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Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid ^^^No homo, but do you lift? I have the same fit in the thighs lmao. Fret not though, they've loosened up nicely & are whiskering up well after just 2 months. Good eye, yeah I've always had trouble fitting into premium and designer clothes. Lately i've toned down the weight stuff and lost a few pounds so I gave some slimmer fits a try. Thanks for the pointers cool
My first pair of APC NS. Worn here for 2 hours, I dig 'em
nice day Polo Bedstu Hugo Boss Clarks
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Great look. Details on the whole outfit?
I only have one stainless steel sporty watch. My question is for true nitpickers, can I wear this watch with a belt that has a gold buckle? Thanks
I'm a western new Yorker too. Waterloo premium outlets has a bb store
Hey all, n00b help needed. My selection of pants/trousers is pathetic, I'm tired of jeans. I need some nicer trousers to go with all of my dress shirts when i'm not wearing a suit-- what are some good slim brands that I should be looking at? Preferably something that doesn't cost me my car. Also, what chinos, if any, do you guys like? Docker's has run its course. Thanks for any help
just wanted to say thanks to all you guys who posted suggestions in this thread. I strolled into an H&M yesterday for the first time and was pleasantly surprised with the shirt i got there for $30. I'll be heading to a brooks brothers tomorrow and will try on some of the extra slims there as well, eventually make my way around to everything you guys have suggested. Thanks again.
I received this shirt as a gift a little while ago. It's a hugo boss, and the fit is alright: Attachment 40307 Attachment 40308 I don't really know what to wear this thing with. It's a dress shirt, beige, but the patterning is kinda crazy. With a tie? What kind of tie? With jeans? any help is appreciated. Sorry for the cell phone pics
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