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Probly just time to enjoy a cold glass of milk heal dat body.
I just have one phone, but I have different names for it that I use in different circumstances. Basically I'm just trying to make the phone not remember that it's the same phone, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure if it works to do that, though.
If you are not really a passable CD you should not say that you are hey come on man it's just basic curtesy.
It's not an especially appealing representation, truth be told!I'm wearing Eau de Protection today. This is an ELDO that I can imagine appealing to lots of people who aren't necessarily fans of ELDO. It's a dark, spicy rose.
That must have been confusing to see such a post be like "what the hell is the context of that?"
I am friends with a cat on Facebook, to whom I talk to betimes.
I am in the office turning incorrect French into correct French. (I did not produce the original incorrect French btw.)
Tropicus is bringing a truth-based perspective to the forum as of late.
Who's wearing dat pink shoes today? That's right it's the ole Linkadessen! Maybe a lady with narrow eyes with notice and develop feelings of cherish or something like that.
Okay so just now this lady says to me "You got to quit that rediculous StyleForeman website or else I ain't gonna be yourn FWB no more just don't think that site is a good influence on your ways." She perty much thought she had me checkmated at this point but I said "I'll tell you what straight up ain't no shortage of FWBs in my space I can sacrifice one of 'em easy ain't no way I'm abandoning my homies on the Styleforum!!!" And then she was like "Umm, uhh, okay guess you...
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