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Quote: Originally Posted by downwithianbrown mmmm. I've done plenty of stupid things, But last week got a DUI. blew a .085, so right on the edge, and I don't feel particularly remorseful because I was fine to drive (got pulled over cus I was driving a freinds car and the headlights dial was weird, it has 3 notches, 3rd looked like brights so I put on second one). More just feel like an asshole cus of the fines and community service I'm gunna have to do....
Quote: Originally Posted by Hollowthorn Anyone know if the 20% in the catalog will stack with the free shipping from the red phone? It says it is not valid at J. Crew retail stores or over the phone. It guess it's worth a shot though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I was reading of an instance where this happened at another large HMO. They bought everyone impacted three years of an identity protection system. As I keep telling folks, your health care records contain everything people need to steal your identity and they are not secure. Low lifes inhabit the bottom rungs of health care and can easily get this info. Happens all the time. BCBS is only offering a...
Start listening to Peter Cetera. You may also want to start using Axe products.
I open the mailbox to find letter from my health insurance company. I think to myself "that's odd, I'm all paid up on my premiums and haven't filed any claims recently?" (hurriedly opens letter and begins to read) "Dear Scribbles, We are writing you to inform you of a recent incident at BCBS Georgia that we have become aware of. Based upon our analysis, we have determined that a number of individuals were able to inappropriately change our website address and gain...
less than 36 hours away from a 5 day beach getaway with the better half and found out today that i got the grant to fund my thesis! Bye-bye student loans, you will not be missed.
^^ welcome to the family. you are now officially a fanboy no matter how valid a point you may make. I've been down with the Mac's since the Apple II's. Still got it in the box. Inb4thebandwagon
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell The small Rugby and 14.5" slim fit BB are 1/2" bigger than the Gitman vintage in the chest. I'll let you know how O'Connells fits when they get here. Much appreciated
How do the pants from O'Connell's fit? I've quite curious as they have some great colors/patterns.
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