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Very helpful, thanks!
Can someone who has laid hands on the Oliver Spencer Flitwick navigator jacket describe the fabric? Is it stretchy like a knit or more like a woven fabric with a little give to it? Thanks.
I have that same coat. It's amazing that it reads sort of grey from a distance because there is so much contrast and texture up close.It's the coziest blazer I have worn.
Just to get in on this before it becomes a complete shit storm, I just like looking at aesthetically pleasing photos. Its not that a messy room ruins an outfit, but the whole presentation becomes a little sub par. Some people dont care about that I guess. To each their own.
How many members are going to be like "Wow 75 new posts..there must be some awesome.........aw crap!!"
I'm your same size (5'11 40 chest) and m fits great. Fitted but not ridiculous. Plenty of body length. Maybe a touch long if you prefer cropped.
Not just the Bay. There are pockets around the country that didnt decline. Was responding to the idea that CA was overall fail-safe.Most houses here go over asking also. Crazy. SF is just insane$ for what you get.
If I could buy a place for $150K I would in a heart beat. Right now I rent a place worth about $600-$650K for $1575. Average home prices in my town are over $600k. Any place I would actually want for long term is closer to $800K. I'll be here for about 4 more years then probably back to my home county where I can at least buy bare land (20 acres or so) for about $250-$300K and improve as desired. Too little value where I am now.
Yeah my mindset for buying a place is either you want to live there long term or it generates income from the get-go. Otherwise too dicey for my hassle-averse self.
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