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Why they insist on adding navy to dat scheme of color I have no earthly idea hey why not add a bit of kelly green and purple while you're at it?
Don't count the Rafters out they showed that they are a formidable team who "have the Cabs' number" so to speak.
The Gay Men's Chorus tried to sing the national anthem at the Padres game but they were made to look foolish when someone in control of national anthem proceedings played a pre-recorded track of a woman singing dat anthem basically just had to stand out there in the middle of the field like "Uhh what do we do now should we lip synch?"
On this very website I declared forthrightly and without ambiguity that the Warrelyers would not even make the NBA Finals of which everyone was like "you're crazy man they will win the Championship FACT!" It's looking like the Thunders are basically whooping the Warrelyers all over the basketball court definitely looking like the superior squad.
Some people are apparently anosmic to musk, but I think I must by hypernosmic to it because that's almost all I get from White Suede.
TF Shanghai Lily. Absolutely lovely bright, creamy, yet somewhat metallic floral.
I did some clothes shopping today one of the thing I bought was a bunch of underwear garments in color of pink. Well as I was in line an older Hispanica woman was eying up my purchases eventually couldn't contain her views inside her own mente no more says "I would not buy that if I were you your wife might get anxious notions break up the family will be so hard for your children."
Is this the one they wouldn't show you unless you had some kind of advanced security clearance on account of might be a squatter taking possession?
TF Velvet Gardenia. It's not at all surprising that this got discontinued as quickly as it did, as it is definitely not an easy scent. Nonetheless, I enjoy it quite a bit.
If MLB baseball goes forward with changing the intentional walk rule they may well just lose a fan (me) intentional walk is one of the most exciting parts of the game will the pitcher accidentally throw the ball to the bake-stop advance the runners maybe even give up a run? Hey why not just have a baserunner give a signal when he wants to steal a base let him have dat base?
New Posts  All Forums: