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tough to follow-up that AndRe guy with his trusted pharmacy, so I'll just waste a boring summer fit
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Ummm, those are all fakes. Seems weird you can buy fakes of something already made in China.
http://www.okjordan.com/air-jordan-3...4699c5af528344 Don't know a thing about jordans, but how are these hard to get?
tyler the creator? I've only listened to Yonkers cuz kanye tweeted it was sick
Quote: Originally Posted by gettoasty oops, i mean where to you get that dip dye RG sweater? stuart and mills still has some sizes of both the charcoal and stone. I vote you keep the camo pants aeglus
New barneys outlet opened about 45 min away, I was so pissed when i drove out there and the nicest thing they had was a rack of michael kors. angry copped two geller sweatshirts and w+h bush pants [[SPOILER]]
Price drop!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kagemusha True...but a tailor can make a shirt fit BETTER than BoO for the right amount of money. To say that it's 'fucking stupid' to buy cheaper stuff and take to a tailor is just wrong. If I have $100 for a shirt......I'd rather buy a $50 shirt and pay a tailor $20 to make it almost perfect, rather than have a $100 shirt that has a little bit to be desired. Sure the fabric may be better, but that doesn't change the fact that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Anyone have this? Sell it to me! I've seen a lot of gorgeous margiela knits, but without doing much research I think they retail around 8 to a grand, which is too much for my wallet
The only surfer blood song I know is swim, but it's awesome
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