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I love it when someone just shows up and says "fuck yeah I'm awesome!" This place goes into conniptions. How funny would it be if he really was just that awesome? Could induce personal crises of epic proportions.
Yeah I agree. I just think that to flourish in either mode takes creativity, talent, whatever, in equal measure.
You can pretty much follow a game plan to look fine in swd too. To look really good in either side is far definitely not one dimensional. If it were, a lot more people would be doing it.
Im not a real fan of sneakers even but it looks good to me.
Thanks and no offense but I might just have to steal that design if I get the means to actually order up one of those jawnz's.
PS: is that cow suede or lamb suede?
Ive never seen a toj fit that made me want one until that. Looks freakin fantastic.
Good info thanks. I am attracted to the norfolk for the action back. Seems I am always reaching, bending etc (kids and toys) and find tailored coats ride up quite a bit.
I've wanted to see what that hr coat looked like in a fit pic. Reminds me of (US) civil war uniforms. I think it looks good. I like the slim sleeves. On another note, how would you compare the cut of the common people Norfolk to something like the OS donkey jacket. Always seemed a little short in length.
Yeah Euro loop looks good with a suit and overcoat. Otherwise too tidy.
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