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When I was a youngster everyone called me "The Carbo-Raider" on account of ate so many breadstuffs.
I didn't eat enough calories (kilocalories) before I came into work today. But just now I han ate a croissant and an everything bagel, to where my body feels restored to vigors. (The barista tried to be clever and pronounce croissant in French, but her French was perty bad.)
Coromandel. This has a pretty good claim to the title "King of the Patchoulis." Is it the best pick for a 92 degree day? No it is not, but irregardless that is what I felt like wearing.
The heat is "ridic" today (ridiculous) to where I'm like "What the hell am I on a platform?"
With monk strap shoes it is easy to tell which is left and which is right because the strap points to the outside sector of yourn body. With lacey shoes it can be harder to tell gotta trial and error.
Not trying to brag, but I am wearing one of the most awesome pink floral ties they is. I will probably get "hit on" by gays today. EDIT: Also wearing a pink bead bracelet "all dolled up" so to speak.
Do all the presenters on NPR go through training to learn that annoying dialect of English that, to the best of my knowledge, does not actually exist in nature?
I was thinking of the camphorous facets. SL really magnifies them.
I wrote Persian letters on the chalkboard to make a general point. (I guess they are Arabic letters but I think of them as Persian letters because I don't know any Arabic.) I realized straightaway that I make Persian letters much better on a chalkboard than I do on paper. And so that gave me a great idea from now on whenever I write Persian on paper I will use chalk.
Those are really weighty problems to be wrestling with. I don't know if I could come home smiling after detailing with that.
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