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Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana damn both my and mrporter orders have been "processing" for at least 1 whole day now. Mrporter order was Monday night and still processing, barneys was yesterday morning... similar. I ordered from barneys june 1 at the crack of dawn and only got the confirmation e-mail. worried they sold out my shoe size, think the F+Bs I ordered were in high demand
Thanks for the input guys. Think I'm gonna agree with big Kunk and keep it. Its tight in some areas but I don't think sizing up is the answer, and from some fits of RO Leathers that I've seen it's pretty close. As rfx pointed out the lamb has some stretch to it.
pickup from Yoox came in. First RO and I like it better than I thought I would, pics don't do it justice at all. Only gripe is that the slim fit is making the pockets flare a bit. As I figured the sleeves are extremely tight, though not as bad as my last TOJ in calf that I had to sell. [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah same as CP for me Thanks just grabbed a pair
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah some beater boots Had my eye on those this morning, how did you size? I have no experience with F+B
^get 'em
Like I said, I didn't want to come off as a dick to graphic. It's out of respect really, you seem like a smart dude with a good understanding and a lot of style experience... I just wanted to see you stretch boundaries a little bit out of the comfort of that moto. No hate intended, it's a good jacket I'll keep my mouth shut
Another big thanks to RFX for the post and sizing advice. Picked up the high collar intarsia.
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty [[SPOILER]] By no means am I saying I post weird or out there shit, but it's unbelievably predictable what you're going to be wearing in each of your fitpics. I love TOJ as much as the next guy, but I think I've had too much of your moto man, and I don't even check this site that often. Not trying to come off like a dick, bc I do dig the style
Bored at work today. Wore this to class last night
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