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Every year I encounter this problem what the hell I just want to buy a pea coat in a color such as green or purple. (No I don't mean a woman's pea coat I mean a man's pea coat.)
SOTE is Velvet Orchid. I think I've gotten to the point where my opinion is formed on this one. I'm just not nuts about it, and it's largely because of the boozy note that dominates the top. There's also something that reminds me of the ELDO scents that use Jungle Essence technology. I don't really know what Jungle Essence technology means, but their scents that use it have something in common that's hard to describe, but that's noticeable. Those are my least favorite ELDOs.
Mine, which is a newer batch, has what I'd describe as an ashtray smokiness.
If they think I'm going to continue to order croissants from them, they've "got another thing comin'" (as Rob Halford would say).
Okay here's something that's happening to me more and more as of late. People send me e-mails in which they ask me a question. And then after the question they say "Let me know." Such as, for example, "When will we know whether or not the budget for our summer semester has been approved? Let me know." The question mark indicates pretty unambiguously that I've been asked a question. Why is there a need to follow the question with a command to answer it? It strikes me as rude.
I just went to Starbuck ordered a croissant (crescent bread). When the barista told me the price I was like "Wha?"
Good luck, CD! I wore Poivre Piquant today.
Since Orianthi caused that riot during her Use Your Illusion tour in 1991, she has not dared to come back.
That is my neighborhood!
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