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Bought this a few weeks ago and after a few wears decided its too big on me, but too late to return it. Basically like new, retails $259 - check the Zara site for full details; http://www.zara.com/us/en/man/coats-and-trench-coats/coat-with-knit-detailing-c277002p1517503.html I ship immediately w/ paypal pmt.
Anyone have input on decent punchcap dress shoes in black with a narrower toe/last than AE Fifth Ave? Id like to keep it under 350. The AE rutledge is about perfect, but i cant bring myself to pay 450+ for a pair of AE's...getting into CJ territory.
Doing some closet cleaning and just never wore these much. Bought both as factory seconds from AE, back when they would show up with barely a noticeable flaw. The PA's had a little sole scuffing (not an issue after a little wear) . Anyway, the Park Avenues need no introduction. Business classic/staple, black calf, worn probably 20 times, double punched sole to indicate seconds. Price on seconds is still 269 on these, so $110 off seems reasonable for a little...
looking for some brogue boots in black or med brown. Originally thinking Wolverine Winchester, but looking for some other options in the 3-400 range....any suggestions?
Ill take #1....PM sent.
ok - sweet, this has been fun. Just out of curiosity - back to my original post - other than the AE or Wolverines anything I should check out that is "less suspect" (besides Alden - personally not a fan). Ive debated on some Loakes and even the Herrings, but still a little annoyed that I have to order sight unseen, and probably have to return the first pair across the ocean. If it helps, ill be out in SFO for a week...anywhere I should check out?
Lookin for some new f/w boots for jeans along these lines (some brogue detail or otherwise on a basic laceup. Id prefer a cleaner look than some of the chunky Redwing GT,etc....any preferences/suggestions? AE Bayfield Wolverine 1k mile Winchester; Leaning to the wolverines, but not sure if theres anything better out there
Whats up w/ the B&S filters? If i filter for "Denim" it just pukes an ebay list, not the current SF inventory If i dont filter, it works fine.
I really like that Hamilton, although I have very small wrists at just about 50mm wide.....that 38x38 case might be a little too big.anything else along those lines but a smaller case?
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