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A person I've never met before in my whole life asked me "Is that a new suit?" Apparently he was thinking the only reason I would wear of suit is that I just got one as a gift or something and wanted to show it off. About a month ago, a person I see pert near every day says to me "Special occasion? Got a suit on today!" I have a suit on every day that I'm at the workplace (with certain fairly rare exceptions).
Betimes a person has a name that is very unusual to where you don't recognize it and don't know how a person would spell it. When such people order a brew from Starbuck, they would probably do better just to make up a simple name like "Bill" or "Janice." Instead, the barista asks "What's your name?" and the person says "I'm Memblüchawchü." When the barista has to ask again, Memblüchawchü gets angry. Seems like a strange way to go about things at the Starbuck.
I went with PdN New York today.
Shake It Up is one of my least favorites, although it's better than Door to Door. My top three are probably Panorama, Heartbeat City, and Candy-O in that order. I like Move Like This quite a bit, but it's just not the same without any Benjamin Orr songs.
Lotta times when a man drives west he look straight in to dat orb (sun) to where can't see the events parlayed to view. Just got to rely on the Lord to ensure safe traybels.
Today I am wearing TF Jasmin Rouge. It's a pleasant jasmine scent. It's not among my very favorites, but it's definitely worth wearing from time to time.
I hope you are not including Shake It Up or Door to Door in your list.
Do y'alls think The Cars ever made a better record than Panorama? I think it's their best (stands the test of time like an geranium).
Police just came to my door to do a "wellness check." Apparently someone reported a argument in my condo but in reality it was me doing both parts to where no one was in danger. (Sometimes I prepare for real conflicts by doing rehearsal. I was arguing about what is the best Cars record.)
It was an A19.
New Posts  All Forums: