care if that wine is not viognier I am not going to drink it.
We're supposed to get wintry mix today in STL no way I am going to Popeye's. I just stayed in and made a batch of caramel mashed potatoes.
There's a new thing I do when I am home all alone basically just keep myself entertained I will say something out loud in one room and then I will go into a different room and say "hey keep quiet in there there is people doing tasks!" Doing that gives me a bit of conversation and drama, but it also reminds me that I am doing tasks of which should be proud of.
@Synthese: The major white floral notes are jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, and orange blossom.
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