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Okay so there was a event this weekend for the release of the new Radiohead record at the local record store everone was joyous and listening to music and I think there was even "drink" if you get my drift. Well me and some friends barged in was like "What the hell are you doing it's dat holy season no time for Radiohead!" When our calls were not heeded we basically started kicking ass and taking names. Well now guess who's being vellified on social media. Is it the people...
I saw Shalimar the Clown, which is a brand new opera based on Salman Rushdie's book. (I didn't see the world premiere performance, but pretty close.) It's one of the best operas I've seen. I might buy another ticket and watch it again.
They sure do there will always be a place in the world for Product 19 so many vitamins and minerals combined with a pleasant taste (unlike Total which I don't want to eat no offense). On another matter, am I allowed to call for a moratorium on FB posts featuring Willy Wonka looking smug and mocking strawman versions of people's opinions?
Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate. It's a crisp, very tart rhubarb in a base of light musk. I'm not a big fan of many of the scents in their Les Colognes series, but this one is quite nice.
Does anyone think it's a coincidence the Cavaliers won their road games in "Golden State" aka Oakland once they stopped wearing navy? I don't think it's a coincidence. Navy got no business in their colors no business at all.
I was led to believe that Tim Horthons coffee was the best no it isn't it's okay but not the best.
I have expressed my views here in the past about people who don't use their car keys and I'm here to tell you I'll do it again if that's what it comes to.
When I was younger there was a rule and everyone knew it: if you want to be taken seriously as a grocelry store you had to carry Product 19 in your cereal aisle. Sorry but this was non-negotiable no excuses tolerated for not carrying dat Product. Well nowadays I often find myself in stores with no Product 19 to be seen anywhere when I speak with the managers they are not even embarrass. Maybe we need to return to a simpler time when people had some shame to them.
There's a snacken out there called "Munchies" basically it's just they put a bunch of different Frito Lay cheps in the same bag I was like "C'mon that is a hell of lazy way to bring a product to market!" But then I tried the Munchies had to admit they was perty good.
Rubj Voile d'Extrait. This is my first time trying this. I love the eau de parfum version and so I was very keen to try this one. It's definitely recognizable as Rubj, but to my surprise it's much less funky, and thus much more office friendly, than the edp. Mainly that's because of the lack of passion fruit, IMO. To my nose, creamy tuberose is the star of the voile d'extrait. It's much more prominent than in the edp. It's a bright, tangy scent that reminds me just a...
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