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Okay so just now this lady says to me "You got to quit that rediculous StyleForeman website or else I ain't gonna be yourn FWB no more just don't think that site is a good influence on your ways." She perty much thought she had me checkmated at this point but I said "I'll tell you what straight up ain't no shortage of FWBs in my space I can sacrifice one of 'em easy ain't no way I'm abandoning my homies on the Styleforum!!!" And then she was like "Umm, uhh, okay guess you...
SOTE is Vraie Blonde. This is just an awful fragrance. I've disliked it from the moment I first tried it, which is quite a while ago now. I don't even know why I keep trying it.
I'm going to share a factoid: women who have narrow eyes--I'm talking about such as your Ellen Pompeos or your Carey Mulligans--are the best in terms of the beauty they got to them. I don't even care what y'alls buns-heads have to say on the matter (probly a bunch of false things if past experience is any guide).
It is a helping verb that you use for the past tense. As in "I han sent it up to the Lord let Him decide in His wisdom."
When I make appointments, I say "I'm gonna send it up to the Lord just let Him decide the hour of mine appearance at the meeting." If anyone complains about this practice, I say "hey you can criticize the Lord's decisions if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it put 'er that way."
And a challenge is basically a opportunity (when you think about it). I think maybe a Chinese character conveys this or something. Or maybe a Korean character no wait they're phonetic even though they look like Chinese characters sort of.
I don't like seeing "issue" used as a euphemism for "problem." (I just got an e-mail in which I saw this.) We have a perfectly good word to convey the idea of "problem." Just say "problem." I am hardy enough of spirit to face up to it don't need you to "soften the blow" so to speak by calling it an issue.
I am straight up voting for Linc Chafee.
Why would you buy a car drives as nice as a Maybach and then besit yourn buns in the back seat? Just makes no sense to the rational man.
My university has a new ad campaign that's intended to deliver a message to the youth about the value of tolerance. The poster says this: "Time to make dat change: put down the Haterade and opt for Tolerade!" The youth are going to think this is absurd: they don't say "opt for."
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