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How does sizing on rick owns tees fit? I'm an M in leather jackets, but I've seen measurements around 44cm for pit to pit on the tees. Even accounting for stretch I think that might be too small for me, should I size up to an L?
My brother doing his best unintentional mellow impression. Not sure what the brands are but knowing him it's all cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet just stating facts my bruva besides, you could sub a lot of peeps on this forum for my name inc. but not limited to unc, drew, rfx and everyone else in the waywt thread haha very true. Still love you
I know everyone thinks it already and it kinda goes without saying, but you're an attention seeking asshole edit: intended for jet
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius Funny, I was just going to post the same thing. I wear a 36S suit, smalls in most brands of shirts. Am I a 1 a 2 something else in BoO shirting? Probably a 2, though it would be helpful if you listed some specific brands that you're a small in. If you're referring to j.crew or similar lines then you could probably pull off a 3. If you're talking about more fitted stuff like gitman vintage, probably a...
It was sorta dense when you've been listening to his past stuff right along, but it grew on me quickly. I now honestly think I like it even more than Illinoise
Quote: Originally Posted by Naturally Baked pic A sufjan fan, what'd you think of Age of Adz
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl fujiwara pokemon for 400 I hate that he got his nasty raw jeans all over the high part. I only want indigo stains on beater sneaks.
'nuther drop, happy 4th
n00b: what is IF boutique? need more shopping sites
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