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Just had a strange run-in with Riptithe. He asked me to lend him some money so that he could out-tithe his peers at church and gain a spot on the "placket of acknowledgement." I said "you mean the plaque of acknowledgement, right?" Turns out no, his church has shirts made up with the names of the best tithers sewn onto the plackets. (Riptithe is the guy who insists on being called Riptithe on account of he tithes much dollars don't give a rip what anyone thinks of it.)
I drank too much brew to where now I'm "hopped up."
Une Rose Vermeille by Andy Tauer. I think this is the "happiest" fragrance I own.
This is a site on which no one just comes out and says what they mean just all bunch of intertextualities and ironies and fictions and whatnot makes it hard to understand the goings-on.
I think you might have taken LawrenceMD's post a little bit more seriously than he intended it to be taken.
Today I am wearing my highest rise suit pants and my longest necktie. I was like "Man I wonder if I'm gonna be able to make this work get the tie to end at my belt?" Well I will have you know that I succeeded in one try. (I looped the tie twice instead of the reglar once.)
I rocked dat Fate Man today. Everyone should try this.
If you have a beard it means you are gay (by definition of terms).
I don't ask too many questions about it.
Mengtibbi's a guy from the neighborhood who sells counterfeit weeg (marijuana). He makes good money doing that and so he buys me drinks aforethought.
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