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On the new Washington uniforms, the upper left corner of the leftmost numeral is gold. This, of course, is meant to symbolize "the Huskies' ownership of the Northwest Territory." On account of on a map the upper left is Northwest. Man, that is just dumb.
Pre-shower: Fille de Berlin. I enjoyed this much more than I have in the past for some reason. SOTD: Chanel PM
The University of Washington just unveiled its new football uniforms. Once again the different uniforms have names. One, which is all purple, is called Purple Reign. Will this nonsense ever stop? (No.)
Betimes I worry that Laurens is going to spill his coffee drink right onto his drawings.
Wait just a minute, Claghorn, you're saying that Stitches was put in time out because of Passover? Man, I don't know about that got some misgivings.
SOTE of the evening was Kiton Napoli (the one in the blue bottle).
Left the office at a late hour tonight. As I was leaving a person besaid to me "That pants shows your qualities to good effect!" (It was the pink pants that made their 2014 debut today.)
Santa Fe is a fine city indeed.
Good luck! If you get the job, we can hang out and do socializing acts. (Assuming the city you'd kill to live in is the STL.)
Pre-shower: Fat Electrician. Since I'm a man of honesty, I have to admit I don't really enjoy this. SOTD: Rive d'Ambre
New Posts  All Forums: