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Hello my, friends I have had some, internal disparity mostly, bowel related but am feeling well enough now, to bare you a hug and , lavish you with warm , laments. But , please let's toast to Horace whose, whereabout I have employed a PI investigator to, report but having only the money for a deposit, I must seek employment to pay the second, installment.
This man speaks very, unsecure I feel that he receives discomfort from, celebrity.
If you don't know, the topic I certainly doubt you, know the subject.
What of, Filmnoir?
Who is, left ?
Do you think Ralph regrets his, decision or perhaps he, doesn't remember making it ?
I like it with a beer before, jazzercise classes but worry its not, ethical. The mg is, 100.
Do you know what, happened to the forum?
Maybe some1 from, Chester Barrie knows, why.
John or, Ralph ?
New Posts  All Forums: