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Man I hate to say it but I think I would be reluctant to do an MTO using cognac shell until I got a definite sense of what shade I would be getting. Seems a large gamble for such an outlay. Anyone interested in a high boot in one of the calf leathers? The Natur Marron looks pretty awesome. I was thinking Oscar last, york sole, storm welt maybe.
For some reason I kept imagining him trying to eat that bowl of soup he posted with that scarf wrapped around his face and what a horrible mess that was going to make.I realize he deserves more credit than to actually try that.
I have been looking high and low for a nice pair of glen plaid pants. Surprising how hard they are to find.I would be totally in for any such offering, walt or rudy.
Who makes that shirt/jacket? Looks nice.
Huh, I actually agreed with your critique. Everything might not have been sizes too large but it lacked any kind of crispness which could have really set off that jacket. The jacket itself looked pretty sweet though.
Ive kind of lost track. Are there any MTO's going on at the moment? I am interested mainly in a boot, shell or not.
It seem that in a lot of the photos, the high boots fit pretty loose in the ankle and shin area, even laced tight. Is this common to Carmina boots?
This is a nice Rugby Ralph Lauren chalk stripe blazer in a very dark navy. It is size 42r and is made in Italy. I am told it my be made by Caruso or Corneliani but cannot verify that. It has a slim fit and fits about a size smaller than the Chinese made Rugby jackets. Roughly on par with Jcrew Ludlow in a 40R but slightly slimmer shoulders. The condition is used but very good. I have worn it probably couple dozen times. It is unaltered, single vent with non-working...
I wouldnt mind a little slimmer on the sleeves but over all looks pretty damn good.
I have only ordered from End once but they marked down the sale price, and not full retail.Did not get customs fees either.Did get hammered by customs from that German SNS stockist though (cant remember their name right now).
New Posts  All Forums: