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GN with old school Geobaskets sucks. No offense dude, just not your style.
If I'm not terribly drunk I usually play nba2k. If heading toward wasted I pour myself a whiskey sour and watch some real dumb action shit on netflix, usually something with jet li. My taste in movies goes out the window when I'm drinking.
No pics yet. '11. The 2012 model moves to a 4 cylinder engine and something about that bothered me--I've always known bmws for the inline 6. I test drove a couple benzes and used jags, this was my favorite ride. Flirted with the 335 but figured 300 HP would just get me into trouble. Minimal cabin but it's still an exciting car
I thought the scaling was completely eliminated in this game?
Yeah I hear you on that. I can't bring myself to hem any of my nicer designer trousers. Guess it's my true plebe status coming out
So who's playing? Anyone on PS3? Add Schat31 I think it's awesome, and I"m not really much of a FPS fan. Haven't played the campaign at all but the multiplayer is diverse and engaging. Still trying to figure out how to use all the vehicles effectively but I love what they add for a dude who's experience is limited to COD. Whatchy'all think?
Does anyone order the varsity in a color other than the black on black?
I always keep my sneaks in boxes because waffle and sell them so frequently, it'd be great to be able to put them on a rack. I'd wear a different pair everyday
New Posts  All Forums: