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Une Rose de Kandahar. This is wonderful stuff--a dusty, bitter almondy rose. Unfortunately I just used up the last of my supply.
He tried his best. It wasn't his fault he got declawed as a kitten.
You just need to practice watching! Give it a few games and you'll fall in love for sure. (With the game I mean, not with another woman.)
Yup, that's really the key to the scent IMO. I don't really even think of it as an oud scent primarily. Other than the spices (cumin, cardamom), it's really the date note that makes this.
Baseball is a kick-ass game to watch so much fun better than watching dat Brumbies.
The only result has been pain in the belly (stomach area). No other digestive problems have resulted, thankfully.
I know some of y'alls buns-heads will disagree with me on this point but I don't even care LSU football team looks so much better in their purple jerseys should wear them more often.
I'm wearing L'Artisan Al Oudh today. This definitely has a BO-style funkiness to it, but nonetheless it is one of my favorites.
Okay I made the mistake of eating spicy pork rinds snackel to where now I'm like "Oh man my system wasn't made to handle such nutriment as this!" As I type these words I got a discomfort to me that can't even be gainsaid.
It's all about ROI for the class of man called landlord gonna cut dat corners aforethought.
New Posts  All Forums: