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Jardin apres la Mousson is the scent I'm wearing. I bought a bottle of this blind when it first came out, but I do not enjoy it much at all.
John Smoltz wore a wig for his Hall of Fame induction ceremony hehehe!
Just back from Busch Stadium, where I saw the Cardinals defeat the Braves even what they only got two hits. Also they gave away Cardinals Saturday home jerseys as part of a promotion. If anyone cares about my opinion, those Saturday jerseys are the best jerseys in MLB baseball.
WNBA basketball is the most popular sport in the nation except for certain others. Thanks in large part to your Shoni Schimmels of the world.
We got a good, tightly contested WNBA All-Star game going on right now! Shoni Schimmel of the Dream is bringin' it!
For the second morning in a row I woke up with my feet pointing to the west even what I went to sleep with my feet pointing to the north. My new bed should be arriving on Tuesday, to where I'm not sure if I'll even be able to do that anymore.
Am I the only person who thought that Bailey Quarters was more "adorbs" than Jennifer Marlowe?
SOTE is A*Men Pure Malt. A few years ago the online fragrance community was obsessed with this. It wasn't all just hype, though; it is quite good. It's A*Men, but dark, peaty, and boozy.
I think I may have just lost my mente. You know how when you talk to a cat you do both sides of the conversation on account of most cats cannot talk? Well just now I had a conversation with my pizza where I did both sides of the conversation. I was like "You are somewhat lacking in oregano" and the pizza replied "No I ain't got plenny of oregano to me."
What's DR?
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