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Can anyone compare the sizing on the MacNeils to the Park Aves? I've tried on a pair of Park Aves at Nordstrom and know I'm a 9.5D in that shoe, but I'd really like a nice longwing ... just wondering how to size them.
Price drop on the bomber.
TOJ 2010 Brown Lamb Bomber This one sort of kills me, but I've come to realize that this jacket, while beautiful, isn't quite my style. It is the new style bomber in size 46 with approximately 1/2" shorter sleeves, and it has only been worn outside once. Needless to say, it's in absolutely flawless condition and will make someone very happy. Comes with removable shearling collar. PM me if you have questions about sizing; I'll send you the measurements I sent Charly so you...
It's officially Week 10 on my peacoat. Paid on December 16, still no word on when it will ship. It's fucking freezing in Seattle and I've been dreaming of this coat for the last month. Save me, TOJ!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide NDG x-post from recent purchases You buy this from a forum member, or does someplace still have this in stock?
Thanks for the feedback, y'all. I ended up getting a pair of Levi's 511 cords from Urban Outfitters for 35 bucks. Think they will do just fine for now.
This seemed more exercise related than fashion related, but forgive me if this question doesn't belong here. I just started climbing a couple months ago, and since then I've been searching for a slim-fitting climbing pant. Surprisingly, this has been almost impossible. I'm 5'9" and 145 lbs, and usually a 30 waist/30 inseam in most athletic brands. And when I do find a pair that small, they pretty much universally have a 9" leg opening or greater, making them look more...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 yeah ... dude, i am so excited for this buy. there are so many cool details i never even thought of that you mentioned in the e-mail. Same here! I got the impression from the email that this guy knows as much about these belts as the craftsmen themselves. Can't wait to learn more about the final product!
Does any place sell hangers for small jackets besides the Hanger Project? I'm a size 36, so most hangers are ridiculously oversized for my jackets. However, the Hanger Project is way too expensive for my budget. I don't need hangers that are nicer than the jackets I'm hanging on them :P Thanks for your help! ~Jordan
Any word on when you'll be getting a restock of the shawl collar cardigans in 36?
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