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Of course now I had to wear Parure as my SOTE! This has never gotten as much attention as the other Guerlain classics, but it's an amazing scent. It's actually my favorite of the classic Guerlains. (I'm not counting Rose Nacree du Desert, which is a completely different animal.)
^^ Yup!
If you are a entertainment figure, you should not go on the Internet and post pro-Hitler or pro-Nazi views. (I mean you shouldn't do that anyway but you know what I mean like especially if you are a entertainment figure.) Just this week I've read two news stories about entertainment figures doing exactly that. While they're in the midst of posting pro-Nazi views, do they think "This is a good idea to do what I am doing now should help my career no two ways about it."?
TF Velvet Gardenia. I'm not even a little surprised that this was discontinued. It's a very dirty gardenia, especially at the top. But if you can get past the first 20 minutes or so, the scent becomes much more complex. Today for the first time I noticed an orange note in there; I checked on Fragrantica and sure enough there's orange in the listed notes. Also, the tuberose comes out as the scent dries down, adding some creamy sweetness. The very first time I tried this a...
Ain't even gonna lie I did not guess it.
The University of Pittsburgh is finally returning to the old script logo that everyone in the world has been clamoring for.
SOTE is Velvet Orchid. This is a lighter, less dense and more office friendly take on Black Orchid. When I first tried this I wasn't a fan, but it's growing on me a little bid. I still think Voile de Fleurs is the best of the Black Orchid perfumes, but that's because I'm a fan of gardenia.
I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond overheard some people trying to make a decision about what sheets to buy. They're putting together an exhaustive list of pros and cons for the different thread counts and suchlike. And I'm like "Are you really that delicate to where thread count issues will affect your ability to rest yourn body?" I never even had a bed my whole adult life until just recently wouldn't even occur to me to care about such as thread count of sheet.
Okay so apparently Miley Ray Cyrus and Nicki Minaj got into some kind of dispute about the video music awards and who should have been nominated or whatever. My social-justicy friends on Facebook are busy teasing out all the political implications of this disagreement be try to figure out what it means for the future of social justice struggles whatnot. And I'm like "For the love of the Lord Christ Jesus almighty we're talking about Miley Ray Cyrus and Nicki Minaj their...
Terrasse à St Germain. It's a tart, musky, powdery rhubarb. I love it.
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