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just sell me it, lol
Can anyone help me? I wear a pair of Nudie Grim Tim in a size 38 and they fit perfectly. I have a pair of Naked And Famous weird guy in a 36 and i can't fully button them. I am a bigger guy - I have a gut, I like to eat. My thigs aren't huge but not small, my calfs Are size - can I get into the Kanye's in a 36?
Still looking/asking.. Can anyone proxy the black boots OR red shoes in a US 11.5-12 for me?!
I have bought, sold, and traded on many marketplace/forums under the same user name (TMS2787): eBay, Sole Collector, Nike Talk, N-SBorg, kicksxchange, Sneaker Play (RIP), Strictly Supreme, Hypebeast, Style Forum, Bape Talk, KanyeToThe, Dead Format, Vinyl Collective, Absolute Punk, Twitter, Instagram and on various Facebook group. I am 100% legit. I ship via USPS with tracking and only accept PayPal, as a gift or payment/invoice adding the 4%. For sale I have a pair of...
I was sucessful in getting the denim jacket. Can anyone proxy the black boots OR red shoes in a US 11.5-12 for me?!
Can anyone proxy the denim jacket in a size XL for me? I'd gadly pay you for your time.
Everyone is in a craze for the boots but does anyone know if the "reverse" denim jacket was on sale? Or the faceless watch bracelet?
Big thanks to the scumbag who filed a claim, got his jeans, didn't close the claim and got his money back. Keeping the jeans and his money.
I am going to buy this Moncler Everest jacket off of as seller and he's swearing up and down, up and down that it's legit but I have my doubts. Can anyone help me out here? I need to know asap, thanks!
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