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I was wondering if you could comment on fit differences between them? Ie volume, toe room etc. half size down on Barrie last?
Will there be any grant last boots? That's one thing I need to figure out for my sizing.
What pray tell are the trousers?They look awesome.
Do you mind my asking who makes that cardigan?
Holy cow that coat!
Thanks for the input. Can you let me know the size that Dylan was wearing in the fit pics from last season? I find that tops seem to fit me exactly the same.Ive been wearing a jcrew lambswool sweater this week with just a tee and no issues, so I figure Im probably ok with the Shetland.
Can anyone talk about the Shetland sweaters and how they compare to a run of the mill merino or lambswool sweater? Is it wearable with just a tee or too rough? Thanks again.
Thanks everyone. Good info!
Could someone with experience comment on the weight of the heirloom cardi? Is it super outerwear heavy or more like SNS Herning weight? Im just still on the fence for this one. Thanks.
: ('I'll take a look around and see what else grabs me.
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