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Regis, I like the designer basics, and it looks great there. Belt isn't working
RO, marked down to a bit under 6
those were the all black shinys, nowhere near as good as the black/white. That said if they were my size I still would have picked them up, not gonna beat rick trainers for $570 bin.
I know I remember this being brought up before, so apologies. Sizing on rick trainers is one size large, right? If my foot is a 43 tts I should be looking for a 42, right?
Any sizing advice on how Paul Smith "Deborah's" fit? Looks like the sole has some rubber tread, but this is the only picture I have
It's gonna take a lot more than that article hinting to get me to drive out to one of those co-op sites again. When the Barneys outlet opened in Niagara I drove about 45 minutes to check it out. I think they had a few rag & bone sweatshirts, some varvatos dress shirts and the rest was their house brand of ugly shoes
That jacket's an interesting piece, and really not a bad price. Not sure I can make it work though
Not a fan of JWalker. Found this at TJ Maxx for $20
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