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Pre-shower: Rose Cut. It's a pleasant rose that opens up with bright aldehydes and a boozy note. It dries down somewhat heavy and sweet with benzoin. SOTD: Une Rose Chyprée.
Here's something I'm just not going to tolerate anymore I'm talking about quarters (of coat) that are too closed. Come on tailors let's open up those quarters a bit! I ain't trying to like like a pillar of salt or what have you.
I wrote a novella it is called "Against the Grain." Here's a synopsis: There is a guy in the village (Mitch) who of a sudden starts growing wheat on his face instead of whiskers. The villagers recognize what is happening and they try to take advantage of the situation to get a lifetime supply of wheat (Mitch's lifetime that is). The villagers tied Mitch down to the ground and "tilled" his face by striking it with garden tools they had in their sheds. This caused Mitch to...
How come everyone is spelling "would" as "wud" of a sudden? It looks ridic (ridiculous).
People on backpage are "cray cray in the membrane."
I am wearing lavender pants today.
There is only one kind of transaction I do on Craigslist of which is not buying appliances.
Maybe one of the best brands will have a budget line of toasters, sort of like Mani with suits. That way I could get a toaster and also maintain my strong financial position in today's marketplace of today.
For a long time I have not owned a toaster just thought of it as something for the rich and "welltadoo" but now I am thinking of buying one.
The Cowboys offensive line did the shift like olden times!
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