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This seems really silly. How can anyone say whether another is inspired or restricted by what he chooses to wear? You may be uninspired by what he wears but is that his concern? Should he dress in a more edgy fashion to satisfy the edgy crew? I realize that Stitches dresses in an MC fashion for practical reasons but, ignoring that, I think he looks worlds better than your average office worker and I see plenty of inspiration in his fits. Great textures in (especially...
I like the contrast between the beefy biceps and those soft pencil pushing fingers. PS: please don't kill me
I just cant get over the image of the captain saying the engine is leaking oil but we'll be on our way shortly! Might have well said we're having a little electrical fire with our navigational equipment. Will be taking off as soon as we put it out. Looking forward to updates!
That's the one. So consistent.
who was the one guy who used to wear really clean outfits, lots of Ervell? He made chinos look really good. Not quite SWD not quite MC.
+1 I think the idea was that Jim Carrey was a slick, successful lawyer and was dressed to reflect that (for the time period).I don't think he was styled to look like a goof or sartorially out of touch..I do love the idea that fashion choices are somehow tied into the larger cultural ethos for the time. May not be any merit to it but still....
I think the more recent SVB pics have lacked the crispness of those from the Golden Era of Buren. Your really lean build makes some fits look really slick but if clothes are a little baggy in the wrong way it can come off pretty sloppy. Gotta be careful trying to pull off the continental "louche" look.
Along the lines of comfortable footwear, can anyone recommend sandals that look good and are still supportive? I love my birks but cant wear them with any kind of stylish summer fit. I like those Italian leather sandals but they seem to lack any support. Anything that hits both points?
I think Eason was being ironic.
I agree about the belt being attrocious. OtherwiseI dont think its all that bad. That's not a really work-wear-y flannel and Id say the whole fit is pretty much like 50's Americana except the belt which has no place there and the shoes are a little chiseled (and closed lace) for such a casual outfit. It looks like a lot of MC casual. Not inspiring, not really SWD, but not offensive.
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