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Some people say that Taylor Swift is the most beautiful songstress but others say it is Lorde. I don't know enough songstress's to make an educated judgment.
I don't get renewal of vows. (My friends at the brewpub were trying to convince me to do it basically make it a vacation to Hawaii.)
When I was a youngster my grandfather did drink Old Milwaukee. I loved the shade of red in their logo. (He sometimes drank Blatz too if it was on sale price.)
RGIII can be Sam's backup.
I wonder if the Rams should make a play for RGIII after he gets released from the Redskins? That would be perty funny.
And then her dog started barking and you were like "goddammit!"
Pre-shower: Nuit de Tubereuse SOTD: Rose Flash (Andy Tauer)
I am not a total moron, although some of the superstars of SF would probably disagree (think I am a total moron).
Only if the chart had very little space where you could tabulate the entries! EDIT: Aww shoot looks like Biscotti beat me to the punch hehehe!
Okay maybe I did spend too much dollars on fragrances this month but hey last I checked this is America where I have the freedom to do what I want.
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