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I buy full bottles of things I like a lot, but most of the fragrances I own are samples and decants.I buy most of my samples from surrendertochance.com. The Perfumed Court and Luckyscent are also popular sources.
There is a person who is upset at me because I am unwilling to share my knowledge of how to turn hovercraft toys into energy sources sufficient to put the utility companies out of business and end global warming. (No I am not kidding about this it is true.)
Not trying to get in here and be the proverbial "negative Nellie" but Dirty Flower Factory gives me one hell of a headache and anyway I don't like the way it smells at all. It was my SOTE for about 10 minutes (washed it off of me). After that, I put Jicky edt on to me. It is much better.
L'Autre by Diptyque for me today. This is not for everybody, to say the least, but I love it.
8:00 tonight is when the grand jury decision is announced. I am hoping for the best, but I'm not really confident.
I suspect the goal is to head off violence in the inevitable protests in St. Louis. If people observe the five-minute moment of silence, it would be a bit awkward to transition from that into violence. (It was Michael Brown's father who made the request.)
Pre-shower: Parfum d'Hermès. This is very similar to Rouge. SOTD: George Sand (MPG)
Use your dissatisfaction as motivation to do better in the future instead of as a reason to beat yourself up. I've had times that I looked back on and thought "what the hell did I accomplish? What was I doing?" My anger at myself "put a fire in my belly" to where I went on to make good improvements.
In this case, the person who asked was also not married. (I think that's pretty unusual.)
Yesterday a person besaid to me "How come you are not married you seem like a nice guy." How are you supposed to answer when a person asks why you are not married?
New Posts  All Forums: