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I have that same coat. It's amazing that it reads sort of grey from a distance because there is so much contrast and texture up close.It's the coziest blazer I have worn.
Just to get in on this before it becomes a complete shit storm, I just like looking at aesthetically pleasing photos. Its not that a messy room ruins an outfit, but the whole presentation becomes a little sub par. Some people dont care about that I guess. To each their own.
How many members are going to be like "Wow 75 new posts..there must be some awesome.........aw crap!!"
I'm your same size (5'11 40 chest) and m fits great. Fitted but not ridiculous. Plenty of body length. Maybe a touch long if you prefer cropped.
Not just the Bay. There are pockets around the country that didnt decline. Was responding to the idea that CA was overall fail-safe.Most houses here go over asking also. Crazy. SF is just insane$ for what you get.
If I could buy a place for $150K I would in a heart beat. Right now I rent a place worth about $600-$650K for $1575. Average home prices in my town are over $600k. Any place I would actually want for long term is closer to $800K. I'll be here for about 4 more years then probably back to my home county where I can at least buy bare land (20 acres or so) for about $250-$300K and improve as desired. Too little value where I am now.
Yeah my mindset for buying a place is either you want to live there long term or it generates income from the get-go. Otherwise too dicey for my hassle-averse self.
I think real estate is usually a good long term investment but this whole mindset of treating your short term "equity" like an atm is one that was hopefully cured in the latest crash.If not, we can always look to the next one.
There was quite a significant fail about 7 years ago.
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