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Overheard conversation: A: They're called staymps because they're design to stay on the envelope not fall right off. B: What's the m-p part for then? A: It's an abbreviation for "stay im place." B: Oh, I get it. Staymp.
I got my first set of samples through STC. But all the rest have come from Indigo Perfumery.
Amour de Palazzo by Jul et Mad. This is the perfect comfort scent. It's a warm scent with clove and lots of labdanum, but it's also just a bit animalic. As I've mentioned hundreds of times, this is one of my favorite perfume houses.
I have raised this issue on Styleforum in past times but I have a last name of which everyone is always be transposing two of the letters. When people ask me for the spelling, I say the two oft-confused letters real slow ain't make no differnce though the people still transpose. (Happened last night when I was buying food for the keetays.) Well just now I received a request from a publisher to review a book manulscrept (basically help them decide if they want to publish...
There was a time in the 90ies when people were of opinion that the Cranberries was an important, groundbreaking musical act of which we should all listen to.
I think maybe we should just let Mulan decide what the greatest potato form of dish is.
I was shopping at the store and the song "Kiss" by Prince came on to the sound system one of the employees started singing along (not in falsetto or even in key) ♪ ♬ Act your age mama, not your shoe size, maybe we can do the jerk ♬ ♪
Hash brown is the best potato form don't even say nothing else because it is lie. Here's what I'm here to complain about I've got a last name of which people are always be transpose two of the letters. And so when people ask me to spell my name I go through the letters in question real slow. Ain't make no differnce people transpose them anyways just happened now.
I'll never forget that time Rick Monday came running in from the outfield saved the American flag of which was about to get burned in protest it was forty years ago today.
Pre-shower: Rose of No Man's Land. I really want to like this, but I don't. I think it might be the papyrus note that ruins it for me, but I'm not sure. SOTD: Plum Japonais. They knocked this one out of the park. Just a very pleasant scent.
New Posts  All Forums: