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Another big thanks to RFX for the post and sizing advice. Picked up the high collar intarsia.
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty [[SPOILER]] By no means am I saying I post weird or out there shit, but it's unbelievably predictable what you're going to be wearing in each of your fitpics. I love TOJ as much as the next guy, but I think I've had too much of your moto man, and I don't even check this site that often. Not trying to come off like a dick, bc I do dig the style
Bored at work today. Wore this to class last night
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu i like that algeus fit too. It's good to finally see a fit pic of the all-whites. I like them better than I thought I would.
Picked up the Tyler the Creator- Goblin album Only got through one spin but I do not get the hype. Just awful shit, so violent and childish it really made me regret putting my money down, if only because I felt like I was supporting it. It's weird the lyrics even admit that all the gangster/rape/dicksuck/kill talk is fake, but then just advocates for violence the rest of the cd. I really can't get down with most rap, but love kanye and saw a lot of people linking the...
You'll probably have better luck on ebay, especially for stuff like APC that's not high end but is faded out of it's mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m [[SPOILER]] I like this. Junya jacket is sick
Quote: Originally Posted by bibs If im a size 9 in lanvin low-top sneakers, will i fit in EU42 MMM Gat's ? 43
Drop to 305, someone buy the boots!
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