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Everytime I see Mr. Moo was the last to post in this thread i jump in to see if it's one of those infamous terrible fits
my bad, it's blynch
bflynch is the man. Received my payment at 1am and had the boots shipped that morning. Got them wicked fast. Great service <3
no homo, i think it looks perfectly tight in the first pic-- you have the build for it nil
sorry should have specified, leather uppers
I'm starting a (more respectable) shoe collection and just picked up a pair of clarks DBs. I know they're kinda cheap, but is there anything I should be doing to care for these boots? oils, brushes? I already have a pair of shoe trees in them. thanks
^If you're still planning on losing weight it's going to be difficult for us to guess your sizing, as no one here knows how much weight (or inches) you plan to lose. I don't know diesel sizing, but I'm surprised a 31 fits a 35" waist. Given your current measurement I would recommend a 30 or 31 for apc NS, but again, you said you're losing weight....?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid ^^^No homo, but do you lift? I have the same fit in the thighs lmao. Fret not though, they've loosened up nicely & are whiskering up well after just 2 months. Good eye, yeah I've always had trouble fitting into premium and designer clothes. Lately i've toned down the weight stuff and lost a few pounds so I gave some slimmer fits a try. Thanks for the pointers cool
My first pair of APC NS. Worn here for 2 hours, I dig 'em
nice day Polo Bedstu Hugo Boss Clarks
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