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Maybe both. But I meant athletic. I would say more than a few hundred is starting to get to be too much.
I can't read the writing on the side, but want to know
Can anyone recommend some good zip up sweater vests/jackets (sleeveless)? Maybe athletic apparel?
Maybe I'll buy a shirt and try?
yeah, I figure something might still be there. I might try it out..
So no idea, should I take to a cleaners and see what they thinks?
It's pretty soft and light.
Those stitches look pretty thick, so I am a bit concerned.
I read that some pockets if you remove, before washing for the first time, would remove any evidence of stitching (or at least make it very minimal). However, this is some more stitching, so I wonder if it's even possible to remove without much of a trace afterwards?
Great. Trying to find the thread... it's really long...
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