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Can anyone offer suggestions for a repair issue? The commando sole on my cxl cap toe boots is starting to peel off on both boots (not the heel but the front portion) as I have worn through the stitching that attaches it. Im a little surprised at how vulnerable that stitching is. Anyhow I am guessing a cobbler can re-stitch it? Or would something like Shoe goo be a more durable solution since it may just wear through again. Appreciate any help.
Love those shoes Enjoy in hell
It does make sense that that syle boot jibes with the sole there. It just appears to me, looking like a wholecut boot without hardware or a beefy welt, is a little overwhelmed by the strong texture and stacks going on. Probably more so because of youre having a larger frame (not meaning in a bad way, Im bigger up top myself).
My only suggestion would be to add a commando sole (or double leather) to those boots. They're a little slick looking for a more chunky outfit.
90% of the time someone says such-and-such excessively accentuates a poster's hips I dont see it. This time included. Big shoes I can see, but I kind of figured that was the point.
I think people underestimate the difficulty to look really good in a suit. It's not hard to abide by the rules in whatever formal environment, but I think to look really sharp takes about as good of an eye as it takes to look really sharp in SWD.
That was great. Especially like the combat boot toebox comment. PS: can anyone recommend me a good blog to follow the days in photos as they happen?
Is it long enough in the body? I think it looks good. The arms will definitely give a little so snug is a good place to start from.
Funny I think the two guys front right look best.
Silicium noise is such a great color for Starks. Katt: I found the fisherman and stark crewnecks fit identically.
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