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You can pretty much follow a game plan to look fine in swd too. To look really good in either side is far definitely not one dimensional. If it were, a lot more people would be doing it.
Im not a real fan of sneakers even but it looks good to me.
Thanks and no offense but I might just have to steal that design if I get the means to actually order up one of those jawnz's.
PS: is that cow suede or lamb suede?
Ive never seen a toj fit that made me want one until that. Looks freakin fantastic.
Good info thanks. I am attracted to the norfolk for the action back. Seems I am always reaching, bending etc (kids and toys) and find tailored coats ride up quite a bit.
I've wanted to see what that hr coat looked like in a fit pic. Reminds me of (US) civil war uniforms. I think it looks good. I like the slim sleeves. On another note, how would you compare the cut of the common people Norfolk to something like the OS donkey jacket. Always seemed a little short in length.
Yeah Euro loop looks good with a suit and overcoat. Otherwise too tidy.
Anyone know who makes this jacket?
Gotta be careful. A lot of baaad drivers out there!
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