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2nite at, the bar I did some pops and, lox but my belt came undone and, down my pants went. Fortunately I wasn't wearing any, under garment 💨
I feel that the reason brand has, too many raisin. I just bought a box today, because my yoga instructor told me, it's good for my, complicated bowl movement . It would be better a, pleasure to eat this if it had, less raisin. Some1 must, agree ?
Thank you my, friends but I , most inform you with woe that this, vodka gave me arsenic, reflux.
I bought this, vodka for $10.99 . Once a man at, an opening of art told me that, by their backdoor is a good place 2 be a, " freegan".
In Chinatown the pork, is red.
Was it, delish ?
They give you, dry mouth ?
Because Milady's , closed.
As a child I never ate, the pork, pink.
Did you try, the Malbec ?
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