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Looking to buy dress shirts. New or lightly used. Looking to buy 2-3.
just to clarify, the 'true red paisley' is orange? not in fact red?
Any chance youll be getting any more BC stuff in ?
Wow...Will be buying hard to even decide
Can i get measurements on the cucinelli size 10 and the double monks?
Not shoes or belts. Business Card holder, and a wallet. Inside says made in Italy. However, i do not know where saks outsources the leathers from.
I picked up a couple alligator private label pieces, actually thought the quality was great. However, the sales person I worked with did not know the maker. Anyone have any other thoughts on this label, i was pleasantly surprised.
Is the TB Flannel Jacket an orphaned suit coat?
Where can you find a clear plastic raincoat in boston for the bateman idea?
Im in for one at 46R
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