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Pre-shower: Encens et Bubblegum SOTD: Ta'if by Ormonde Jayne. This is near the top of my list of favorites.
Holy crap my "DutchmInn Series" of posts here at SF just made the list of finalists for Biennial Web Post Series of the Year Award!
Betimes I listen to Karlheinz Stockhausen in my office. People who come into my space of office are like "What the hell what is that noise of which I am hearing it sounds like something is malfunctioning in a machine or something should get your computer checked out."
One thing I do every day is I disassemble my bed and put it in a closet helps to create more of an open feel in my living space. But then I have to re-assemble it when I turn in for sleep. I wonder if it's worth it to do that (hard to re-assemble when betrunken).
Sammy Hagar has released a acoustic version of "Dreams." (The Red Rocker is beloved in St. Louis and that is a fact.)
Betimes when I have consumed too much port I begin to wonder if I have chosen a bad life what with not being married and not having an family and whatnot.
How do you like it?Pre-shower was Une Voix Noire. If you don't like gardenia, there's no way you'll like this.SOTD is George Sand.
There was a poll done recently it showed that the new America's Team (most popular team throughout the USA nation) is the Rams. I think I'm remembering that right.
Rams just defeated the Seahawks!
RAMS WIN!!!!!!! Wow, what a game!
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