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I made my best scramble eggs of all time today except for one major era I got shulls in it.
L.A. Guns has been left off the list of nomelnees for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame again. Anymore I'm basically to the point of wondering if they're even trying to take their Hall of Fame seriously or are they just trolling fans of rock and roll genre of music?
Amouage Fate Man. It prominently features two of my very favorite notes: cumin and immortelle. Not surprisingly, it's one of my very favorites.
Anymore it seems like toasters have started using excessive force against the breads that go in them be like "Yer outta hee-ya!!" and then eject them with might and mang to where they land on the surface of the earth. Why would a consumer want a toaster to do that?
My catsitter has a name that is perty similar to the name of my girl cat. I hope my kitty doesn't get disoriented or confused to where she becomes upset.
Here are some that occur to me off the top of my head in addition to Stilettos on Lex, which I'd also definitely recommend.Shalimar (Guerlain). This is one of those scents that seems absolutely impossible to dislike. It's a classic for good reason.Tom Ford Noir. I'm not a big fan of this myself, but it's both powdery and quite masculine.True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux (Etat Libre d'Orange). This is among my very favorites. It's a powdery violet that's somewhat...
Betimes I pay for express speed shipping on things because it's important that they arrive at their destelnation quickly. But then it turns out the things arrive at their destelnation at just about the same time they would of if I hadn't paid for express speed shipping.
"One in the same." It don't make no sense to say that.
Stilettos on Lex by Jul et Mad. It's one of my very favorites. It opens with pear and violet leaf, but it's also lightly musky from the get-go. Eventually a sweeter and every so slightly bitter facet emerges, I think owing to the vanilla and the heliotrope. It's quite powdery too. I imagine it might be too feminine for a lot of you, but it really is fantastic.
At the vendel machine at my workplace, the cheps that sell out fastest is Munchy's. I know some of you are saying "Keep your posts on point this isn't Enventory Thread!" Well here's the thing Munchy's is my favorite cheps I don't like it when they are sold out gets me to hibbeldy-jibbeldy. There's your revelance right there.
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