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Get right out of town!PS: how do you like the Barena jacket? Did you size up one?
Also the body language. Mikey is like "How am I going Pops?" and You're going "you're doing great son".....
Love those shoes!Nice fit too!
I cant look at your photos without thinking of a young Matthew Broderick for some reason.Nice fit BTW.
For sale is a pair of White's Semi dress boots in dress brown with the single leather sole. I bought these new and have worn them for about 3 weeks. Unfortunately they do not work for my odd feet. They are size 8.5 which are the right size for my TTS 9 (fits the same as Barrie, Trubalance lasts). In good shape with wear commensurate for the amount worn. PM or email any questions.
This is so cool, I just had to quote it for another page. I like that Labelking late 60's vibe mixed with that Parker minimalism. Awesome.Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam bacon and spam!
Im pretty sure that is not Inca, too chiseled in the toe. It does look like Rain or Simpson, but probably too wide to be Simpson. So, yeah Id guess Rain also.
I actually liked that suit photo. Nice colors.
Just ordered the Taunton boots. So excited I think I might throw up a little. Counting the days.
Can anybody comment on the arch support or lack of on Meermin shoes? Are in the same league as Alden for support?
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