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I don't know why you're saying that Rubj is similar to Green Irish Tweed just not seeing it like at all.
Salome by Papillon today. Very funky, animalic, cuminy, smoky, mossy rose. This is the first time I'm wearing it, but so far I'm amazed at how good this is. It doesn't smell a lot like Vero Rubj, but it's similar in its unabashed carnality.
Holy crepe Thomas is back in SOTD! Here's the promised mini-review for Él by Arquiste. The name is certainly accurate. It's one of those contemporary seventies-style masculine patchouli scents, in the same ballpark as TF Patchouli Absolu and Malle Monsieur, but with a bit more of a classic fougère vibe. I checked out some online reviews and noticed that others don't emphasize the patchouli nearly as much as I do. But really, as soon as I put this on I thought "holy crap...
I have been listening to Interpol all evening to where now I am communicating in the style of Interpol songs. Just now my keetays were hungry and begging for food and so I sang to them in an earnest baritone to the tune of "Song Seven" "D-Man loves his chicken, Gen-Bae-Bae wants her crunchies." (D-Man is Diderik, Gen-Bae-Bae is Geneviève's alternate name, crunchies is dry cat food.)
Okay so I know I have often shared tales involving the misspelling of my name, which has only five letters in the first name and five letters in the last name and so should not be too hard. Well here's another tale I am a candidate for a important political position in the university gobanence structure do you think my name is spelled right on the ballot? Context clues will give you the answer if you are attentive.
Yesterday: Secrets du Paradis Rouge by Jul et Mad. Love it. Today: El by Arquiste. Mini-review to come.
Masque Milano Russian Tea. I can definitely see why so many people in the online fragrance world love this. It's a rich, smoky, leathery black tea. There's a healthy dose of mint at the top, but that disappears for me pretty quickly. There's also a hint of sweetness that I probably wouldn't be able to identify on my own, but which fragrantica suggests is immortelle and labdanum. I'm not normally a big fan of tea scents, mainly because I often find them lacking in depth....
I used to listen to this a lot. For some reason I thought of it again today.
Sorry, it's probably too late to respond to this. But FWIW, I think Jubilation XXV, Fate Man, Journey Man, and Lyric Man are really excellent on the masculine side. Myths Man is very nice too; it feels much more modern to me than the others. On the feminine side, if you're interested, Lyric Woman, Fate Woman, and Lilac Love are very, very good.I'm wearing the newest Jul et Mad scent for the first time today. It's called Secrets du Paradis Rouge. It's a beautiful almondy...
My favert Metallica album is Lulu. It's a shame they didn't continue down that road of style.
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