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When I make posts about events in the world of sports uniforms, I know perfectly well ain't no one gonna care. But I am sort of like Andy Kaufman don't care that no one cares just keep pressing on.
Your best posts are the ones with mente and betimes in them. Hey just one man's opinions here. On a related note, since I got the keetays, no one has wanted to read none of my posts unless they pertain to said keetays.
Chris Sale didn't want to wear the 1976 throwback uniforms, so he cut up all the jerseys before the game. (That way they couldn't wear them. That probably should go without saying.) They wore their 1983 uniforms instead. I wanted to see those 1976 uniforms.
I will tell you straight up one of the things I dislike about editing is that often I cannot even tell what writers meant on account of they han wrote with unclarity aforethought. It is hard to rewrite their sentences when you don't know what dat sentences are supposed to be saying.
Methods of Mayhem
Pre-shower: ELDO Bendelirious SOTD: TF Extreme
Great Kids in the Hall reference!
Tell you what gang I love living in the STL ain't no gainsaying it but one persistent complaint I have had is that it is hard to acquire Product 19 cereal the main grocelry stores don't carry it. Well there's a Deer Birds store next to where I get my cat food turns out they carry dat Product I bought multiple boxes.
Okay gang I am like hell of outraged right now Hillary should of chose bell hooks as vice president candidate hey just goes to show I've been right from the very beginning (as per usual) she is nothing but a sell out to the neo-liberal axis of oligarchy and patriarchy I've had it am voting for Dr. Jill Stein don't no one tell me to CE this shit because my voice of outrage will not be silenced!!!!
I'm getting very poor longevity from Orchid Soleil. How about you?
New Posts  All Forums: