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Exactly! Good luck, there has to be one or two floating around somewhere.
That cardigan is by Folk a few years ago.I think it's called the cozy cardigan (or cosy)
Wow that injury looks scary. Hope all heals well. Svb- one of the most stylin fits in a while. Shirt suit combo looks great. Agree some other shoes would look better. Breezy has been on a string of really good looks lately. Really coming together well.
I dig that coat. My favorite fits from you are like this, where there is only one high impact piece on a more subdued background. Cleaner and more effective to my eye.
Get right out of town!PS: how do you like the Barena jacket? Did you size up one?
Also the body language. Mikey is like "How am I going Pops?" and You're going "you're doing great son".....
Love those shoes!Nice fit too!
I cant look at your photos without thinking of a young Matthew Broderick for some reason.Nice fit BTW.
For sale is a pair of White's Semi dress boots in dress brown with the single leather sole. I bought these new and have worn them for about 3 weeks. Unfortunately they do not work for my odd feet. They are size 8.5 which are the right size for my TTS 9 (fits the same as Barrie, Trubalance lasts). In good shape with wear commensurate for the amount worn. PM or email any questions.
New Posts  All Forums: