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Also it is French!
One thing I have noticed over the years is that lasbar misspells many, many words. But he never misspells L'Incandescent.
I grumble about this from time to time, but I don't even "give a rip" I'm going to do it again. An official e-mail of workplace just got sent out in which I was mentioned (of task). Both my first and last names were misspelled. Each name has five letters. (My middle name has three. I'm sure if people tried to include it in my name, they'd misspell that too.)
It's happened many times that I've tried to learn to like something I didn't initially like. I've succeeded very, very rarely.
Une Fleur de Cassie. This is definitely one of my favorites from the Frederic Malle lineup. Unfortunately, I've read that it is at risk of being discontinued.
I know some of you won't believe me and will think I'm a liar but I don't even care I decided to apply some vintage L'Interdit to my skin as my SOTE.
Those stock photos with Vince Vaughn are perty damn funny!
Every time I read a "statement of teaching philosophy" (ridiculous document, but that is not even my point), the person besays something like this: "Many teachers use an lecture-based teaching methodology of one-way street to where the students are just feeded information of which to regurgitate on examinations but instead of that oh-so-common I approach I use innovative tactics of Betatron 27.2 methodology student-centric learning to where I don't present myself as...
When it comes to cereal I'm like "Oh hell yes I will defnly have some of that!!!"
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