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Basically SF overlords trying to save face be like "Oh no hyperlink was working all the while nothing to see here move along."
I tried to watch Mexican soap operas so I could transform my soul into passionate Latino soul but my Dutch genen (genes) were like "No way, José!"
I have been reading quite a lot of Dutch today. I am just a simple man and so I silently pronounce the words in my throat as I read them. Since Dutch has a "g" that you pronounce at the back of the throat, I now have a sore throat to me.
My name never works for hyperlink because the mods are trying to exclude me from convos fear that I'm becoming too influenchel in the Styleforum opinion formation process.
That color what you han saw was black. The football Cardinals have been wearing that as their alternate jersey for a couple of years now. Why? Beats the heck out of me it is a ridiculous look.
I have a friend who is a aspiring songwriter played me a song he wrote and asked for my opinion. The chorus was "I must needs keep on / rockin' and rollin' / I must needs keep on / grippin' and rippin'. I said "You can't say 'must needs' in a rock song it's way too pretentious sounds like you are trying to be like Rush or something." My friend got mad and stormed out not even sure if we're still friends after this episode.
The St. Louis Rams football team are definitely the elite of the NFC West can't even be gainsaid after today's performance.
Une Rose de Kandahar. This is wonderful stuff--a dusty, bitter almondy rose. Unfortunately I just used up the last of my supply.
He tried his best. It wasn't his fault he got declawed as a kitten.
You just need to practice watching! Give it a few games and you'll fall in love for sure. (With the game I mean, not with another woman.)
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