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The '90s was one of the flyest times in the history of fashion. And now I can relive that time... ...with Mani.
Mani is that discontinued Armani line of lower priced suits and "blazers." I should of shaved today but I decided not to because I am a rebelde just do as I please in the lifeworld.
I'm sorry but I just do not like the word "folio." (Also I do not like the French "feuille.")
For my SOTE I am wearing the TF PB that has basically fallen off the face of the earth. I am talking about Velvet Gardenia. This is probably the most challenging of the original PBs, as it features some of the less immediately pleasant facets of gardenia. I've come to like this more and more over the years.
I've taken to collecting "blazers" by Mani it's going to be my new signature look! (I put "blazers" between quotation marks because they are not really blazers just orphaned suit coats.)
Okay as of late I have been experimenting with illegal drugs (I mean consuming them). Here's my dilemma if I get addicted to them should I post about it to Facebook so that my friends can help me out or should I not post it so's to "keep up appearances?"
I've always had my suspicions about Seals and Crofts just put 'er that way.
8 1/2 x 11 legal pad dimensions.
I think we might be looking at a repeat of the 1985 World Series, except with modern day video review of umpires' calls (and thus different result).
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