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Actually, my middle name is Modest (named after Mussorgsky). I guess sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!
Today I am wearing a fragrance called Incense Rose. It is by a Swiss perfumer named Andy Tauer.
Y'alls know my ways of being know I'm not a man of braggadocio and whatnot, but I gotta say that I got a good look to me today. (I have Leonard Paris tie, which don't hurt.)
This was mentioned briefly in the March 22 Uni Watch. (It's in the Baseball News part of the Ticker.)
À la Rose by MFK. This is a very pleasant bright rose.
Todd Radom, who's about as knowledgeable as you can be on the history of baseball uniforms, thinks they're black and gold. He's been in discussions with Dressed to the Nines about it.
Are you friends with a lot of girls under 25?
As a man of francophonie, you must be pained by that one.
Used to be when you saw two consonants in a row you could be perty sure that the vowel what came before was short. But now in the era where parents have all gotten it in their heads to invent new spellings of names, you just are not going to know whether dat vowel got a shortness or a longness to it. (I am talking about names like "Tinna" or "Jasson.")
When I order a book online, I get a e-mail in my gmail. Right there in the subject line there's a button I can click on tells me where dat package is in the delivery process. How cool is that?
New Posts  All Forums: