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Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 [[SPOILER]] ugh stop. Does anyone know where I can get those in a UK 8
where the pics taken at? Still in love with the black suede and patent captoe, and I think my opportunity to buy unused is dwindling
I hate to agree with Jet but I've always been shocked at the measurements of SFers. Most are my height or taller but three shoe sizes smaller, seems weird.
Similar question to Hot dog, just picked up the olive bush pants and they're a bit large in the waist (um, I can't fit my fist in there though). Was wondering if these have a tendency to shrink a lot. It seems weird a 32 waist would be as loose as it is out of the box, might exchange
Quote: Originally Posted by reedobandito LL Bean sig APC cool avatar. best album ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh About 1/2 size big. 7.5UK is probably a better target. Very respectfully disagree, at least in my case. Went down a half size from my normal and they ended up in my sale thread.
size down 1, so yes a UK 7 would be correct for you if UK 8 is your TTS
tough to follow-up that AndRe guy with his trusted pharmacy, so I'll just waste a boring summer fit
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Ummm, those are all fakes. Seems weird you can buy fakes of something already made in China. Don't know a thing about jordans, but how are these hard to get?
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