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Sometimes when I am in the fragrance section of the store, the SA will ask if she can help me find something. I ask her what's new and she asks me whether I'm looking for masculine or feminine scents. I always say "either, whatever you think is good." They get confused by that 100% of the time.
You gotta admit I am right in the points I made above, though. I mean unless you got dysfunctions in the mente. It is ridiculous when red and blue teams can't decide on their primary colors and the Chargers' powder blue uniforms are among the very best in all of professional sport.
I just did read a news story about the possibility of the Oakland Raiders moving to St. Louis goddammit I don't want to be a Raiders fan. I'd much rather have the Chargers move here they've got those kick ass powder blue uniforms.
Sports teams whose colors are red and blue can never decide which is supposed to be the primary color and which the trim, so they just switch back and forth to where they lack a consistent visual identity. I'm like "goddammit is it really that hard to decide what your primary color is?"
I call a single .75 oz. If anyone tried to slap me for saying it, they'd be in for a rude awakening. I mean I'd literally perform the Rude Awakening (wrestling maneuver) on them. [[SPOILER]]
Man y'alls' notions of feminine scents are straight up wack!
I know that a lot of things I wear would be unwearable for most guys, precisely because they'd seem uncomfortably feminine. I just don't experience POAL that way. I once had a woman chase me down because she just had to know what I was wearing. She wanted to get it for her husband. When I told her that it was unisex and that she could wear it too, she wouldn't believe me. She said she couldn't imagine a woman wearing it.
Reminds me of the time I got all excited was like "Holy crayp that is Jesus be in the toast!!!" And the people around me were like "No way you fool that is not Jesus be in the toast he is in heaven. You're just looking at charring of carbon."
Maybe my sense of these things is just off, but I don't think of Portrait of a Lady as feminine at all. Also, this is one of those questions that divide the online fragrance community, but I'll go ahead and give my opinion: in general, Creed fragrances aren't that great. They've created an image of quality and exclusivity based on a successful marketing campaign, but the fragrances themselves are not at the level of most of the highly regarded niche houses. That's not to...
Maybe your hamburger wasn't gray after all just a optical illusion.
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