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Tilda Swinton Like This is what I am wearing today. It is a modern classic IMO.
Why did Löwenbräu name their product to where it sounds so simular to "low brow?" I mean I know it doesn't sound that way when you pronounce it in German but it does sound that way in English, which is the language that most people speak in America.
I don't even care if it makes me seem "low browd" I enjoy a good plate of Mongolian Beef meal. (Don't even bother telling me it's not true Mongolian cuisine I don't even give a rip long as it's got a tastiness to it is all that matters.)
I think it's my colon that is up my butt.
Whatever happened to old-fashioned servant leadership just seems like lots of men are letting their bae's "rule the roost" in terms of decision-making authority as of late. For example one time my bae said "you should try painting your fingernails" and I was like "uh, okay" whereas I should have said "no."
Maybe the Lord sent bubbles in to that water just teach man not to put so much faith in quote on quote science. Or maybe there's tiny creatures in the water what passed gas.
Overheard conversation: A: Just cause water's got bubbling in it ain't mean it's boiling you dumbass ever heard of carbonation like in Coke? B: The water's been sitting on a heated stove for eight minutes and then of a sudden it starts bubbling I don't think carbonation just went in to the water. The null hypothesis is that it's boiling. A: Null hypothesis is bullshit hypothesis don't hypothesize what you don't even know could be carbonation.
Today I am living up to my nickname "Man of Cafe Rose." (I am wearing Cafe Rose.)
Today I wore a scent called Chanel No. 5.
♬ ♪ Burgers and ridbs, burgers and ridbs, now's the time of year for grillin' burgers and ridbs ♪ ♬
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