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Speaking of old school wrestling, I was watching youtube clips of Exotic Adrian Street yesterdee and today. That was pretty fun. What is not fun, though, is coming to terms with the new intentional walk rule they got going on in MLB baseball be like "hoo hoo hoo the game lingers for too many minutes let's let the dugout make special singnal for walk so that millenigals with miniaturized attention spans can keep they focus!!!"
Pre-shower: Creed Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare. A long time ago when I first tried this, I really wanted to like it. I tried my best but the fact is I find it screechy and unpleasant. SOTD: Maison Margiela Lipstick On. I've mentioned this a few times before: it's a waxy, ricey old-fashioned makeup scent. I enjoy it very much.
Okay guys looks like we've discovered the true answer to why Candice Wiggins abruptly retired from the WNBA turns out she was bullied by all the lesbian superstars because she was straight and heterosexual. That is not the WNBA I know and love I hope the story turns out to be false.
Radio Bombay by D.S. & Durga. Those of you who enjoy sandalwood should really give this a try. It opens up with a warm, creamy sandalwood that's complemented by a green note that I thought was cypress, but which is apparently balsam fir. But the best part appears a few minutes into the drydown. There's a metallic note that smells a little bit like a cold penny. This note never dominates the scent, but it adds just enough to make the scent stand out from the crowd of...
I don't know why you're saying that Rubj is similar to Green Irish Tweed just not seeing it like at all.
Salome by Papillon today. Very funky, animalic, cuminy, smoky, mossy rose. This is the first time I'm wearing it, but so far I'm amazed at how good this is. It doesn't smell a lot like Vero Rubj, but it's similar in its unabashed carnality.
Holy crepe Thomas is back in SOTD! Here's the promised mini-review for Él by Arquiste. The name is certainly accurate. It's one of those contemporary seventies-style masculine patchouli scents, in the same ballpark as TF Patchouli Absolu and Malle Monsieur, but with a bit more of a classic fougère vibe. I checked out some online reviews and noticed that others don't emphasize the patchouli nearly as much as I do. But really, as soon as I put this on I thought "holy crap...
I have been listening to Interpol all evening to where now I am communicating in the style of Interpol songs. Just now my keetays were hungry and begging for food and so I sang to them in an earnest baritone to the tune of "Song Seven" "D-Man loves his chicken, Gen-Bae-Bae wants her crunchies." (D-Man is Diderik, Gen-Bae-Bae is Geneviève's alternate name, crunchies is dry cat food.)
Okay so I know I have often shared tales involving the misspelling of my name, which has only five letters in the first name and five letters in the last name and so should not be too hard. Well here's another tale I am a candidate for a important political position in the university gobanence structure do you think my name is spelled right on the ballot? Context clues will give you the answer if you are attentive.
Yesterday: Secrets du Paradis Rouge by Jul et Mad. Love it. Today: El by Arquiste. Mini-review to come.
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