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Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Seems like the Butter-oh's I want just don't get marked down. I know what you mean. Some tiny dude should pick up the BoO black bomber for $8. Don't know a thing about the quality but it's a nice piece. Got my eye on some jil
Interest but still no buyers. Drops
Price drops
^cosigned. I'm curious about dudes buying Fuji x100s for a grand too. Though I might do it also just to fit it
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker No way they'd fit a 9. I wear 42 in CP and go up to 43 in MMM. If anything they run small. Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty And I remember also reading that usually you size up one from your CP sizing, so a 42 would probably best fit me in the MMM. But yeah... Don't matta, they gone. I love a good MMM to CP conversion discussion, can't get enough
Price drops
Quote: Originally Posted by fuku Nice pick up. Thank you for the advice, I guess they fit big. In regards to the Cages, I'd like to note that they fit me TTS. I'm a 10 US and the 9UK i picked up at Barneys last year is spot on.
^ I don't think I could ever agree with you about anything after that
Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr Dope, BNWT. Where from? Great pickups steve. +1 on where to find the balenciagas
Added Wings and Horns Olive Bush Selvage Pants
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