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Quote: Originally Posted by stick Same thing. QFT Ugh, who else obsessively checks this thread all day just because they're waiting for something from ToJ, as if there's going to be some epic announcement like "surprise we finished your crap three weeks early." Getting so little done at work... Haha, that's me. Although, to their credit, Charly just emailed me yesterday saying they finished my bomber a couple weeks early, and I...
Does anyone know where I can find a blue oxford with MoP buttons rather than the white metal ones of the current season? Not sure why BoO made the switch.
If that's nubuck or suede (can't quite tell from the pic), I wouldn't recommend obenaufs.
I think the orange one looks too short, whether or not the bottom button is buttoned. The length of the purple one seems fine. You could probably tuck it in or leave it untucked, and either would look good.
Shoulder and pit to pit measurements on the RRL shirt?
Your fit pick was the reason I ordered one of these. Why?
This is one of the best peacoat fits I've seen. Don't sell it.
Measurements on the BoO?
How many washes on the blue oxford? and do you have measurements available?
Last question, about measurements: can someone explain how the front/back length measurements are taken? I vaguely recall seeing an image with all the measuring instructions in it, but I haven't been able to find it. Just want to make sure I size correctly.
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