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What of cedar smoked, denim perhaps, pleated ?
I would never, imagine this from, your posts .
Quote: Originally Posted by doomshd Congratulations. Your iGentry is, elementary. Post, 1.
I a sorry you esteem, put you in this, place. Keep on pumping and, maybe 1 day you will float off,like a balloon hoping not to, be punctured by a tree, branch.
Original skinhead , reenactor ? I am a, punk with a paste on, ethos.
Quote: Originally Posted by arc (Seriously, what are you trying to accomplish with this thread?) Heightened self, esteem Quote: Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig request conversion to poll format with appropriately nonsensical choices. problem too unstructured otherwise. I, agree.
Let the answers greet the, crime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II I'm honored that you've chosen to post in the same thread as me. Honored. You have , less posts under more, years so the honor is all, of my own.
Did Billy pay, Leon Leonwood for those, handles ?
In KY between Knoxville and, Lexington where do I buy the Bourbon, cheap ?
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