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People have changed aesthetics many times on this forum. These may have even been partly influenced by feedback, no?Regardless, there is no requirement that all points need to bear fruit (if there were, this thread would be long dead).
i like reading Teger's commentary a lot. I think Regis rocks ths MMM look pretty well but I don't think it's beyond critiquing and I dont even think its the best look for him. He looks really buffed in the shoulders and upper arms and pretty slim in the legs and, honestly, that alone throws off the lounge look for me. Kind of like when you see professional athletes in suits and something seems a little off (more like football players than soccer players). The shoulder...
I totally agree regarding Germany. If anyone deserves to take the cup it is them and they are definitely playing beautiful and honest football.I just have some family ties to Holland and my hunch says its their year (or maybe three years after the last winter olympics).
Holland will avenge brazil in the final.
It does look the most balanced of the fits IMO.
I want to see stitches dress like beefy woodsman style on his off days.
I don't think that's what I'm saying. I think I'm saying that your limited ability to be inspired by a certain style does not mean it is somehow restrictive. Of course you can pass judgement, we all do. Maybe I'm just saying a little humility is good. We're all just playing dress up here.Edit: I realize I am sounding like a dick which is not my intention. I'm not trying to have it be a team x vs team y thing. I actually like your style quite a bit. I don't seem to be...
This seems really silly. How can anyone say whether another is inspired or restricted by what he chooses to wear? You may be uninspired by what he wears but is that his concern? Should he dress in a more edgy fashion to satisfy the edgy crew? I realize that Stitches dresses in an MC fashion for practical reasons but, ignoring that, I think he looks worlds better than your average office worker and I see plenty of inspiration in his fits. Great textures in (especially...
I like the contrast between the beefy biceps and those soft pencil pushing fingers. PS: please don't kill me
I just cant get over the image of the captain saying the engine is leaking oil but we'll be on our way shortly! Might have well said we're having a little electrical fire with our navigational equipment. Will be taking off as soon as we put it out. Looking forward to updates!
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