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Pre-owned pair of gorgeous dark brown Rockport genuine leather shoes. I only wore them 3-4 times to a few functions and were bought as a gift. They are slightly too small for me, so now they just sit in my closet. Would like them to find a good home. I'd have to figure out what shipping would be, I'd suspect $5-$7.
I paid $200+ for this shirt which contains a cotton blend and other materials (see picture). Gorgeous shirt. Shirt will come in a plastic shirt bag. Feel free to ask any questions. I estimate shipping to be around $5 in the US. More if going international.
This is just to fund the account right? I don't have to make any investments by April 13?
Traditional IRAs still have a $5,500 limit right? Yes. I checked on the IRS page.
I cannot roll over until I leave the company, correct? What if I open a Traditional IRA account?
Does it make sense to do a 401K then convert it over to a Roth IRA? Can this be done at the end of every year or can the conversion only happen after you leave a company? I researched it a bit but this is not clear to me. If I have the limit of $17,500 in 2014, can I convert the entire thing? One thought is that I'd like to buy a house. Rather than let that money sit in a different account doing nothing, I thought I could use whatever excess money to put into my Roth IRA...
Do you think it would be bad if I put Branded Company, Current Title
My friend filed the paper work on it, but we worked together on it. Not sure if my name is actually on anything there.
Should I list the company's name?
1. I worked as an independent consultant for a year and a half trying to do my own thing. During that time, a friend and mine started working together on a company venture (he LLC'ed the company). We kind of did stuff here and there. On my resume, I listed some overall duties, but how should I list accomplishments? We tried out some monetizatrion strategies that made a few thousand, and met some developers, but overall it didn't bring millions so I got a job elsewhere. Not...
New Posts  All Forums: