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My car is yellow (not Mary Kay).
No Orianthi is not welcome here, just put 'er that way.
Interpol > Eeyore.
Good news: the concert venue in my neighborhood just announced that Lucinda Williams would be appearing there to play live music. Bad news: I don't really care about Lucinda Williams. (This cancels out the good news.)
The only song I skip on the new U2 record is the one they released as a single (on account of don't enjoy it). Either they chose the worst song as the single or my taste is way different from others'.
Today in the parking lot a person did say to me "Your pants match your car! Was that on purpose?" And I was like "Yes I han bought a car to match the color of the pants I am wearing."
When I was a youngster (like 11 or 12) I did drink Drambuie on the rocks. Some of you may think I am inventing this tale, but I am not I did drink the mentioned drink (grew up in household where drinking was excessive so to speak).
I had to do a large number of small administrative tasks today. I have accomplished them "with mallace aforethought" (at a good pace).
Pre-shower: Ungaro II. A fresher, more citrusy Jicky. SOTD: Tom of Finland. A warm spicy, ambery suede. One of my best compliment getters.
When I was a very young child, my father used to drink a beverage called "Alabama Knockout" had Southern Comfort in it. (He was not from Alabama was from Wisconsin but irregardless.)
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