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Is it a good idea to take a Brioni shirt there? The original stitching is very small and nice. I've gone to placed before and they re-stitch with big ole threads and double stitching.
Thought I'd see if anyone knows?
Are there any tailors you recommend for bringing in a Brioni shirt in San Francisco? I have a Brioni shirt, but it's really big in the waist. I'm a bit skinny myself, so I wanted to get it tailored. Does it make sense to go to Neiman Marcus? I bought the shirt online.
Way too short? Or is it currently still wearable?
I got this nice ribbed lambs wool sweater. It feels great, but it seems to fit a bit short. What do you guys think?
I have to buy it first. It's for sale online.
Good to know. I would say I have a masculine face and body.
Mix of yes and no
What kind of boots?
Very diverse answers here Love to hear some more feedback.
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