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If I were a journalist I would insert random tweets from Ripper Owens into my stories hey the world could do worse than to know what Ripper Owens thinks about things.
Okay maybe I did bemoisten my hair too much before I clipped it that don't mean my privileges should be revoke.
Sometime during my sleeping hours last night, I got up and closed the door of my bedroom. I have a very vague memory of doing that. I think it was because I was still in the grips of the anxiety I felt at the office, where a man of ill intention could have come in to injure me. The good news is that I am safe and sound no one came into my condo, with ill intention or otherwise.
At first I wondered why I wasn't asked to contribute to Styleforum News but then I figured some of the moovers and Shakers of website were afraid that my imagination would get the best of me, of which is not appropriate in news stories.
Man-a-life am I glad to be home. I was at the office until late hour, and since it is Christmas season, there was no one else in the whole building. It was creepy wandering about the building hoping there wasn't a man of ill intention be came in to injure me.
I just avoided a disaster to where I almost lost half my life savings investing in a investment that was not sound of principle.
Fumerie Turque for me today.
Betimes when I become trunken I eat my Pond's dry skin cream on account of I think it is yogurt.
I am going to go in the bath and figure out my New Year's resolutions. There are definitely some things in my life that I could do better, can't even be gainsaid.
I haven't kept up my cardiovascular jazzercise schedule for the last month or so on account of so busy with tasks at work. Now I'm back at it, but I am getting "tuckered out" more quickly than I'm used to. Also my avdomen has a feeling to it that signals it is not happy with my ways.
New Posts  All Forums: