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Was there any kind of semi-plausible reason for them to do that? I'm sure I know the answer to that, but still.
Around here people call them "beulahs" for some reason.
I am bothered by the people in the next building over (infant screams and grandmother raises a ruckus at all hours heedless of others).
I am wearing my burgundy pants hey I guess it's just time to "come to terms" with it is dat autumn time of year.
Pre-shower: Tam Dao. A very nice sandalwood. SOTD: The mighty POAL.
You might be right it did turn out to be a mediocre bread.
My blades are like $5 per blade. I switch them out approximately once per year.
I just ordered an bagel the person said "Would you like cream cheese or Anglestora bitters?" When I said neither the person got all cornfused be like "How can a person want neither?" Here's what I don't get how did we reach a point in our culture where a man can't even enjoy a good bread without the addition of taste modifiers?
I would not even dream of changing out my blades with that degree of oftenness. I would end up in the pourhouse.
I bought new razor blades you would not believe how much easier the Whiskas come off a my visage.
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