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I often chuckle when I read your posts in spite of myself because you're kind of rude but pretty funny, but I think recently you've just been posting in bad taste.Rather than hiding behind the tired old "I just dont self sensor" I think you should just man up and say "sorry I was a dick."
I know the horse is long dead but that jumped out at me also. The style is casual but the last shape looks quite dressy.
Can anyone help out a non-US shoe noob with sizing? Wearing a 8.5d in Barrie it looks like consensus says probably a 41.5 for vass (p2 last) but I'm unsure of how the fit compares to the Alden. I find the Barrie a little high in the instep but doable, pretty loose in the heel and waist and just enough toe room. Arch support I find kind of lacking in spite of reports to the contrary. Does the p2 last sound like a viable candidate for feet like mine? Thanks in advance.
I recently posted some photos of my boots with that issue as well. It looks like Alden moved the lugs in away from the edge to give a little sleeker look from the side at the expense of stitching exposure. FWIW I just Shoe Goo'd mine last week and after a few days with many miles on my feet, including some rough wear, they are holding on strong.
This is the winning suggestion for me right now. Just got my tube and applying tonight.No need to convince me of this. My SO on the other hand.....It seems like they went a little too long between treatments. I did just apply some neatsfoot oil recently. Hoping to pick up a beater pair of boots to rotate with.
Haha yes I wear them a lot.
Thanks for the replies. I have not contacted Alden but maybe I should. The spots where the sole is peeling off seem to be the high abrasion areas where the stitching is worn through. Ive been wearing them pretty much full time since about Sept/Oct. If I am just going to glue on a sole maybe it makes sense just to use these ones?
Can anyone offer suggestions for a repair issue? The commando sole on my cxl cap toe boots is starting to peel off on both boots (not the heel but the front portion) as I have worn through the stitching that attaches it. Im a little surprised at how vulnerable that stitching is. Anyhow I am guessing a cobbler can re-stitch it? Or would something like Shoe goo be a more durable solution since it may just wear through again. Appreciate any help.
Love those shoes Enjoy in hell
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