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I just wanted to update my earlier comments because I don't think they are quite accurate.I have bought some more BB ESL shirts since my post. I find that BB ESL are actually bigger in the chest than the Boss Black Slim Fit shirts. Maybe the sizing has changed on BB since--I'm not really sure. I've been hitting the gym and now I'm at about a 41" chest with a 9" drop. Boss Slim Fit is really tight at this point in the chest to the point that I wouldn't buy anymore going...
Just thought I'd give an update after a month or so of wear. The jeans fit great now so don't worry if they're a bit tight when you first get them. They'll loosen up.
lol, my thoughts exactly. If you think you're special because you have As, a masters, some internships, and come from a privileged family, boy do I have news for you that you are exactly average in law school.
The other thing I forgot to mention is I think the USPTO is still opening an office in Detroit. Maybe there might be some hiring going on, although I'm not sure exactly what they would be looking for (i.e., if they are hiring people with no experience). But worth looking more into.
Hey man, I'm a lawyer in Canada but practiced patent/trademark prosecution for over a year, including US patent/trademark prosecution, and now practice corporate/commercial law. I can share some insight into the field. First I'll just say that patent prosecution is a great field to work in as far as I'm concerned. It's an extremely fascinating area of law in that a lot of the arguments are both legal and technical and to be successful at it you need to master both and...
This is one of those things where it really just depends. The truth is that if you find the right opportunity at the right company, it doesn't matter if you've been somewhere for 1 month or 5 years, you should leave. But don't leave for a marginally better job. And when I say marginally better I mean that you should judge marginal by experience more than salary. So just make sure to make a good move.
I don't have anything slim fit at J.Crew but I know regular fit is too large in the waist. In the sub-$100 category, and I really haven't stepped outside this category, my favorite shirts are Boss Slim Fit and Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim Fit (especially for no-iron convenience). I wouldn't pay $95 for a J.Crew dress shirt. They are better at casual shirts. IMHO it's worth just buying BB/Boss full price.
Buy one and let us know! I made the mistake of buying a regular fit (I forget the name, maybe classic fit) sized dress shirt from J.Crew on sale. It was a tent. I took it to the tailor today to slim it down. If it's on sale, it's not a big risk, you can always get it fixed for under $20.
No, I like the fit, they are just tight enough that I can't gain much weight. But they have stretched a bit already. Not by much, but better than when I first put them on.
Thanks. Yeah, you're right, a little tight in the thighs... that's what you get for doing 5x5 at the gym. But not uncomfortable or anything. These are Weird Guy, Deep Indigo, the weight was 13.5 oz. Blue Owl was solid they came right away. Sort of funny being in Canada ordering Canadian made jeans from the US. I don't know about the length. I thought it was fine maybe within a 1/4 inch of what I expected. What do you think? Should I hem them a bit?
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