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I think I heard a Wendy's commercial with a modified version of Mr. Big's hit song "To Be With You." I sure was not expecting to hear that.
Sorry if this causes offense to any of the members of SF website, but the accent of which I grew up speaking (Wisconsin) has a very unpleasant sound to it, to where I'm glad I don't talk that way anymore.
Man, I straight up do not even know what you are talking about!
My posts about the various KISS costumes are as coherent as can be. I'm happy to explain again for anyone who still has questions.
Now my hair is like Vladimir Putin's, basically.
I was just watching Family Feud. The question was "Who is the biggest rock star of all time?" One of the contestants answered Eddie Money!
There is a guy who is rowing got his watch over the cuff of his dress shirt I'm like "What in the world?"
There is a fragrance called Eau de Magnolia by Frederic Malle. I mention it because I am wearing it as my SOTD.
It can really be a challenge holding a conversation with a person who has schizophrenia. Often it happens that I don't get what they are talking about.
Pierre Boulez is one of the most influential composers of the post WWII generation. His most famous work is Le Marteau sans Maitre. Here's a snippet: https://soundcloud.com/deutschegrammophon/pierre-boulez-le-marteau-sans-maitre
New Posts  All Forums: