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This will be on the new Interpol record.
I would jump in that if I were you. Jicky is a classic in all the concentrations, and $50 is a great price.As my SOTE I am wearing another scent that is a classic in all the concentrations that's right I am talking about Herm├Ęs Rouge. (Not really considered a classic by anyone, I don't think. But I like it at least.)
I've already said what I have to say about people who aren't man enough to operate a car using their keys will not say any more about it. (Be like "hoo hoo hoo.")
The first Monday Night Football of the upcoming season is going to be the New York Giants at the Detroit Lions. Man, the NFL really knows how to give the fans what they want oh hells yes!!!
En Passant for me today. (I am wearing lots of lavender, and so I thought it matched well.)
In my dream last night, I showed up unannounced at Conne's family home just decided to pay a visit. (His family lived in a big house that was a shade darker than lime green.) I knocked on the door and Conne answered. I said "Hey, I'm L'Incandescent!" But Conne wasn't expecially happy to see me turns out he was throwing a little party to introduce his new gf to the family. But I had walked an hour to get to his house so I wasn't going to leave. I stayed and chatted with the...
My SOTE of the evening is Pure Malt
I am happy about the three new Interpol songs I've heard so far! (Much love for Interpol in my mindspace.)
Cashier: Do you think you are better than everyone else what with wearing a suit and tie to do grocery shopping? Me: Umm, I think I am a guy who just finished a day's work is at your piece of shit store to spend the money he han earned.
Orange Sanguine is a very, very literal take on orange. It smells like you cut an orange and the juice landed on you. Also, Tubereuse Criminelle is out-of-this-world good, IMO.
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