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Thanks—I'll probably throw some Sam Hober into the mix and build in gradually. Any recommendations for ties at a more accessible price point, beyond Tie Bar?
It's suits everyday, except for "casual" Friday, which at my firm, is still quite conservative (i.e., jeans are pushing it, unlike some other firms). Fascinating that New York firms are business casual.Thanks for all the helpful replies. I see the Sam Hober recommendations. I was under the impression that ties (and belts?) were something that you could spend less on, and the difference in quality would not be immediately apparent. Am I wrong? Can efficiencies be found...
Is $5000 reasonable? I already have what I think to be some staples, but would like to see how you would build it. I work in a major Canadian city, but I'm planning to stop by NYC in the near future and will shop then.
This could be fun, especially for those in the know or in similar industries. Context: starting junior lawyer at BigLaw firm. Would welcome your ideas about how to build a functional work wardrobe that can last the week (or longer!). Include: item of clothing (e.g., blue dress shirt); quantity; and if possible, point to a specific brand/product and price). Would also welcome your commentary about which pieces would work well together.
Go for the notched lapels. My impression is that peak lapels may not be appropriate for the office.My only experience is with Napoli, which is good. I hear the Sienna is slimmer, but have yet to try.As for the material, only 100% wool. Nothing higher than Super 120s.
Yes, my arms are too long for the 36. I've had Suitsupply MTM done before on their low-end blue line ($649), based on the Napoli. I was fairly satisfied but for a little collar gap that persists.I'm looking for another suit now in a different colour, and I don't want to get yet another Napoli, hence why I'm curious about their higher end MTM. Hopefully it won't have the problem of the collar gap too.The options I'm facing are like this:~$500 for sketchy startup MTM~$650...
Unfortunately, OTR is a no-go b/c of the surgeon's cuffs. Any better suggestions for in-person MTM in the sub-$1000 range?
Excluding online MTM, is there consensus that Suitsupply is of good value and quality at the $500-1000 MTM price range? Are there any other MTM (not online) that would be even better in this range (e.g., not made in China)?Although many small, start-up MTM companies in my City offer a starting price of $500, I am wary about them…is the ~$900 for Suitsupply a justified mark-up (for styling, quality control, expertise, etc.), or am I just paying for branding?
Any thoughts on how Indochino (via Traveling Tailor) compares to Suitsupply MTM? Both are half-canvassed and manufactured in Asia, I believe…but Suitsupply can cost almost 2x as much
That's amazing. I'm guessing you found that suit in clearance from last season? Any idea when they usually go on sale? During a certain time in cycle?
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