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You should get into a war of words with Tagut on Facebook. That will keep you occupied perty good.
I am wearing Une Rose de Kandahar today. It's a dusty potpourri rose that's in the ballpark of the loukhoum scents by Keiko Mecheri and Serge Lutens. It's one of my best compliment getters.
Are the Raptors trolling us or is this supposed to be in earnest?
Ten days is a good success. Keep it up! It will definitely start getting better.
That's because you're Italianate. You should try out the ways of the Dutch see how they suit you.
Sometimes I am surprised by the reasoning I engage in. Today I had planned to wear a certain ensemble of clothes, but I thoughtlessly put on the wrong pair of pants. That left me with a dilemma: do I remove the pants I just put on so's to enable myself to wear the planned ensemble, or do I change course and organize a new ensemble around the pants I han put on? This should not have taken more than a split second of my attention, but it did take more than that.
My doctor is a woman too, but she is Chinese and so I think she has wisdom to her. Speaking of coffee, I was at a conference recently and the guy ahead of me at the hotel Starbuck was lecturing the workers at great length about how they are making the coffee wrong to get the best brew you must needs do x, y, and z, all of which would be much more expensive than what Starbuck actually does. Finally I was like "you know these kids can't just freelance (change the protocol...
You should try drinking a coffee don't know if that's something you do.
I think the Lord interveened to prevent quote on quote winning hey I think He knows what's for the best.
The European man puts the day of the month before the month when he represents a date, to where I always do a spit take like "What!?"
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