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You could try lining the stack up better before setting them. As is they're pretty wonky. Could be the hem is not small enough to stack properly (looser pants don't look right bunched up). If so then you will want to have the inseam shortened 1.5 to 2". Fit is good as is but may stretch.
Those things on your feet are hideous, I see guys wearing those to the gym sometimes it freaks me out. Dude with the Frees on the left is showing you up
Reminds me of the two guys on a smuttynose. Keep posting, I enjoy this pic
Said it before, Bills are league champs this year
The marty mcflys aren't self-lacing like in the movie, or else I'd buy.
I'm not sure what the anthracite shoe looks like but I also avoid navy shoes. Very difficult to match with anything that's not khaki, and even then it looks a bit corny to me
c'mon man
Yeah I have a few other pieces by geller including other sweats and the dip dye is smaller and definitely more cropped than others. That said I still didn't think it was even slightly shrunken on me and even tried the 46 out when purchasing. Thanks for the input all
It's a 48... Does it really look that tight?
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