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I punch them square in the face.
I'd have to say APC. Every season I find things I like at good prices too but their xs fits bigger than I'd like it to. I wish they'd slim everything down or make an xxs.
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy Ughhh I wanted one of those henleys in a XS. 2 months too late I bought it, but I don't like how it fits on me. If you're interested PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by haresh hey, where can I get the x-small versions ??.......thats ok just saw it on eluxury..thanks. I'd like to know this as well. I got a shirt from eLuxury, but it cost me a lot because I had to get it through a proxy since they don't ship outside of the states.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Grapist I edited this into the first post, but in case that's glossed over and you just skip to the last post: At the moment I have 28, 29, 30 and 31 MIJ 19cm Indigos (I can get 32, 34 and 36 easily if need be), and 30 and 31 MIJ 19cm Blacks (which are probably the last 30 and 31 blacks I'll be able to get for a while) all on hand. I won't be able to ship until later in the week, but feel free to pick 'em up before...
Their customer service is horrible, but I can't say i'm not satisfied with my order. They never return emails, but I did get my order within 4 days of ordering.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque 30" chest? Go to Ukraine and eat some of those lard sandwiches, or cook a Turducken and eat it all up! I thought I was scrawny with a 37" chest. I don't think it'll get get better no matter how much I eat. I'm skinny but I'm not anorexic, besides It all goes to my stomach anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 ^ Cowwoofwoof and apox, go eat a sandwich. Now. I'm pretty short, so I think that's a decent chest size for me
Can anyone identify what type of jacket the lead singer is wearing in this video? It would be even better if anyone knows who makes this jacket or if anyone know where I can get a similar jacket. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by apox Cowwoofwoof, did you ever decide on a size? I also measure about 31" across the chest and I'm about 5'8". I'm trying to decide between 30S/30R or 32S/30R. Can anyone offer any advice? I ordered a 30S. but for some reason I was sent a 32S. The coat seems to be a good fit, but not skin tight and the length is perfect for me (I'm 5"6). A 32R or a 30R would probably be the best fit for you, depending on how...
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