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Ricky's an old man, but his post-college mileage is pretty low considering he was in a timeshare most of his career. I still don't see the benefit of signing older backs these days, reminds me of fred taylor to the pats. Better off taking a look at the undrafteds imo. But to get this thread on track, who's excited to see the Buffalo Bills back to the superbowl this year? The Amish Rifle Fitzpatrick is gonna be a beast.
pretty sure I saw it still available on barneys site in a couple sizes, I liked it too but nothing that would fit me
Thanks for the replies fellas. Definitely going to give them a run through the washer before hemming.
Usually I'd feel comfortable throwing anything cotton in the wash but the tag says dry-clean only
Just picked up the olive moleskin trousers and need some advice. I was gonna take them to get hemmed but it occurred to me that the moleskin being cotton might shrink a lot. Obviously I'm not planning to throw them in the washing machine but I won't want to have them tailored to a perfect length and then shrink another inch on their first cleaning.
Doesn't the forum always kind of suck over the summer? It's been 95 in upstate new york for the past few days--I don't give a shit about fashion right now
I think there's a lot to be said for the cut of apc denim. Might be way off base, but I feel like I remember Heidi modeling the Dior 19s after being influenced by the new rescues. Regardless of where they're made I've always been happy with the quality. But my real reason for posting is to note that sw&d is filled with threads about cheap denim now. If it doesn't change soon I may retire my brief stay here
the second to last in that grey colorway is kind of dope. Obviously would need to replace the laces. How long before uncontrol posts about the first two?
lulz jwied stop flexing
I've only been one time but I remember being surprised at how friendly and even chatty the staff at the NY mmm shop were too. I assumed they'd be pretty bitter that they have to tell every third customer that the store is not a construction site and people can feel free to buy stuff.
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