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As a lot of you know, I have complained many a time about people be use keypads to get into their cars. Well today I found a way to teach keypad users a lesson. As you've probably noticed, most toilets are designed now to where you can only lift the seat with a keypad lot of them don't even have reglar keys anymore. Well I had the locksmith come in today make my toilet seat to be opened with a reglar key. Now when people visit my place and want to use restroom, they will...
Fate Woman. It's a lovely Opium-esque oriental.
SOTE was Lonesome Rider. I didn't mean to wear it; I had just put my contacts in and so my ability to read was decreased by a lot. (I read much better with my glasses for some reason.) I meant to wear Lonestar Memories. I'm glad I picked up Lonesome Rider though because I enjoyed it quite a bit.
So many of my friends in academia cannot get it into their noggins that not all human communication is of the sort that happens in the seminar room there is such a thing as rhetoric. Some of my FB friends was like "How can Hillary say she believes in science look the nature of science, nay of scientificity as such, is a contested question in the literature that Hillary is just so irresponsible with her wordings." (I'm exaggerating just a little for effect, but honestly not...
Cats rule dogs drool (Actually, one of my kitties drools betimes because of his stomatitis condition. )
Ungaro II for me today. This used to be a favorite here on Styleforum, I think like back in the '90s when it was published as a daily zine.
It ain't right to put your cats to condition of blang when they didn't even do nothing were probably being good kitties at the time. Just seems like everone want to down-a-grade cats in nowaday society.
It is what the name suggests. In my opinion, it's just too loud and overpowering. Also, it gives me a headache! I much prefer Oud Ispahan, which is in the same ballpark (the oud and labdanum parts are similar), but much more wearable.
Okay looks like the heart and soul of the Rams has been release today I am talking about Nick Foles this is going to be painful for Rams Nation no two ways about it.
If you foolios guessed that I wore Leather Oud for my pre-shower scent, then you guessed right. My SOTD was Al Oudh.
New Posts  All Forums: