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I know everyone thinks it already and it kinda goes without saying, but you're an attention seeking asshole edit: intended for jet
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius Funny, I was just going to post the same thing. I wear a 36S suit, smalls in most brands of shirts. Am I a 1 a 2 something else in BoO shirting? Probably a 2, though it would be helpful if you listed some specific brands that you're a small in. If you're referring to j.crew or similar lines then you could probably pull off a 3. If you're talking about more fitted stuff like gitman vintage, probably a...
It was sorta dense when you've been listening to his past stuff right along, but it grew on me quickly. I now honestly think I like it even more than Illinoise
Quote: Originally Posted by Naturally Baked pic A sufjan fan, what'd you think of Age of Adz
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl fujiwara pokemon for 400 I hate that he got his nasty raw jeans all over the high part. I only want indigo stains on beater sneaks.
'nuther drop, happy 4th
n00b: what is IF boutique? need more shopping sites
RFX you need a new room to take your pics in, or more specifically a different light. That yellow tint over everything makes it hard to discern what the actual color looks like. You have all the great stuff that everyone wants, SHOW IT OFF RIGHT!
total noob q, why does augusta have all sorts of different names? it's kinda hard to figure out which are there's on things like atelier, but barneys still just calls it augusta?
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