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For my SOTE I am wearing forum favorite Must de Cartier vintage parfum. It's a very strange combination of sharp greenness (galbanum) and oriental, almost gourmand sweetness. I don't just appreciate this as a curiosity in the history of perfumery; I actually enjoy it quite a bit.
I am back to Styleforum website now. My gf of girlfriend had been visiting me at my home and so I haven't been hanging out with the zany characters (such as Riptithe, Mengtibbi, Shunta, excedra) that provide me with so much of my posting material. Also haven't been to Subway for quite a spell.
SOTD is Cuiron (the new one). It's a light suede that's sweetened up with a bit of labdanum and that's given some freshness by orange and bergamot. I find it nice and easily wearable, but I don't love it. (My girlfriend had a sample of this and absolutely hated it, which is why it is now in my possession.) Linking on to the discussion of Frederic Malle from a few days ago, I can report that the aforementioned girlfriend (I only have the one) absolutely loves the Malle...
En Passant today. It's been a long time since I've worn this. I remembered it as a bready lilac, but now I'm getting a really prominent calone note that I hadn't picked up on before. I'm not a big fan of calone, but I do like how it's used here.
Charleston Chew would be better if it had raisins in it.
My gf of girlfriend has been in St. Louis for a long visit. (It was originally scheduled to be shorter, but we extended it.) She's going back to L.A. on Wednesday, and of course I'm sad about that, but irregardless it has been a wonderful visit. I am happier than I've ever been in my life.
The image of L'Interdit as pink cashmere sweater is perfect, IMO. I've got the vintage version, but I've never tried the updated version. SOTD: TF Noir de Noir. I've always been a big fan. I get a dark, chocolaty rose. It smells like something I would want to drink. SOTE: ELDO Sécrétions Magnifiques. It's a very metallic, bright floral. There are supposed to be milky notes, but I don't get them. An ex-girlfriend did get those notes, though, and almost vomited when she...
They are playing right in my neighborhood on October 4. I like them a lot, especially this one.
I figure I'm still paying for the team and so I might as well continue to cheer for them.
The Rams are confirming the truth of the old saying "You can take the Rams out of St. Louis but you can't take the being-a-crappy-football-team out of the Rams."
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