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SOTE is Shanghai Lily. It's a lovely sweet, bright, tangy floral with frankincense.
The owl hoots, but the cookie still crumbles.
It would be a very, very unusual day that I didn't wear at least three fragrances.
The poodle barks but the caravan it does roll on irregardless.
I'm not even gonna lie, that has happened to me on more than one occasion as well.Also, betimes I want to log into webmail and I type w then e then enter takes me to WEtv (Women's Entertainment television).
Intertextuality strikes again on Styleforum website.
Pre-shower: Santal Majuscule. This is a warm, creamy sandalwood with plush, velvety rose. If I had to name a single favorite sandalwood, this would probably be it (unless Bois des Iles counts as a sandalwood scent). It's probably more appropriate for cooler weather. SOTD: Rose Nacrée du Desert. A dark, plush rose, oud, and saffron scent. It is amazingly good, and on the short list of my very favorite fragrances.
Metaphors confuse me people should just say what they mean without resorting to trickery.
Animals don't have houses they have pens that is rediculous.
I did come into my office to meet with my Independent Readings student wouldn't you know it I got a e-mail besays "Sorry I am not able to come to the meeting of today."
New Posts  All Forums: