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Okay I know I might be sentchered for saying this but I don't care got to speak my mente honest and true I don't have any particular interest in listening to blues music. (This post is prompted by I keep getting notifications on my Facebook page about Joe Bonamassa guitar hero for the 21st sentry master of blues form.)
My mother has loved Kris Kristofferson like nobody's business for as long as I've been on the earthen sphere of world. Today she got to see him perform live for the first time ever. She was happy as happy could be.
I've never understood this in my whole time of life still don't how can native English speakers not know when to use "a" and when to use "an?" I don't mean like do you say "a historical" or "an historical" I just mean regular everyday things like "a dog" and "an apple." Only moments ago I listened to a person say "I am a artist."
I've told this story a million times, but I once had a colleague from work come running after me to find out what perfume I was wearing. It was POAL. (She couldn't believe it was really called that. She is in the English Department, and so of course that doesn't sound like a perfume name to her.) She thought it was the most amazing thing she'd ever smelled. My gf of girlfriend, on the other hand, hates it. (On the whole, though, Malle is her favorite house.) I'm wearing...
I was at the brewpub this morning they got Huey Lewis playing on the ole jukebox this millenial woman near to me is crying out "I'm talkin' like a gibbon cuz I'm workin' for a livin!!!" I interrupt her I say "why the hell would working for a living make you talk like a gibbon don't make no sense?" She says "I'm a millenigal don't really know what workin' is like guess I just thought it would make you talk like a gibbon that's what Huey said." Just got me hibbeldy-jibbeldy...
Diptyque L'Autre. This has always been one of my favorites, but I always crave it more in spring. It's a spicy, minty scent that has a bit of that cuminy BO vibe.
Just made the best kimchi soup I have ever made of which I enjoyed the taste of.
In the town where I grew up the Dutch were a minority to where the majority (basically Sweges and Germands and assorted other northern European types) used Sinterklaas Day as a day to mock the Dutch and their lifeways.
Okay gang I went back to the brewpub try to redeem myself restore spirit of good will. Started chatting with a group of guys I said "Hey name's Colt but everone calls me Lefty of Handedness." Wouldn't you know it I was accepted straightaway into the group got along famously so to speak. Well, until another guy joined the group one of my new friends says to me "Hey Lefty of Handedness this fella is Tiny of Fat Man." I said "C'mon ain't no way he's called Tiny of Fat Man...
Hey sorry if this post offends some of y'allses delicate sensibilities of snowflake but I got to speak my mind here I am tired of the ethnic bigotry of this Land be don't have a Dutch-themed holiday likes of St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo or Puerto Rican Day or Chinese New Year's or Dwelly.
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