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They got it from those Latin speaking peoples of yore. Fact of the matter is, though, that those Latin speaking peoples spoke a word that's closer to what we do say in English. The genius of the French was to get rid of that "qu" sound replace it with the more elegant g.
egality like égalité come on guys let's give the French credit when credit is due!
Une Fleur de Chanel. This is a fragrance that Chanel released in 1998 and discontinued about a year later. I hadn't even heard of it until recently, but when I did, I got really excited about it and blind bought a bottle for a fairly large sum of money. It's a sharp green floral, focusing mainly on jasmine. The sharpness recedes over time to reveal a creamy, warm jasmine that's not very indolic at all. (There are other flowers in the mix too, but I can't pick them...
Jazz fusion songs tend to have awful titles, ain't no one can deny it. But "Jammin E. Cricket" takes the cake (is even worse than the others). It's so bad it puts a mirth in to me.
This is why I do not form bonds with people in real life just post my views on the Internet to where no one expects me to cook a brisket or hot dog.
Today I am wearing the mighty Coromandel.
I just paid $3.19 for a Starbuck White Chocolate Drink what the hell do they think I am a one percenter be in the market at that price point?
When I get a false glaze on dat cracker you know what I do? I send my tribeelation up to the Lord straightaway let him take the burden hey that is what he han promised to do.
I am wearing my signature color combo of navy and pink today just puts a good feeling in to my soul.
Tilda Swinton Like This is what I am wearing today. It is a modern classic IMO.
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