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I just dined at a "seedy" restaurant I am not even joking when I say that every customer there seemed to be suffering from insanity of mind (excluding me obviously).
I always confuse you for Finnish (of Finland).
Who is in New Orleans? (Rhetorical question would be too hard to answer if you be took it literal.)
The same thing happens to me when I am in those European lands. They speak English to the people around me, but switch to Dutch to engage with me. Do I look like an Dutchman?
The flight attendants nevet greet me when I board the plane maybe I just don't look frenley.
There are so many kinds of gems and metals be classify the American Airlines customers.
No, she was always appealing to her rights. If I put a kind of food in her bowl that she didn't want, for example, she'd assert her right to "freedom of nutriment" which she thought was to be found in the penumbra to 8A.
Whenever I am in a photo with other people, the photog (photographer) is always like "Hey stand closer to the other people what are in the picture!" But I am always uncomfortable standing as close as the photog wants me to stand. But then I see no one else is made uncomfortable by standing so close to others. I have noticed that my brother is like that too, and so pictures of the two of us always take a long time to happen.
One of my undergraduate majors was Con Law, or Constitutional Law. (Yes, really.) It just puts a certain glee in to me to recite bad Con Law arguments. Some of you will remember that I used to have a talking cat. She always used to "stand up for her rights" by advancing non-standard interpretations of the Constitution. That always made me laugh.
I am multitasking right now: I am posting to SF (should go without saying I guess), I am packing my luggage for a trip to New Orleans tomorrow, I am doing laundry, and I am drinking port. Just "spinning too many plates" to where no, I am not watching the Royals! (I am not literally spinning plates that is just an idiom.)
New Posts  All Forums: