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I don't actually know how many I own, but it's more than 400. Approximately 40 are full bottles. Since I have so much stuff, I don't think it's a good idea to buy too many bottles; I'd never finish them. I will buy bottles if they're a good deal though, or if I really love the scent. Most of the rest are decants of various sizes. I think I only own ten or so minis. SOTE is A*Men Parfums de Cuir. This is the familiar caramely A*Men spine with some leather. In other words,...
Such as it was in a bad condition.
Hey did you all know the new Ace Frehley record is out?
That is big news!
Why I get e-mails be address me as "Mr. Linkadessen?" I am not a high school teacher to where you call me Mr.
Pre-shower: Chypre Palatin SOTD: The Afternoon of a Faun.
I am wearing my Herm├Ęs scarf tie what has belts on it today.
I have to go into work in a little bit but I already have got drunk of port wine now what am I gonna doo?
She's not from Louisville, is she?
Why did my body put me to state of wakefulness so early this morning? Maybe it knew about adventures that are in store for me today, adventures unbeknown to my conscious mind (mente).
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