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Pre-shower: L'Eau de l'eau. Spicy potpourri (with a bit of citrus). SOTD: Villoresi Musk. This is just a fantastic dusty rose musk. I have the old version, but I only have a tiny amount left. I'm afraid to try the reformulated version.
Okay so we got a rainstorm here in the STL led to a tricky conversation with the keetays luckily I had my wits to me made it come out okay. Diderik said "When I was a stray that rain used to fall right down on to my body causing me sorrows of grief." Thing is, little Geneviève doesn't remember being a stray she thinks she's lived here with Diderik since they was both out the womb. And so Geneviève says "What are you talkin' about Diderik you was never stray." Luckily I...
Went shopping for clothes today was in the underwear section SA be like "which of these underwears is to your liking to purchase or maybe I could special order from the factry?" I said "I don't see any orange underwear that is the only color I wear can you order from the factry?" And he was like "That is ridiculous there are plenty of good colorways out there no need to confine to orange!" And then I was like "apparently you don't want to sell me no product strange...
Betimes I am at the store see a "protein bar" when I look at the nutrition information I see it's got like 3 grahams of protein in it.
He did it during battng practice, at which time the equipment manager had already put the uniforms in the players' lockers.
Braheim thought his dad had forgotten his birthday. No way in hell did he forget that birthday he was just playin' with his son got him a bat, which brought little Braheim to tears. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=17135030
TF Venetian Bergamot today. There's nothing especially bold or innovative in this scent. It's just a very pleasant creamy, somewhat peppery white floral. I loved it the very first time I tried it.
When I make posts about events in the world of sports uniforms, I know perfectly well ain't no one gonna care. But I am sort of like Andy Kaufman don't care that no one cares just keep pressing on.
Your best posts are the ones with mente and betimes in them. Hey just one man's opinions here. On a related note, since I got the keetays, no one has wanted to read none of my posts unless they pertain to said keetays.
Chris Sale didn't want to wear the 1976 throwback uniforms, so he cut up all the jerseys before the game. (That way they couldn't wear them. That probably should go without saying.) They wore their 1983 uniforms instead. I wanted to see those 1976 uniforms.
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