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I'd want to add Venetian Bergamot by Tom Ford and True Lust Rayon Violet de Ses Yeux by ELDO. Probably Arabian Wood would be out of my top ten, even though I still like it very much.EDIT: Shoot, I probably want to add Rubj edp too.
@MakinHave you tried Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal? If you love lemon, then you will certainly enjoy this one. The lemon isn't as creamy as the one in Edition Blanche. And instead of vetiver you get cypress.
Sometimes Diderik and Geneviève get into fights. (Often Diderik really wants to groom Geneviève, but Geneviève don't want to be groomed.) Just now they did rassle I asked "What are you two fighting about?" Little Diderik said "Hey you know we are evolved from apes and so it's unavoidable we're going to do atavism descend into violent acts betimes." I did not correct him.
Lot of people nowadays think as long as they add cilantro to a blend that they got a Mexican feast uhh hate to break it to you but no you got to have a brido or torteea in there otherwise it isn't true Mexican feast. (Or at least beans.)
Sometimes the display on the gas pump asks me "Have you accepted the Lord Christ Jesus as your Saviour?" to where I'm like "Wha? Just let me buy gasoline that's why I pulled in here!" But if I don't press Yes or No I'm not allowed to continue with the transaction. I always press Yes just to avoid the hassle.
I was at the auto repair shop once getting my auto repaired (like why else would I be there, for the scenery?). The other people in the waiting zone were less affluent than me, based on a variety of endelcators. Irregardless, they all had ironing board size telephones was giving me the business for having a more old-fashioned size smart phone. (I got Samson SPH-D700 phone.) I had two points in response to their mockery. First, my phone still got functionment to it why...
My SOTD is Sa Majesté La Rose. It's not among my very favorite roses, mainly because of the sharpness at the top. I tend to prefer my roses more velvety. But still, it's a very nice scent. (There's also a clove note that's fairly prominent. In general, I'm not a big fan of that note.)
It's probably my least favorite of Tauer's rose scents. Incense is definitely the star of the show, and so if you're a fan of incense scents I think it's definitely worth a try. The scent actually resembles Une Rose Chypree in that both feature that fizzy citrus and spicy opening. (Cardamom in Incense Rose, and I think cinnamon in Une Rose Chypree.) As with many Tauers, it's very loud in the opening. But it becomes softer as the rose emerges. I definitely like it better...
As is well known among people who know things, we have lost many famous musicians in the year of 2016 to where now every time a musician dies Facebook is full of people be like "Oh man I cannot believe this it is crazy what could account for this such a nommely!!!" But some of these musicians are like 90 years old no one should be surprised if the Lord calls them home. But irregardless, news of their passing is gret on Facebook with "Holy crap this is soooo crazy I can't...
Look I understand that certain "folkways" don't necessarily have sense to them, but that irregardless people defend them like there's no tomorrow. One of these folkways is writing "hooray." I take a lot of gough for doing this, but I always spell it as "hurray." Why do I do that? Because who the hell pronounces it as hoo-ray? That's just absurd and everyone knows it in their heart.
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