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Anyone know who makes this jacket?
Gotta be careful. A lot of baaad drivers out there!
"Butthurt" worse than "pents".Where does "played out" rank?
I'm just wondering when I get to begin collecting royalties for coining that one.Never thought it would have the legs.
Yeah that's cool. I probably shouldnt get into American poitical discussions anyway, I just get worked up.I dont really need a Teger dissertation attack either.
I think it is in fact a great argument, but I will refrain from derailing the thread any further.
Yes really. Im not afraid of a thesis, go ahead.
History refutes you.
I think fuumas comment came off as a joke with a little bit of genuine spite for good measure.I come from gods own "America hating" north coast of Cali and even I am sick of the snotty anti-US jabs from abroad (or above...whatever).The boorish American is hardly a novel slight.
Is someone really trying to apply logic to the whims of the Sf thumb system? Nice fit Benes.
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