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Wait, so does that mean Imo's prices are not going to be raised after all? Now you got me to condition of worried, BillinFool.
Did she have an opinion about chocolate sprinkles?
I am in Wisconsin visiting family. My mother thought Oud Ispahan was one of the best fragrances she'd smelled. I'm wearing M7 today.
Oud Ispahan is my SOTD of the day.
Enjoying some Cincinnati style chili for Thanksgiving it has Delafee chocolate sprinkled on to it.
I'm just going by the saying I always heard as a youngster "chili with no choclate sprinkle be put man to sleep like Rip van Winkle." No percentage of choclate was included in the saying would have ruined the meter.
Today I wore Une Rose Vermeille by Swiss perfume star Andy Tauer.
I am not sure about what people eat within the city limits of Cencelnatti but the version of their signature chili that has made its way to the rest of the nation defly got dat choclate put in to it. Ain't gonna lie, though, I don't know the percentage minimum of choclate what is regarded as appropriate. Probably around 11% or so.
For my SOTE I am wearing TF Black Orchid and its flankers (Voile de Fleur and Velvet Orchid) on different parts of my arms. I'm trying to decide which of the three is my favorite. (I don't own the new edt Black Orchid.) I don't think I can decide which one I like best; I alternate between Voile de Fleur and Velvet Orchid. In any event, I'm a big fan of all three.
I am drinking scotch right now don't get me wrong I am not going to complain or anything but I'll take port or byrrh or brandy over this any ole day of the week.
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