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I'm not sure if I've just got a really idiosyncratic perception of this one, but yes.
All across the nation people have been cheering their hearths out for The Note, but they suffered a bad defeat tonight gonna make it hard for them to earn a spot in the Stanley Cup Finalds.
I've been a big fan of Tom of Finland since I first tried it. I still enjoy it a lot. My SOTE is Oud 27. As with many Le Labo scents, the name is very misleading. What stands out most to me are somewhat bitter incense and patchouli notes. The very top reminds me of a brewery. (I live in St. Louis, where they brew Budweiser. When you drive by the brewery, it smells a bit like Oud 27.)
The only thing I've smelled that is in the ballpark of Divin'Enfant is Love by Kilian. Both have an orange blossom and marshmallow sweetness. It's been a while since I've smelled Divin'Enfant, but my memory is that Love is even sweeter. I'm wearing Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche. It's creamy lemon and vetiver. I used to love this and so I bought a whole bottle, but now I just find it okay. Vetiver is a note that often doesn't agree with me.
When you review a many-script for a publisher just basically help them decide whether to publish it or not they offer you either cash or books whose value considerably exceeds the amount of cash that is offered. But then I check out all the books they got on offer and I'm like "Man I am not sure I even want any of these tolms should I just take the cash money?"
Okay now Drummond Green is trying to say he didn't mean to kick the Thunders in the groin zone was an accident he must think we all got fools in our heads instead of brangs.
Why they insist on adding navy to dat scheme of color I have no earthly idea hey why not add a bit of kelly green and purple while you're at it?
Don't count the Rafters out they showed that they are a formidable team who "have the Cabs' number" so to speak.
The Gay Men's Chorus tried to sing the national anthem at the Padres game but they were made to look foolish when someone in control of national anthem proceedings played a pre-recorded track of a woman singing dat anthem basically just had to stand out there in the middle of the field like "Uhh what do we do now should we lip synch?"
On this very website I declared forthrightly and without ambiguity that the Warrelyers would not even make the NBA Finals of which everyone was like "you're crazy man they will win the Championship FACT!" It's looking like the Thunders are basically whooping the Warrelyers all over the basketball court definitely looking like the superior squad.
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