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When I report going to Starbuck everone get up in my grill be like "that is a brew for the underclass come on choochaw let's not pollute the discourse of Styleforum with such crud." But that never happens when Piobaire mentions going to Starbuck everyone's like "well there are other brews that bring me more enjoyment, but Sbx prepares a nice blend at its price point can't be gainsaid."
Apologies in advance if any of you are offended by cuss words but I am basically at my wits' end with furniture shopping how come I dislike all the things I see both on the Internet and in person? What is with those ridiculous "headboards" they got at the front of the bed? And why are all the couches so rounded with stuffing or whatever goes in there I don't live in a damned farm house you know. When I do find something that appeals to my senses it's got a price to it to...
Why would anyone pull up to a place like Sbx of which sells a inferior coffee let's try to raise the level here at SF at least to an artisanal concoction of brew.
In my dream of last night I had regrown the hair on my head, to where I had a good head of hair to me. That made me happy for the duration of the dream at least.
Lyric Man, which is a fragrance by Amouage.
Chimp Cho-Chool?
I watched Game 3 of the 1967 World Series last night. (I went back in time.) It was the Red Sox vs. the Cardinals. Someone made a big sign that said "Darn the Sox!" Ain't no one make signs like that anymore. Now-a-days all the signs are like "The Astros are a buntch of Faggets" or "I Hope the Rockys Charter Plane Crashes with Fataladees!"
When you're talking about the best batting stances of all time, you got to put Ted Simmons ("Simba") in the combersation. The media of today with their east coast buyist don't want to talk about it, but it's a fact.
My work supervisor is a woman you buns-heads!
I saw on Facebook that edinatlanta is getting married. (Don't tell anyone because I think he's concealing it from has falmly.) I hope his marriage has more success to it at least.
New Posts  All Forums: