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If you know the date of a person's death that far in advance it seems like you are fixin' to commit a crime.
Guess what they didn't have at the groshery store that's right Lactaid now I can't have no dairy foods.
My mother has been in the hospital for the last few days to deal with a pretty simple problem. But then all of a sudden her health deteriorated rapidly and they were very worried about her. Now it turns out they had been giving her double her usual dose of diabetes medication and that was causing the problems. Not happy that they doubled her medication, of course, but happy that she's doing much better.
Today was basically a day of people getting upset at me for supernumerary acts. But I responded by putting on a pair of shabes and saying "deal with it."
The mechanics did repairs on Crispin (my car) today and in the process they made it to where the brakes didn't work no more. (The original repair had nothing to do with the brakes.) If I hadn't noticed straightaway that something was wrong with the braking mechanism, I would have crashed into something or someone and caused damages aforethought.
Eau d'Herm├Ęs. One of the all-time greats.
I feel like a lot of people think they are eating yogurt when really they are eating "cultures."
^^ Which one?
Pre-shower: Lagerfeld Photo (pre-reformulation, which is much better). Back in 1991 I thought this was the greatest fragrance of all time. Whenever I wear it I feel like I'm back in Wisconsin at college in my apartment on Vine Street. It's uncanny how closely scent is related to memory. SOTD: Le Feu d'Issey.
It used to be normal, and even expected, for bands to release an album every year. But every new release was a big deal like "Aww hells yes my favert band han released a new album didn't think I could wait another day!!!"
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