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I have noted that, many of the forum posing photos are, shorted perhaps feeling, Napoleonic or Naplesese with cuffs of 3" and perhaps, heels too . When ordering bespojke heeled, shoes what height is, appropriate for those short of height or esteem?
Cafe Sabarsky .
What tailor of NYC makes, the best draped Klingon, suit ? I am preparing for Wizards World mostly so, I have material for posting, in HOF after my, League of Hobbit Tweed, photo shoot.
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 I have had these at a local restaurant which spelled them "chevaps" -- I am sure they are Croats. Was it in, Edmunton ?
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Did you just get back from some time in the hole? A weh dem deh, Heh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lK69c2_TYo
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Flux capacitor, fluxing. prying or coaxing from the outside so they cut him out of life. It would be nice to, see Teenwolf a surfing on, top of a , Delorean with Ducky, inside.
Whic h Delorean is, more modern to , your sense of the, contemporary ?
Drunkers Thrush
Somedays Saturday walking , Houston crossing out of the East up to, W. 4th seeing the people, I saw mostly meat on, parade strangly thinking, seeing them eating prosciutto di Parma at Dell' Anima seemed, something cannibal. Think of this a s a, Dell 'Anemia but perhaps too, in NY or Santa Diego lonely strolling, everyone looks as, meat on, parade to you, too.
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