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Was it because he, said Lipschitz is, senile ?
This year I wish to, be alone in a teepee with, an Nintendo original.
Thank you for, your warm air. Alter of course, I owe my legacy, too. How come no1 is, on Instancegram ? There we can share the, photos of our, youth .
I do not deserve, such praise . Should we thank the, wool for making the, sheep warm after we, shear them ?
There, I hope to escape the, tight armhole of, censorship. At every bar tonight, I shall speak to the nation of millions that, try to shave me back. I will be 140, characters out of, Malinda's reach. Yo Horace will, you retweet, me ?
Is the maker of this, sofawear the same as the, competitor of Waffle , House?
Is this a challenge for, urination ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim BUmp Today, in line for my morning Joseph, easy droppings on a 2XL. Thought of Vaclava. Did the 2XL, order a doughnut of, technicolor sprinkles ?
Did you mate these, meats ?
I am afraid to be, silenced but more afraid not to speak, my piece.
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