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^that's a weird detail on the chino sides with the pockets. I think I like it if I could see more. That said, the taper is a little too much
Quote: Originally Posted by Emixam ^ could be Chevignon or Diesel. The cut look spretty bad at shoulders and P2P. Funny you said that, I've never even looked at anything diesel offered except the occasional jeans or sneaks I see some wearing- but when I saw that jacket diesel was the first thing that came to mind.
Do any of you guys put toe taps on your paul smiths? I don't know if it's the relatively narrow and long last of the shoe but the toe on all my PS boots seems to wear down quickly. Never put taps on before though
The consensus is if they will fit you and you have the money DO IT! I have heard several comments that they're of lower quality than other CP offerings, though I don't think anyone's encountered any real issues after wearing. I'd love a pair, personally. Been looking for a nice combat style
Quote: Originally Posted by roryben I can't help but find something about the guy at the back really creepy. 80s creepy... maybe that was the look he was gunning for. guess I shouldn't be surprised to see labelking drinking during spring day concept
^rafstros are already too loud to be designer shoes, mashing them up with strange combo patterns just makes it into some ridiculous spectacle flavor. Designer sneakers can be crazy, but they need to look good too
Quote: Originally Posted by BrizaBirch last night before tumbling into the rabbit hole silent/doma/silent/acne/mmm Think you're the only dude I've seen post who has those MMMs. They're nice, but for some reason when I see them I get this feeling that they're ridiculously comfortable
[[SPOILER]] These are a range of basics that should satisfy almost everyone save for the gothiest of ninja [[SPOILER]] I have no experience with oliver spencer, but quoted this because they look fantastic
^fuji beat me to it
Does anyone ever order the same item in two different sizes from an online retailer with good return policies, guaranteeing that one will be returned? I'm sure people do, and I've had such a bad run of sizing issues lately with my own orders I think i have to from now on. Guess I'm just looking for some emotional support
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