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One of my favert events of every year is when The Swami (Chris Berman) shares his Super Bowl prediction. Well you can guess what The Swami has done he has made his prediction known to man.
Pre-shower: YSL Y parfum. One of the best old-school chypres. SOTD: Stilettos on Lex by Jul et Mad. This was love at first smell for me, and it's still one of my favorites.
Today I got in a baddle with a co-worker about earbuds of all things. Guy gets all indignant says "You know they are called ear-buns and not ear-buds, right? It's really grating on me to hear earbuds all the time." I said "I'm sorry you don't like the word of earbuds but that's just what the word is and that is the word I'm gonna say." But he wouldn't be convinced he says "Do you really think the government would let them name a product after drugs, which destroy the lives...
A different co-worker came into my office saw me eating out of a box of Mini Wheats says "You know why they call them Money Wheats, right? It's because they bring in hell of money for Kellogg!" The "Many Wheats" guy overheard and we were off to the races.
I have a bathroom in the bedroom suite of my condo but irregardless when I wake up in the middle of the night got to urelnate I always leave the bedroom suite entirely use a bathroom in a different part of the condo sometimes I wonder if the Lord wired my mente wrong just as a practical joke.
Looks like Ixelles came into this thread went on a rampage of thumbs-ups hey that's just how it be with the Nederlandstalige peoples of the world get inflamed of passion do wild and crazy antics.
I had a fugue with a guy at work today disputing over the name of Frosted Mini Wheats. Guy said the true name was "Frosted Many Wheats" because there are many wheats in one box. I pointed out that the box clearly said "Frosted Mini Wheats." Guy insisted that was just to represent typical American pronunciation patterns. I told him that was an extravagant hypothesis most natural interpretation would be to take the words on the box at face value.
Jasmin et Cigarette. This was the standout of the original ELDO lineup, but it's been overshadowed by subsequent releases. It's really an excellent fragrance whose name pretty much says what it is.
I ten to treat plurals like ox.
Scene from a academic conference setting (not in my discipline though no way): Speaker: We must from now on stop referring to "people" and start referring to them as "weeple." This is to bring out the salient fact, which is that human beings weep under the weight of injustice and contumely. We must mark this in the materiality of the signifier itself so as to mobilize the forces of change." Question from Audience (Me): What do we say for the singular "person." Speaker:...
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