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Even though I got a good perfessional salary to me I still do my grocelry shopping where the regular people (poor) shop. Here are three events that happened earlier this evening: 1. Couple Having Conversation: Man (pointing): What's that? Woman (exaspelrated): It's cheese. 2. When the cashier passed my items over the scanner she went "beep, beep, beep" so's to make a sound like the scanner itself do make. Only exception was when she passed canned goods over the scanner....
I always get a smile on to my visage when I see that LawrenceMD has written "ect" where most people would write "etc." Also when Piobaire writes "that" where most people would write "who." Or when GreenFrogs writes "dat" where most people would write "that."
Master-Classter is right, the scents that you have on your list are very much unlike the citrusy scents you prefer. (Tuscan Leather does have a raspberry note at the top, but it really is primarily a leather.)If you are interested in Tom Ford, you might want to try Azure Lime. It's got a very realistic lime note. I should say, though, that the longevity is fairly poor. There's also Venetian Bergamot, which has a very nice bergamot note at the top.I'd also suggest that you...
I don't even know what any of y'alls are talking about here. What I do know is that it gets me to condition of PO'd people be like "hoo hoo hoo I don't want to put a key in to the lock of my car door I should be allow to press an button make a beeping sound and my door should open like a robot."
There are a couple people at my workplace be love to express their controversial views on the ListServ just get a conversation going about the issues of the day. No one ever responds to them, but irregardless they keep on a-postin'. I wonder if they think the reason no one responds is because their arguments are air-tight to where there's not even anything to say against them? Or maybe it's because they love horses and so have psychological impairment don't understand the...
Don't eat them near Mulan he will put salt on them and trick you like he did to LawrenceMD.
Some days I don't get enough sleep to where I am very tired and then I make bad life choices like consume drugs and visit prosteltutes and go into a jail cell to "cool my heels." Now I am back home though.
It ain't Valentimes yet don't jinx yourself.
I always learned you are not suppose to shop when you are hungry buy too many things that aren't necessary. You should wait until your hunger dissipates in intensity.
Lot of posters are very keen to introdeuce new characters to the Styleforum Universe (such as Horsewoman) not sure how good of idea that is.
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