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Quote: Originally Posted by romafan vaclava, i know, form the old days, astroids and, pac man. my sons have, DS's () w/, scribbled nuts Every Saturday I played, Gauntlet at Space Port, with many a mullet wearing, Reebok and Skidz.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos V. K., I am honored of your presence in this thread. Thank you for stopping by, sir. It was my, pleasure but still I owe you, a macchiato at, Zibetto .
Will you serve, Kona not of, Gimmie ?
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan sorry for going around in circles. my idea of a video game is arcade-based: you put in $ and get a certain amount of time to score as high as possible, make it through the maze, etc. i guess i don't really know what a video game is these days.... Flogger ??
Taste, nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma [url=] Did you split your, pant when picking up an amp for, the Hives ?
I am feeling, illing from 2lb, tartar .
I bought a donut, of apple cider at, Brimfield at count around, 28.
Foolish is the, manor woman that, I laugh out loudly who, eats a lobster roll in, NYC/ only to complain after, how they feel hungary thought lighter, $25.
Quote: Originally Posted by GrillinFool Not at all. Instead he wrote a two page article about me... That's only a page, per crusty .
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