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I am the worst texter in the world always be hitting the wrong buttons with my fingers. Then I hit backspace and hit the wrong button again.
Too many songstress's today do not put enough effort into their craft just don skimpy outfits and lip sink to AutoTunes.
They are made by a Dutch cobblery firm called Murgulies Bunn.
I am listening to Iris ter Schiphorst's Adrogyn: Live. There doesn't appear to be a youtube, but here's a link to a sample: http://www.iris-ter-schiphorst.de/english/?p=28
They are color of tobacco. (Which is in the range of "brown.")
My brother and his wife just bought me a pair of double monks, for no particular reason that I can discern. That was so kind of them! (I won't say what model because I don't want it to be about that. Suffice it to say that they are very nice.)
As of late I have been wearing suits with super tight fitting t-shirts so's to show off my physique. (I mean I am not wearing a dress shirt over the t-shirt would defeat the purpose.) But I am still wearing oxfords so's not to present too casual a look, you know?
SOTE is Shanghai Lily. It's a lovely sweet, bright, tangy floral with frankincense.
The owl hoots, but the cookie still crumbles.
It would be a very, very unusual day that I didn't wear at least three fragrances.
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