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TOJ bag for my golf clubs. I was thinking this morning I'd love to be swagged out while I hit 18
Price drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide (cp's are blown out, once again. my apologies..) If your pieces didn't all fit so perfectly I would get bored with your fits. Not knocking you, bc you look great and you wear nice stuff, but it's simple.
Price drop on the York boots
Get an extra 20% off sale items at LUISAVIAROMA using the code FR20CJBD02 Code's valid until May 1st. Not a lot I'm into, but I'd love to see someone from SF pick up those officine creative shoes (have them in 42 and 43 right now)
Quote: Originally Posted by RegisDB9 He he he Obviously the shoes don't work with that fit Regis, and as an aside I think they look a lot better with laces in. They ARE nice shoes
I've heard a lot of knocks on shoes like the mmm gats quality, like rfx said different people have different perspectives. I've put my gats through way more shit than my lanvin highs or rafstros and they look great. I don't recommend paying too much attention to that rating on the matrix.
^that's a weird detail on the chino sides with the pockets. I think I like it if I could see more. That said, the taper is a little too much
Quote: Originally Posted by Emixam ^ could be Chevignon or Diesel. The cut look spretty bad at shoulders and P2P. Funny you said that, I've never even looked at anything diesel offered except the occasional jeans or sneaks I see some wearing- but when I saw that jacket diesel was the first thing that came to mind.
Do any of you guys put toe taps on your paul smiths? I don't know if it's the relatively narrow and long last of the shoe but the toe on all my PS boots seems to wear down quickly. Never put taps on before though
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