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Quote: Originally Posted by Glamdringer Yea it's black lamb. The lamb leather is fantastic but seems very fragile. It already had a few minor scuffs from transportation and now I keep worrying I'm gonna scratch it with the sleeve zippers. Other then that the jacket looks and feels great. This is the best jacket I have ever owned, or seen for that matter. I keep putting it on every couple of hours just to look in the mirror. I have to say my...
Anyone know of a place that has the Wings+Horns chinos in khaki, size 28 or 29? Haven't had any luck so far.
Anyone know of a store that has the chinos in khaki in size 28 or 29? Thanks for the help!
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one A new bomber picture; note that the rib trim is still matching to the leather, I guess this picture caught light a different way. Customer actually thinks the sleeves are a bit short, but I think this is one of the better bomber fits I've ever seen. Just curious - is the brown lambskin the same color as the brown calfskin? This bomber looks amazing, but it sounds like lamb is a bit softer/more...
Christ that bomber looks good. Hmm ... peacoat or bomber ... which comes first?
Quote: Originally Posted by il ciclista canadian tux...just got back from studying Sweet boots. Red Wings?
Title says most of it. I'm looking for one with mother of pearl buttons, not the new white metal buttons that BoO seems to be using. We can discuss price by PM if you have one for sale.
Still have to unload these, considering all reasonable offers.
I bought these jeans from Context back in February, wore them for four months, washed them once and have decided to start working on another pair. Nothing unusual about them, except for one thing: They have a nice chain-stitch hem courtesy of Blue in Green. Since I wore them for a few months, they've started fading in the usual places, which I've highlighted in the pictures. Measurements: Waist: 30" Rise: 10.25" Thigh: 10.25" Knee: 8" Leg opening: 7.5" Inseam:...
Like others have said, your only option to waterproof suede shoes is a silicone spray - waxes or creams will mess up the nap. Kiwi makes a decent spray that you can pick up from Target, but any silicone-based spray will work. Put a couple coats on a pair of shoes before you wear them for the first time, then brush them with a suede brush every couple weeks and add another light coat of spray after each time you wear the shoes out in the rain. And if you do get a spot for...
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