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I'm looking for some shirts that I can wear untucked.
A colleague at work suggested their shirts to me. The designs look good, but suprised at the prices. Does anyone know how the quality stands up for time? How long are the shirts, can I wear them untucked?
Pre-owned pair of gorgeous dark brown Rockport genuine leather shoes. I only wore them 3-4 times to a few functions and were bought as a gift. They are slightly too small for me, so now they just sit in my closet. Would like them to find a good home. I'd have to figure out what shipping would be, I'd suspect $5-$7.
I paid $200+ for this shirt which contains a cotton blend and other materials (see picture). Gorgeous shirt. Shirt will come in a plastic shirt bag. Feel free to ask any questions. I estimate shipping to be around $5 in the US. More if going international.
This is just to fund the account right? I don't have to make any investments by April 13?
Traditional IRAs still have a $5,500 limit right? Yes. I checked on the IRS page.
I cannot roll over until I leave the company, correct? What if I open a Traditional IRA account?
Does it make sense to do a 401K then convert it over to a Roth IRA? Can this be done at the end of every year or can the conversion only happen after you leave a company? I researched it a bit but this is not clear to me. If I have the limit of $17,500 in 2014, can I convert the entire thing? One thought is that I'd like to buy a house. Rather than let that money sit in a different account doing nothing, I thought I could use whatever excess money to put into my Roth IRA...
Do you think it would be bad if I put Branded Company, Current Title
My friend filed the paper work on it, but we worked together on it. Not sure if my name is actually on anything there.
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