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There were a bunch of rednecks a few seats ahead of me on the flight home to STL. From time to time one of them would cry out "BWAWWW!" and the rest of the rednecks would laugh such as like that was funny. Then a while later one of them would say "Make that sound ageen!!" And so a guy would go "BWAWWW!" And again everyone would laugh. Also, when the captain announced that we were beginning our descent, one of the kids cried out "Gotta downsheeft! Gotta downsheeft!...
What is Chili Chack? EDIT: Oh, is that the restaurant that's run by the Chili Fool guy? He's quite a character hehehe!
I am out of town at a conference, and since I was running a bit late I didn't have time to pack multiple fragrances. So I've been wearing TF Orchid Soleil the last few days. I like it okay, but not nearly as much as the other Black Orchid flankers.
I am at a confernce.I should also add that I had hell of tasty Thai food in Salt Lake City. Won't even lie I didn't expect that.
I ordered brandy old fashioned drink even what I am not in Wisconsin, which is basically the only place anyone knows how to make said drink. As I mentioned a moment ago, I am not in Wisconsin instead I am in Salt Lake City Utah to where I had no good reason to expect a quality brandy old fashioned. Well let me tell you something guys, don't ever underestimate the ability of Salt Lake City bartenders to make a brandy old fashioned it was perty good can't even lie.
I'm pretty close to where you are on this one. I'd say I'm at like it a lot but not love.Today I'm wearing TF Noir de Noir. This is also a rose/oud scent, but it's much richer and less aggressive, with a dark chocolatey vibe. I enjoy this quite a bit on my skin, but what I really love is when I come back to my office after having been away for a bit and smelling it in the air. I think it sometimes requires distance like that to get a proper perspective on a fragrance.
I am over in that neighborhood pretty frequently!
I wore TF Oud Fleur today. It's just what the name suggests, but it's also quite resiny, which imparts a thick, viscous texture that I enjoy a lot.
Just got home the hallway zone of my condo building smells like old garbedge. Not trying to cast aspersians but I think one of my neighbors didn't take out their garbedge when in reality they should of taken it out.
I went to Starbuck got a brew and a fredter of which I was charged more money than I expected. I'm sure it was the fredter that was culprit because I know the price of the differnt brews "like the back of my hand" so to speak.
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