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My neighbor of condo listens to the corniest easy listening music at loud volume. Who does that? (Might have to "blare" some L.A. Guns. )
I always talk to my mother on Sunday nights. When she calls me on other days, I always brace myself for some kind of bad news. Well tonight I had a voice mail from her and I thought "uh-oh." But it turns out she wanted my advice on whether or not to subscribe to the WWE Network.
Don't be prejihadist, HRoi.
Some children came to my home for trick or treating activities just now. Instead of giving them candy I gave them a lecture about the importance of faith. The parents appreciated how I provided the children not with nourishment for the body, which doth perish, but for the soul, which persisteth in being. (I didn't have any candy forgot it was Halloween.)
The parent probably said you were looking at Born (shoes).
I had to google Urban Dictionary.
I just read in Le Monde that Le Front National has sanctioned one of its members for proselytizing for Islam. It seems odd to me that a Muslim would be a member of Le Front National in the first place.
I like Lyric Man and Fate Man quite a lot. (I didn't like Lyric Man at first, though.)
I'm wearing Amber Absolute. I just realized that I have a somewhat ridiculous relationship with this fragrance. I remind myself of the guy in the bleachers in the movie Major League who says "No way. Too high, too high," trying to convince himself that the ball in the air won't be a homerun. The guy next to him says "Too high? What does that mean, too high?" And the first guy responds "too high, I thought." I think this fragrance is too good, and so I think there must be...
Seems like they've finally agreed to a truce.
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