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Conversation: Me: Hey is it raining out? Coleague: Nope, no rain to speak of. Me: [Go outside and get rained on by rain from the sky. Return.] Me: What the hell you said it wasn't raining. Colleague: It's not rain it's drezzel. Me: Drezzel is a species of rain. Colleague: No it ain't it's a genus of its own sepert from rain.
Will Zwarte Piet be there as well?
I tied my tie European style today (with no demple). I don't like it will defly go back to America style.
I decided at the last minute to wear black shoes instead of brown to where I had to change my belt as well. It's amazing the hardships we'll put ourselves through for the sake of fashion (style) hehehe!
Why is everyone acting so surprised that Kobe Bryant will retire at the end of the season? He's obviously in the steep decline phase of his career.
SOTD is the new Andy Tauer Sotto La Luna Tuberose. This is somewhat similar to Sotto La Luna Gardenia. It has that same Pez and old garbage accord, but it's less loud in this one. The floral note is more prominent too. I like this much better than Sotto La Luna Gardenia. I don't think it's quite FBW, but it's good. (I know it sounds odd to say that a Pez and old garbage accord could be pleasant, but it is pleasant in its context.)
Did you put the yogurt in your chili?
Rams are out there giving it their all, but it's clear the refs are against them. If this game is called cleanly, the Rams are probably tied right now maybe even in the lead.
Wait, so does that mean Imo's prices are not going to be raised after all? Now you got me to condition of worried, BillinFool.
Did she have an opinion about chocolate sprinkles?
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