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I think nahneun is doing a great job of it himself. Just because you don't want pervs to exist doesn't mean a thing. They do. We are not happy about this but they do.And that look is basically a neo pedo version of the geisha. Demure subservient passive. Shouldn't need to explain to you why that gets the pervs engine blazing.
I know you mean well but you are such an ivory tower intellectual. Absolutely missing what is right in front of you.
Exactly! Good luck, there has to be one or two floating around somewhere.
That cardigan is by Folk a few years ago.I think it's called the cozy cardigan (or cosy)
Wow that injury looks scary. Hope all heals well. Svb- one of the most stylin fits in a while. Shirt suit combo looks great. Agree some other shoes would look better. Breezy has been on a string of really good looks lately. Really coming together well.
I dig that coat. My favorite fits from you are like this, where there is only one high impact piece on a more subdued background. Cleaner and more effective to my eye.
Get right out of town!PS: how do you like the Barena jacket? Did you size up one?
Also the body language. Mikey is like "How am I going Pops?" and You're going "you're doing great son".....
Love those shoes!Nice fit too!
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