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Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu i like that algeus fit too. It's good to finally see a fit pic of the all-whites. I like them better than I thought I would.
Picked up the Tyler the Creator- Goblin album Only got through one spin but I do not get the hype. Just awful shit, so violent and childish it really made me regret putting my money down, if only because I felt like I was supporting it. It's weird the lyrics even admit that all the gangster/rape/dicksuck/kill talk is fake, but then just advocates for violence the rest of the cd. I really can't get down with most rap, but love kanye and saw a lot of people linking the...
You'll probably have better luck on ebay, especially for stuff like APC that's not high end but is faded out of it's mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m [[SPOILER]] I like this. Junya jacket is sick
Quote: Originally Posted by bibs If im a size 9 in lanvin low-top sneakers, will i fit in EU42 MMM Gat's ? 43
Drop to 305, someone buy the boots!
Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 for all who asked, i washed mine in hot water and tumble dried them on medium heat and they shrank almost one size exactly, just what i needed. fit is spot on now. Good sir. Guess I'll hang on to mine and see what happens with a wash
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Black Suede: I didn't think those were suede because they have a separate section that specifically listed 'suede sneakers' with only select colorways. Either way, putting in my order now. If they're not suede I'll send you the bill
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 still has those. IIRC they don't have the black suede anymore, just ivory, navy, and some brown. They do have blacks with the regular goat leather upper, which I may have to settle for
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