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I agree about the belt being attrocious. OtherwiseI dont think its all that bad. That's not a really work-wear-y flannel and Id say the whole fit is pretty much like 50's Americana except the belt which has no place there and the shoes are a little chiseled (and closed lace) for such a casual outfit. It looks like a lot of MC casual. Not inspiring, not really SWD, but not offensive.
I think Frisco was mostly what the hippies people called it who flocked there from all over the country in the late 60's (my parents included).I only read it in Furry Freak Brothers comics now.Maybe ghetto crowd likes the name because it harkens back to a time they could actually afford to live in the city.
These are a really nice pair of Buttero boots but they are a half size too small for me. The color is like a dark cognac with a little ochre. It looks great with grey or denim. They are new in the box and have been worn outside for about 5 minutes. They smell fantastic, filled the whole car with the smell of leather. The seller advised to take a size down but I am a true 42 (9 in Alden Leydon, 8.5 barrie) and these are about a half size too small. Would fit a true...
It'sI cast my vote for the uninvested Johnny come lately narrator myself.
I think nahneun is doing a great job of it himself. Just because you don't want pervs to exist doesn't mean a thing. They do. We are not happy about this but they do.And that look is basically a neo pedo version of the geisha. Demure subservient passive. Shouldn't need to explain to you why that gets the pervs engine blazing.
I know you mean well but you are such an ivory tower intellectual. Absolutely missing what is right in front of you.
Exactly! Good luck, there has to be one or two floating around somewhere.
That cardigan is by Folk a few years ago.I think it's called the cozy cardigan (or cosy)
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