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Yeah popping the collar robs the coat of the great lapel peaks. I would clean up the hem also. Really nice suit though.
Probably just muddying the water at this point but I think Miley looks better with his usual looser pant fits. Slim pants may work also but I agree that those ones are doing some funky stuff in the top block. Edit: *Mikey*
This looks so cool! Can you provide details?Also, lurking this thread for a while, seems like NYI is really finding his groove. Look forward to those fits.
Man the East has some nice fall colors not seen much here in the west.Is that a factory convertible Rover or a "custom" job?
There is a smooth version of that same last (the Burford) if you dont like the brogues. I think they are both pretty versatile.
Im thinking something along the line of these. Something without any sleekness at all, just some good heft and burly appearance.I havent seen you Redwings though, so maybe those fit the bill.
I dont even mind the khakis but beefier boots are really needed with that overall outfit. Stitches I think you need a really chunky pair of boots for balance in your swd fits. More than those MA+ (I think thats what they are) or the AS boots. Those are both nice but too sleek. Maybe some commando sole Trickers or Red Wing or something. Those manly fits seem to peeter out at the bottom.
I think it does work with the black on top. kind of classic look.
I dont know about the full Barena lineup, but I know that the Toppa jacket and the Torceo jacket are two different models. The Toppa is generally a little longer in the body and maybe a little more conservative (if you can say that about Barena). The Folpa is the material, a jersey fabric in this case. I pretty much always have to seize up at least one if not two sizes on their non-jersey jackets. Jersey and knit fabrics are more forgiving.
Hey my commuter is an 80's Miyata touring bike. Such a tank but soooo comfortable.
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