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In Williamsburg my, place is, Sweetwater .
Hello Roma,You live in, GP now ? Did you trade your flannel pant for, tight denim ? I will buy you, a beer at Karczma if that's, the case.
Hello my, friends I have had some, internal disparity mostly, bowel related but am feeling well enough now, to bare you a hug and , lavish you with warm , laments. But , please let's toast to Horace whose, whereabout I have employed a PI investigator to, report but having only the money for a deposit, I must seek employment to pay the second, installment.
This man speaks very, unsecure I feel that he receives discomfort from, celebrity.
If you don't know, the topic I certainly doubt you, know the subject.
What of, Filmnoir?
Who is, left ?
Do you think Ralph regrets his, decision or perhaps he, doesn't remember making it ?
I like it with a beer before, jazzercise classes but worry its not, ethical. The mg is, 100.
Do you know what, happened to the forum?
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