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Le Labo Jasmin 17. It's a very pleasant lightly vanilla sweetened orange blossom.
I get hibbeldy-jibbeldy every time I try to order a e-book from France I go through the whole process of ordering and then at the very end they're like "Hahaha we got you but good this e-book is not disponible in yo region hahaha hehehe!!!" I don't know why I even try to order e-books from France it never works out for me. Guess I just want dat e-books.
I prepared brandy old fashioned sweet drink for my gf of girlfriend. (I grew up in WI to where it is a favert drink of mine.) Let me just put 'er this way she enjoyed the beverage made me so proud.
ELDO Attaquer le Soleil again for me today. It's just straight ahead labdanum, which is one of my favorite notes.
Pre-shower: Anima Dulcis. It's a hot spicy cocoa scent. I appreciate the artistry of the scent, but I've never really enjoyed it very much. SOTD: Serge Lutens El Attarine. A super cuminy scent with immortelle and honey. Definitely not for everyone, but I'm a big fan.
Amouage Myths Man. It's an ashy elemi scent that's much more contemporary than a lot of Amouage's offerings. I like it a lot.
I wore L'Artisan Al Oudh today.
I'm wearing MPG George Sand today. It's one of my favorite patchouli scents.
Yes, I definitely agree about Dries van Noten being better for fall and winter. Also, I've always thought that people overestimated the degree to which scents smell different on different people's skin. But lately I've been noticing how the same scent smells extremely different on my girlfriend's skin, to the point where I enjoy the scent on my skin and dislike it on hers or vice versa.
Pre-shower: Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. It's an unpleasant, sour peony and musk. SOTD: Galop d'Herm├Ęs. I didn't like this at first but it's really growing on me. The opening is really leathery, which I don't like a lot, but as it develops it becomes more rosy, but also more tart. It's the tartness that I'm enjoying. I think it comes mainly from the quince. I'm not especially familiar with quince in real life, so I'm not competely sure, but given the note pyramid I...
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