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For any good discussion all parties need to agree on definitions of terms first right? That goes for about anything. I think the general use of fashion/style as what is out there/what is personal is pretty accepted. My only philosophical interest would be in the personal aspect since that is where the intention and creation take place. What's "out there" is just tools right?
You don't think no tie Friday is fun?
Oh I believe it. Makes the question of which style is more incorporated into a persons lifestyle more interesting.
I think most mcers are office types who wear that stuff to work.
I'm totally over "incongruent" now.
This is a pair of really nice Ranger Mocs from Rancourt and Co. Made from Horween Brown Buckaroo Leather and on a black camp sole. The condition is great with very little sole or upper wear. Size 9D and they fit true to size. $165->$145
Mid westerners are only happy when they're miserable. Casey looks very happy.
I don't think I've ever had such a good grasp of England's weather than I have these last few months. Super fit also.
I love it when someone just shows up and says "fuck yeah I'm awesome!" This place goes into conniptions. How funny would it be if he really was just that awesome? Could induce personal crises of epic proportions.
Yeah I agree. I just think that to flourish in either mode takes creativity, talent, whatever, in equal measure.
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