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90% of the time someone says such-and-such excessively accentuates a poster's hips I dont see it. This time included. Big shoes I can see, but I kind of figured that was the point.
I think people underestimate the difficulty to look really good in a suit. It's not hard to abide by the rules in whatever formal environment, but I think to look really sharp takes about as good of an eye as it takes to look really sharp in SWD.
That was great. Especially like the combat boot toebox comment. PS: can anyone recommend me a good blog to follow the days in photos as they happen?
Is it long enough in the body? I think it looks good. The arms will definitely give a little so snug is a good place to start from.
Funny I think the two guys front right look best.
Silicium noise is such a great color for Starks. Katt: I found the fisherman and stark crewnecks fit identically.
Im 5.11 175lbs with 40 chest and the medium fits me fine. I tried the large also but the sleeves were a bit long. With a 39 chest, you'll be fine. My only concern would be arm length.
Do those who are sizing up a half to Grant also find them snugger in the instep/waist of the boot?
Funny a lot of the fits you seem to kind of only half ass are ones I tend to like. You just seem more comfortable in them which is not always the case in the fancier ones.Re: notwithit, I like the cuffs. Dont see hem or stacks looking any better. Luddite hell yeah!
Can anyone who has worn both Barrie and Grant expand on the difference in fit? I wear Barrie in 8.5D and it has extra volume through most of the boot from heel to ball. I would size down a half size except then my toes would pinch, as there is really no exra room there (in width, there is in height). Do those who size up a half from Barrie find the Grant fitting similar or looser/tighter in comparison? Any extra room in the toes? Ive read as much as I can about Grant...
New Posts  All Forums: