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You're right, Bois d'Ascese is definitely the opposite of light and easy! But for anyone who likes smoky woods, it's certainly a must try. Speaking of not light and easy, I wore El Attarine. It's a lovely cumin scent with that standard Lutens dried fruit note. (It seems like apricot to me.)
I'm just a casual soccer fan, but as long as I've been paying any attention at all I've heard people cry out "Must needs fire the coach of USMNT on the double!!! We should be out there winning turnees instead we are going down to defeat against the likes of third world nations be sell cocang and have dictators and warlords can't take it anymore!!!" Is it ever going to be time to conclude that the USMNT just isn't very good?
I know how you feel betimes I travel round the nation people be try to claim pizza with Provel and cracker thin crust as their own local cuisine bull crap it belongs to St. Louis as cultural patchermony.
I've seen a couple of my Facebook friends post about how this coming July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays and that this happens every eight hundred some years. Okay I follow so far. (I'm pretty sure it's not true that this only happens every eight hundred some years. But whatever.) Here's where the post starts to lose me: "this is called money bags." Huh? And now here's the part where I'm completely lost: "post this and you'll get a bunch of money in four days."...
I've actually never tried Oud Palao but I really should, based on what a lot of you guys have said. But I definitely do get what you're describing in Oud Fleur.
I've heard rumblings from my sources that certain powerful European states (Germany and Spain in particular) are lobbying to have Pennsylvania added to the European Union to replace Great Britain to where they can do free trade of pork roll.
Here's what I've learned over the many, many years I've had cats: when I seem to notice a problematic change in their behavior, I turn out to be right about 90% of the time. As I think I've mentioned, Diderik has some longstanding health problems that I'm confident we'll resolve eventually, but which still crop up with some regularity. At first the signs of trouble are subtle and I try to convince myself not to worry, that I'm overanalyzing what I'm seeing. But almost...
I'm wearing TF Oud Fleur. My sense is that Tobacco Oud was better received than this one, but I've always preferred Oud Fleur. I especially enjoy the later stages, when some of the pungency of the top wears off.
I would hell of buy the cat version of Thunder Shirt for Diderik and Geneviève if the need arose no two ways about it.
Amouage Opus X. I've been really excited to try this ever since I first saw it discussed on the fragrance sites. It's supposed to be a rose-centric scent, but with lots of outside-the-box facets. The fragrance is inspired by the "Red Violin" movie, and so in keeping with the theme it's got a varnish-like note along with something that feels very old and dusty. Unfortunately, I don't really like this at all. It opens up with something super pungent and metallic. From there...
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