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Conversation with a person what was in my home: Person: What is that object over there is it some kind of sex toy apparatus? Me: Wha? Person: That silvern article near to your shoes. Me: Good Lord that is a shoe horn how the hell does your mente work to where you perceive that as a sex toy apparatus? Person: When I don't know what a apparatus is guess I just assume it is a sex toy. Me: smh.
Holy crap Outlook of e-mail is creepy creates "Action Items" for me based on words it sees in the bodies of e-mails of which I receive. (Someone wrote to me that "I should go to Hell." Outlook tells me "Action Item Detected remember to go to Hell in a timely manner.")
Out of the blue I just got an e-mail from a person I knew as an undergraduate in the early 1990s. For whatever reason, I hardly ever think about my past, and so I haven't given a single thought to my undergrad university in years. But when I got the e-mail it brought back a flood of memories. And so I started googling the university and the city it's located in. I had the strangest experience. There were some photos that brought back really intense memories, even though I...
I threw a balled up ball of paper into the garbage can while it was in the air I thought "Oh no it is going to miss the basket and go on to the floor" but it ddn't it went into the basket (albeit not into the middle of the basket).
I am wearing a certain fragrance today I'll just leave it to you all to guess what it is (it is Remarkable People by Etat Libre d'Orange).
Don't you think it's interesting how Sam Bradford has transformed into a elite (top 5) NFL quarterback since he's been in Philadelphia probably the constant speculation about Stan Kroenke moving the team to Los Angeles just wore him down on both the mental and physical planes of existence.
Lot of times when there's a legal story in the news people flood the comment sections of the news websites weigh in on the relevant legal technicalities be like "The girlfriend of Jimmy Superfly Snuka entered into relationship contract with knowledge that he was, as the law says, "a man of rough ways," and so under the principle of tortious inference she can be understood to have entered into a contract of which acknowledged the eventuality of bodily injury up to and...
Today I did a sponsored Q&A session person in the audience asks me "Who are the most beautiful women of the world I mean nationality?" I said "I'm going to give you a do-over on your question because your first one was too easy it is the Dutch."
Here is a photo of a 1940s store display for athletic supporters. The note says "Hand shaped pouch protects energy region." How cool is that? Now I'm going to start referring to the crotch area as the energy region for sure. [[SPOILER]]
I swear to the Lord an ex-gf of whom I am still friendly with just told me last night about how she was hell of tired due to certain factors and so she called up her friend to bring a line of coke, which she did consume. FWIW, she was in an unusually good mood.
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