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Have you guys posted your pricing for MTM suits online anywhere? Also, when do you expect your next shipment of Band of Outsiders shirts?
What's the tie's width at its widest point?
I just got a J. Crew jacket back after about three trips to the tailor. It's a three-button Ludlow that I think looks pretty damn good on me ... that is, once I chopped an inch off the bottom and about half an inch off the sleeves. I'm of pretty average height - a little over 5'9". And if I weren't so skinny, I'd be covered - J.Crew stocks both 38S and 40S. So why is it that us skinny guys are stuck having to do major surgery on a jacket when those with just a bit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Obbi pretty much really just suntanning it like you suntan on the beach during summer. apply mink oil, put it out under the sun (actually, whichever way 1st doesn't really matters, imo). tan it longer for darker colour, shorter for lighter colour. No kidding? I didn't realize you could tan leather the same way you tanned your skin - figured it was always a chemical process. On a related note, will all...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggie_Robs That cordovan looks real nice! Right now, I'm just going to use mine and see what happens. It's already started to color ever so slightly on the flap. I may decide to suntan it at some point but have no plans to do so yet. Can someone explain the suntanning thing? I have a couple pieces of veg tanned leather goods (keyhook and belt) that I want to turn that nice golden brown color, but right now...
This might be a noob question, but what if you really like everything about the look of a brown chromexcel Indy except for the white contrast stitching on the toe? How easy is it to blend it in with the rest of the boot?
Can anyone tell me what type of leather the front-leftmost Indy in this picture is? I'm thinking it's Brown Aniline Pull-Up, as it doesn't seem red enough to be Chromexcel, but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance for the help ... real close to pulling the trigger on these.
Awesome. I'll send you a picture of the remote. ~Jordan
These keyhooks look great! Thinking about picking up the modified standard. Just wondering: What's the width of the leather loop to which you attach your car remote? Just wanted to make sure my remote would fit - seems like I've got about about 1/4" of room. Thanks! ~Jordan
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