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RFX you need a new room to take your pics in, or more specifically a different light. That yellow tint over everything makes it hard to discern what the actual color looks like. You have all the great stuff that everyone wants, SHOW IT OFF RIGHT!
total noob q, why does augusta have all sorts of different names? it's kinda hard to figure out which are there's on things like atelier, but barneys still just calls it augusta?
^Nah don't do it. Those are the patent trim one's, nowhere near as good as the original suede they had on the high part and sides
Fantastic deal for an oiled stooges, it's crazy no one's jumped on this yet. If I hadn't just bought an intarsia it'd be mine, someone buy!
just spent the last 20 minutes looking through 951s post history to figure out the impolyt hate. Kinda funny
elitist can mean a lot of things, but here I'm using it to describe a person who thinks they (or something they do) is better than others because of their social or financial status. People didn't like your friend's fit and you justified it by saying you all met in the real world at fashion week in paris or milan or wherever. I simply don't understand why people feel a need to do that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma There is no plastic baq; its a Margiela fabric one. As for Mike well going outside the he gets laid/ he doesn't etc way its quite possible to conceive that a guy who is a NYC based DJ and does fashion parties in NYC, London, Paris and elsewhere might have an easier way wearing what he does than most people. Keep in mind the people in the pic are real life friends and didnt necessarily meet through the internet but in...
W+H pants sold. Price drop on the York Boots
Surprised by all the Silent I'm seeing in fits, must be the warmer weather. Honestly can't get down with anything I've seen from that brand, especially those sneaker/boot things rfx got a bunch of people to buy
New Posts  All Forums: