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Maybe they are Jehovah's Witnesses and don't go to school.
Just gives me an opportunity to wear a few different scents per day. I put one on right when I wake up. When I take my shower it washes off and I put on a new one.SOTE is Datura Noir. I've got a cold, and so I'm smelling this one differently from the way I usually do. It smells sickly sweet to me. It's always got a heliotrope and coconut sweetness, but it seems unusually sweet tonight.
Just drove home from the office in a rainstorm for the ages was like "I hope I don't slide off the road in to a ditch or hurdle in to a branch." Thankfully I didn't do either of those things got home safe and sound.
Okay gang looks like I have violated the WWE "Wellness Policy" and so I won't be able to appear on tv for a few months. ("Too much port" is the stated infraction.)
I have sent out many work-related e-mails today but no one has responded must be all like "it is an holiday I ain't respond of e-mail no way, José!!!"
Pre-shower: Rochas Femme (vintage) SOTD: Parure
I keep seeing ads on my FB for t-shirts with sayings on them (sayings are supposed to be witty). I'm like what the hell makes you think I am going to wear a t-shirt, especially one with a saying on it? If you think I'm going to wear a t-shirt you are "out of your gourd" (mente).
I get a little befrightened when I see my neighbors grilling I worry that they will start a blaze and burn down the neighborhood.
He would probably just hector you about the issues of the day and whatnot.
A conversation: Other person: I don't believe there is such a thing as children there's just people, some of whom are older and some of whom are younger. Me: We have a word for the younger ones it is "children."
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